Pre-Season Shows Arsenal Have The Opportunity To Make A Flying Start

While I’ve been watching all of Arsenal’s pre-season games I’ve also kept an eye on the scores and highlights of the pre-season preparations of our rivals.

It’s interesting to note that Chelsea have now lost three straight. United also have two losses (that I can recall without really thinking about it), City have not impressed in any game, and Tottenham were trashed by Villareal and haven’t really been that good.

Before I go further I have to acknowledge that these are just pre-season games and we don’t have to take them as seriously as some writers did while criticizing our defensive issues. Once these teams get into their rhythm all of them will perform much better than what they’ve done so far. Some of them will undoubtedly challenge for the title while others will be there or thereabouts with a top four shout.

However, one point that seems clear is that none of these teams have been able to train as well as they would have liked. Redknapp openly admitted this but I’ve not seen similar comments from others. Nonetheless, no one has claimed that their pre-season preparations have been ideal.

We’ve all seen that United have been relatively slow off the blocks in recent years. I expect the same from Tottenham and City this year. Chelsea will be an interesting case and I think a lot will depend on their transfer activity in the coming days.

Arsenal, on the other hand, have had a strong pre-season. The quality of the opposition wasn’t exceptional but can you really say that Sturm Graz are not a better team than, say, Kansas City Wizards!?

One note of concern is that our first choice midfield has been missing all through the preparations phase. I’m not sure how big an impact that will have in the early weeks but most of the rivals have had their key players at the World Cup and they are all taking time to get back into the groove.

I think the depth we have can come to our advantage. In the likes of Walcott, Wilshere, and Gibbs, we have international quality U-21 players who are fresh and raring to go. Add to this top class players like Vermaelen, Arshavin, Chamakh, and Nasri, who all missed the World Cup and have benefitted from a complete pre-season, and we have a good starting eleven that is ready to perform.

We do have a tough start with away games at Anfield and Ewood Park on either side of a relatively easy home game against newcomers Blackpool. I think Liverpool have plenty of fitness issues of their own. Torres is returning from an injury he picked up in the World Cup and I’ll be very surprised if he is ready to play at his best in the first game. Apart from Torres, the insolvents don’t really have a striker who will trouble us. Their other key players like Gerrard, Cole, and Johnson have all just returned to training so I don’t expect them to be at the top of their game either.

I don’t really know much about Blackburn’s preparations but they are a team we should beat even if they’ve had a good pre-season. By then hopefully we’ll have a new goalkeeper and our physical players like Song and Diaby will have had a chance to get match fit.

On the last two occasions that we won the Emirates Cup we had a good start in  the League. In 07-08 we won six and drew one in the first two months. Last year we won four and lost two but they were both genuinely tough away trips and even then we dominated the game at Old Trafford.

With the fixtures we have in the first two months we have a good chance to be unbeaten and even win most of our games. I believe that will give the team a positive momentum that can add to the belief within the squad and set us up for the tough winter months.

21 Responses to Pre-Season Shows Arsenal Have The Opportunity To Make A Flying Start


    Well blackburn played in Australia and you wont beleive fat sam complained about how phyical the assie team were thats one for the books anyway they played like shit just long balls down the centre.I think like you Arsenal should get a flying start this season even without rvp and cesc for the first few games

    • desigunner says:

      lol … that’s hilarious. Hope the Aussie club gave fat Sam and his boys a generous dose of their own medicine.

  2. munawwar says:

    oh yeah! i read that interview myself! what a douche he is! this year does seem good. i liked legendaires article

    this is exactly what i was thinking… we do look strong. i mean rooooney just cant keep fucking scoring from his stupid head. and chelsea players have to feel old. i mean they all are gonna be 30! there has to be a reason why wenger has some shit ass policy for over 30 people!

    problem i have is that i am actually worried abt mancity and man u… mancity new boys might work together later on… but they wont challenge for title… but they will be important when they face others…. what is worrying is man u… i mean i gave those fucker no chance and i cant beleive how they did what they did last season… it was almost magic.. from where they hired ‘own goals’ on free transfer is a mystery i still dont understand…

    plus we forget every time the issue of the fucking refs! the refs fucked us last season.. we got almost no penalties… i mean in that man u game yeah arshawin scored .. but it should be 2-0 by then…. then all throught shit stuff… no red cards to opponents… terry hand balls not punished… thats a big big fucking issue… which has not been sorted.

    • desigunner says:

      United did better than I’d expected last year. I guess it’s a combination of ref’s, their reputation (managers like Mick McCarthy threw away games against them), and luck with injuries to key players.

      It will be real fun if Rooney gets crocked just after the transfer window closes.

  3. JaGunner says:

    long balls down the center isnt a surprise…thats sam’s trademark. I hope the gunners have a good start to the season. By wat i’ve seen we have the fittest team to start the season with barring the injuries. This Anfield trip should be interesting next sunday…cant wait!

  4. lexy says:

    Le mercredi 04 août 2010 à 12:21
    Suite à la dépeche AFP parue ce matin indiquant que des négociations seraient entamées entre le MHSC et le club anglais d’ARSENAL à propos du transfert d’Emir SPAHIC, le MHSC dément avoir eu à l’heure actuelle le moindre contact avec le club anglais à ce sujet.

    • desigunner says:

      On Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 12:21
      Following the AFP dispatch published this morning indicating that negotiations would begin between MHSC and English club Arsenal in the transfer of about SPAHIC Emir, the MHSC denies having had at present the slightest contact with the English club about it.

      Just in case anyone’s wondering what that comment was.

  5. rock says:

    You are right man, i think of the all the big boys in england we are the fittest team…… I was watching mancity vs dortmund, and they were thrashed 3-1…..what was interesting was the fitness of yaya, the man is so unfit, he couldn’t tackle, no wonder barca got rid of him…the whole team was disjointed! Chelsea has not been doing well either…..!

  6. Peter smiths says:

    I think the Anfield game will be interesting.Man city will definitely give all d big teams a big challenge this season like the last one.

  7. Paul says:

    Seriously, who cares how you START the league??

  8. Phil23 says:

    The Liverpool game is going to be huge imo. Either a major boost in confidence to kick start our season or a kick in the balls to wreck morale and have Barcelona players publicly mock us. I hope the players know how big this game is and how much Liverpool want it…

  9. peter says:

    hello mates, any idea about a link streaming the live member’s day celebration? I heard its live

    • santori says:

      Great to see the smile on Fab’s face. He seemed almost relieved that his back in North London and away from the nonsense.

      Very proud today that the 7000 that showed up gave him a rousing welcome. You can buy success with money (some times) but you just can’t buy class.

  10. Austino says:

    The noise-making has started again.

  11. Austino says:

    Enjoy ur pre-season victories while it lasts cos the real matches are coming soon.Then and only then…………..

  12. Ketch says:

    I did a similar post the other day. I also believe that Arsenal have a real chance for winning the league, i do believe they will. But they will have to have nearly no injuries, and Fabregas will have to stay. If that happens than i only see one winner

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