Cesc Gives A Statement While Arsene Thinks About Goalkeeping Questions

By now you must have read the most important statement of the summer, probably more than once. In case you haven’t, it’s available on the official website. I don’t want to repeat the whole statement again so will just share the thoughts I had after reading the statement.

Firstly, I have to say I was really looking forward to what Cesc says. After what Wenger said all through pre-season there was hardly any doubt that El Capitan was going to stay. Even then, due to the incessant noise from the Vuvuzela Campaign by Farca, I felt it was important for Fabregas to say the right things. In that sense it was a disappointing and poorly worded statement.

I won’t break it up sentence by sentence because I don’t think Fabregas is a language expert and I don’t believe he would have been very particular about the exact words. Obviously, he was in a difficult spot and didn’t really want to antagonize either club or set of fans. That is understandable and to that extent the statement served its purpose.

I was disappointed because the statement wasn’t positive enough. And I’ve a feeling the Arsenal PR team (surely, they must have worked on this along with Fabregas’ agent and any other relevant party) didn’t do a very good job of it.

For instance, what is the whole point of mentioning that Fabregas has had a number of conversations with Arsene when no one is actually going to mention what was said in those conversations? And what is the point of following that up with something like, “the conclusion is that Barcelona have had two formal offers rejected by Arsenal.” At best that portrays Arsenal as the villains.

Reading this statement gives me a feeling that there was a huge gap in communication between Arsene and Cesc. Why else would Arsene always insist that Fabregas was not for sale while Cesc didn’t know what he was going to do “until this moment”.

There are some tough questions as well; should Cesc continue as captain? Will the others look up to him knowing that his heart was elsewhere? Can we be sure the Vuvuzela Campaign won’t begin once again in December? In fact, I half expect it to continue unabated all through till December and even next summer.

Anyway, what matters now is that we get the same player back who was inspirational and indomitable on the field last season. Along with that, a signing or two should see us in a very strong position to challenge on all fronts.

That brings me to the question of a new goalkeeper. Contrary to popular opinion, I’ve always maintained that our keepers aren’t all that bad. If anything, the World Cup showed me that there aren’t many exceptional replacements available.

Joe Hart, Schwarzer, Stekelenburg, et al. are good Goal Keepers but I’m not sure any of them will improve out defensive performances on their own. They all have their positives but they will all make mistakes.

The main reason I support the signing of a new keeper is because it will improve the mood and confidence of the supporters and hopefully the atmosphere at the Emirates will get better. To be fair, so far the Emirates faithful have been pretty loyal and generous in their support. I hope that continues and we don’t fall into a negative spiral if someone makes an error or two.

This becomes important as Wenger seems to have hit a dead end in his search for a Keeper. His latest comments indicate that the No. 1 might come from our present group and is most likely to be Fabianski. One of Mannone or Szczesny is likely to go on loan.

I believe the Goal Keeper does a thankless job. It’s a difficult role and confidence plays a big part. Has Fabianski gained enough to move on from his horrendous errors and display his true potential? It’s a difficult question to answer unless you put the player in the deep end. It could be that Arsene wants to see a couple of league games before making the final decision.

If you say it’s a gamble I won’t argue with you. You could also say it’s not worth taking. I agree that it could be a very risky move but I’ve always felt these decisions are far more complex than just signing a cheque (unless you’re from the Redknapp ilk), so I’ll leave it to the boss and his trusted advisors.

16 Responses to Cesc Gives A Statement While Arsene Thinks About Goalkeeping Questions

  1. supasam8 says:

    i think i felt and feel alot of the things you do about cesc’s statement, but the most important part is he will not leave until arsenal decide he is not essential.

    arsene seems adamant his future is at the emirates, and if that’s until his contract expires, so be it, but who knows where barcelona will be then. honestly i can’t see him leaving until wenger does, obviously i could be dead wrong

    good to see some optimism as well ahead of the season. probably a centre-back, there shouldn’t be two much worry about heading into the liverpool match without one

    i’m certainly excited, nasri has been in good form during the pre-season run. i’d like to see him do well v. liverpool

    was pretty funny, not to mention awesome, that RVP decided to take a shot at gallas. he’s right, a striker or midfielder deserves that number.

    there’s got to be a good spirit in the room! there should be with the fans, god damn!

  2. Damian says:

    He didn,t know was hoping until it was face to face if my x rang and asked to borrow 100 she would here no
    thats y she never does she drivers over & asks sometimes no sometimes yes over the phone always no if she gives the puppy dog eyes and i,m in the right mood its a yes

  3. Damian says:

    nice lot Barca. they couldn,t get their own way now they drop him completely saying they never pay over 40mE 4 1 that got away telling him to PO thats how much they want him cause that wont get him even IF Arsenal do decide to sell him next year

  4. Dattijo Aliyu says:

    Wenger will be making the mistake of his life if do not sign a goalkeeper. Fabianski still have problems with ariel balls and almunia lack self confidence, so, arsene shoul use all resources at his disposal to get a goalkeeper the arsenal faithful

    • young says:

      AW has declared the club already has four top GKs,the question is which one to loan out this season,this statement cleverly followed the praises he heaped on the calamitous pair after the pre-seasons. Clearly paving a no-need-to-buy scenario should he finds no bargain. But the timeline is ticking fast if real consolidation is not installed in place soon because AW ultimately believes immortality is achieved through financial prudence over and not trophies,even the human talents could go to waste. Hope he has a higher vision and determination,we will see……

  5. H hammed says:

    We do not need any goalkeeping again,at least we have 4 experience keeper all of them have learn frm there mistake pls we need 2 defender as a backup for our vaminator$kos.

  6. Joe71 says:

    While I agree with you on the Cesc issue, I totally disagree with you on the goalie situation. It is as if you have forgotten last season so so quickly just because our error prone keepers did not do too badly pre-season – where there were absolutely no pressure at all.

    I am afraid Wenger has lied to Fabregas and also lied to all of us by refusing to sort out the mess we had when there were no TV and no Gallas towards the end of last season. If he does not want to spend money on a proper defender, will it not be much cheaper to re-sign Gallas on a 2 year contract while others continue learning the rope? Judging by Gallas’ injury record, particularly during the 2nd part of the season, there will be plenty of chances for others.

    No doubt Fabregas is very disappointed he did not get the opportunity to join Barca. He has always been so upbeat about Arsenal but suddenly this has changed why ? I believe the conversation he had with Arsene goes a little like this ? ” If you dont cut out those schoolboy defending dad I will leave and go back to my real dad.” And Arsene replies “Dont you worry, just concentrate on the world cup son and I will sort it out.” In which Cesc tells the world: “Wenger is like a father to me, he said he will sort out my future and I should leave everything up to him and concentrate on the world cup.”

    I feel sorry for Fabregas but a contract is a contract. If Barca has £60 million next season we should let him go if that is what he wants. Arsenal should demand payment up front in cash, plus other debts they owe us for previous sales before letting Fabregas join.

    Also Wenger should not sign a new contract. He should retire or go elsewhere. Arsenal really need to sort out their defending and goalkeeping situation which is the worst I have ever known since I began supporting in 1970.

    • desigunner says:

      I haven’t forgotten what happened last season. I’m guessing you’re new here and haven’t seen the detailed analysis of our problems from last season.

      I have no doubt we have much bigger problems than a goalkeeper. Unless we sort out our collective defending (blocking crosses, attacking and heading balls into the box from set-pieces, midfield support, proper organization and awareness) we will continue to suffer no matter who is in goal.

      That’s not to say that the keepers we have are brilliant or anything like that but it’s an attempt to identify the genuine problems that need a solution.

  7. jesus casanova says:

    arsene, in my opinion, must buy at least 3 players and possibly more if rosicky leaves. Certainly a goalkeeper, as no team has ever won anything without a world class keeper, schmeichel, flowers, seaman, lehmann and cech were or are world class keepers. secondly, i think we need 2 defenders or 1 defender and a defensive midfielder, preferably, per mertesacker and serdar tasci or mertesacker and felipe melo. The reina to arsenal rumours wont happen.

  8. LUI says:

    if wenger thinks he has 4 good keepers to choose from than who would be his number one bacause in my opinion almunia is the best of the worst bunch we have. and why didn’t he come out to say that we don’t need goalkeeper but he has kept us in the dark for months.

  9. Phil23 says:

    I don’t expect it to happen but out of the three keepers going out on loan, I find it freaking obvious that Fabianski should be the one to go. He is our most inconsistent keeper atm. Mannone was looking great in training and Szczesny is a challenger as well. Personally i’d rather Wenger signed Frey and Mexes and then we will saunter to the title unchallenged in my book. France are a very big factor for us. We have Clichy, Sagna, Nasri and Koscielny will soon be playing for France too. Under Blanc France will become a powerhouse again and our players will hopefully be starring under him. If we added Mexes and Frey (who could come out of retirement now that Dominech has gone) we could have a very hungry team and they would add that bit of experience and solidarity at the back we need. If we don’t sign a keeper I wont moan but I will get sick of hearing others moan very soon I think. Please Arsene, for my sanity!

    • desigunner says:

      I think Mannone, Fabianski and Szczesny all need a loan spell. I agree with the point that they need to make their mistakes elsewhere. Having said that, I’m also worried that no matter who we get will continue to struggle because of the fundamental defensive errors that we make.

      Not sure I’d want our players to be key ones for France. That would just make it tougher for them. But a signing or two will certainly help irrespective of the nationality.

      • Phil23 says:

        I don’t necessarily think our players would be key as Clichy will be fighting is out with Evra, Nasri with Gourcuff, Koscielny with Mexes or other Center backs and if we got Frey and he came out of retirement, he would be more of an experienced back up for Lorris. In saying that, they will all have strong competition under a very talented coach for a powerhouse footballing country and that can be nothing but good for them.

      • Phil23 says:

        Also, think what Spains dominance has done for Barcelona. I don’t think its far fetched to say that France could be challenging for Euros and the next world cup and I would rather have internationals from a country like that compared to say Song who plays just as many/more games for Cameroon but the best he could hope for is not to get injured or that Eto’o doesn’t mouth off or get offended about something. (haha)

  10. Shile says:

    Wenger please we need goalkeeper

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