Hope Spuds Get Kyiv, Vela Off Again, Hilarious Remy Rumour

I’ll be keeping an eye on the draw for the Champions League qualifiers to be held tomorrow. For the first time in many years England have a weak representative and could end up with only three teams in the main draw.

The Tinies will be seeded and will thus avoid the likes of Ajax, Werder Bremen, Zenit, and Sevilla. Redknapp must consider himself really fortunate. I don’t think his team could have qualified against any of those four. Even now Spuds can get into trouble as they will come up against one of Dynamo Kyiv, Auxerre, Sampdoria, Sporting Braga, or Young Boys of Bern.

I hope they get Kyiv. I’m dying to see ‘Arry and his overrated stars in Ukraine. Their performance will expose the gulf in class between the top sides in the Premiership and the pretenders. And it will also give us a chance to laugh at all the Doomers who actually have the temerity to compare the two squads in the first place!

Moving from the potentially uproarious to the immensely frustrating, I note that Vela has been called up for the Mexico friendly just days before the first game at Anfield. All through last season the youngster lost some opportunities to play because of his national duties. He invariably ends up coming back late and misses out on a chance to play. Not only that, at times, it does leave us a bit short on the bench. He also has this knack of picking up niggling injuries in such meaningless games and that doesn’t help his or the club’s cause in any way.

There aren’t many solutions to this. One could be to go the Fergie/Benitez way and declare him unfit. I’m not sure Wenger is capable of doing that. The other option would be for Mexico to play their friendlies in Europe, preferably in England! That will reduce the travel time significantly and will give him a fighting chance, on par with other players who play for their European or even African teams.

In other news, or perhaps a brilliant piece of creative writing, someone has attributed the following comments to Loic Remy. Allegedly, the French striker said this to the French media after visiting Stoke,

It’s terrible out there, but I did not know they were so bad!

I saw the Stoke team and it was really old fashioned. We stopped playing football like that in France in the nineteenth century!

The disgusting food, houses were slums, the center of town has been damaged and the worst was the women. They are all massive and ugly!

Frankly, I can’t believe Remy actually said that but, as they say, every good lie has a grain of truth in it. This one actually seems like a classic rumour because it’s too close to the truth! I mean who can deny Stoke are an archaic team, but can a professional player actually say that in public? If the kid did say it, I’d love to see him in the Premiership. It will be real fun to see him go head-to-head with the English media. For now, let’s just enjoy the words without getting too serious about it.

Of course, the biggest news of the day was the return of the prodigal son. He was lost but is he found?! I’ll wait for the wordings of the official comment before getting into that one.

17 Responses to Hope Spuds Get Kyiv, Vela Off Again, Hilarious Remy Rumour

  1. goonerbegood says:

    imagine barcelona playing away at stoke on wet rainy day up there in britannia

    • desigunner says:

      I’ve always wanted to see Farcelona against the real English sides (Stoke, Blackburn, et al) with a proper English ref. Stoke doing their thing, Busquets doing his … lol

      • Manav says:

        I can’t stop laughing at Remy’s(?) comments (frankly, that’s the ‘ugly truth’ about ‘ugly Stoke’) even as I imagine Iniesta (instead of the ball) getting kicked around on the Britannia stadium’ pitch by Shawcross & Co.
        with Pulis shouting, “The pale looking kid,…yeah, that’s the one,…bring him down, I say!”, “Boys!…watch out for the Cave-man!”

  2. Mattk says:

    “And xavi stays down after that shawcross tackle, looks bad…… never mind on with the game!”

  3. Baz says:

    I know all this is unchartered grounds for tottenham and may look big and scary.. but can someone mention a small word in Defoe’s ears and tell him that sp*ds are NOT actually in the CL yet? 😉

    • Manav says:

      I thought Defoe was a sensible person but these comments….how could he even dare to imagine that??

    • desigunner says:

      It reminded me of all the noise these tots made before the NLD last year and then they went back with a 3-0 spanking. Will be even more fun to support Young Boys now.

  4. Jaygooner says:

    So the spuds got the “easiest” team in the Champions League qualifier? I hope they go to Berne with that attitude. This team won in Turkey, so they aren’t mugs. On another point. I made the following comment elsewhere. “If Huang takes over at Liverpool FC, does that mean they will have chinks in their armour?” At worst, I thought it was a peurile gag, but rascist? That was never intended. What do you think?

    • desigunner says:

      From my experience, “chinks/chinky” is commonly used in India and people don’t really realize it has racist connotations. My guess is that it’s because racism is not really an issue in India (unlike casteism and other such things). I used to say it frequently till my college days when a Bhutanese friend of mine told me it was seen as a very racist term. After that I’ve completely stopped using that term even though I don’t really understand the racist angle.

      I guess it depends on how well people know you and in an internet kind of setting it’s not easy to know what is meant as offensive and what isn’t.

      • Manav says:

        ‘Chink’ is perceived as racist in the West. In India, few people of Mongoloid appearance realize this (or find it offensive) and that’s why many non-Mongoloid Indians use this term (‘Chink’ for males, ‘Chinky’ for females) to address people from north-east India, upper Himalayas (Nepal, Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Sikkim, Bhutan…) & Tibet. Even I wasn’t aware of this until one of my cousins pointed this fact out to me.

  5. martin says:

    I thought Fabregas was called up for the spain squad when they play mexico…

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah I’d just assumed Del Bosque will rest his World Cup winning squad but it seems only Iniesta and Torres got the break. That’s just stupid. Wonder what are the odds that Cesc will pick up an injury!?

  6. […] Hope Spuds Get Kyiv, Vela Off Again, Hilarious Remy Rumour I’ll be keeping an eye on the draw for the Champions League qualifiers to be held tomorrow. For the first time in […] […]

  7. Filip says:

    Cesc and Vela will play in Mexico on 10th of august.They will be back in England the next day so they will have 3 days to prepare for the game. I think Fabregas could play in the last 20-30 minutes vs Liverpool to turn the game around if needed.We all know he does not need more than that.Even if he is not fully fit , he should be able to play at high tempo for 20 minutes.Hodgson had a very slow start with Fulham( i think 2-3 months) and then he saved them from relegation.So lets hope he has a poor start with Liverpool against us.We had a great start last season and we are certainly doing well in this pre-season. Liverpool`s defence looked very shaky in the second leg against the very poor macedonian team.They created chances every minute and scored only 2 goals.If diaby and song are fit , we will beat them.

    • desigunner says:

      Wenger said they will be back on Thursday or Friday and even I had that impression. If what you say is correct they should be back on Wednesday. That would help their chances of playing a part for sure.

      Even I’m hoping Liverpool will have a slow start. As I said in the previous article, we seem to be the best prepared team so far.

      Hopefully we won’t have to play both Wilshere and Frimpong.

  8. bennybigschlong says:

    can somebody please clarify why the spuds are seeded. kiev are not and have been in the conpetion recently with the spuds not being anywhere near it. and it cannot make a difference which league you are from but i strongly remember when chelsea finished third they kicked up a fuss about not being seeded. i suppose it could be the same reason the it was fixed for them to get young boys. could somebody please clarify

  9. GF60 says:

    If Cesc’s not fit to start for us, how on earth is he fit for a meaningless, long distance friendly?

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