Nasri, Wilshere Excel + Injuries Already! + Highlights + ATVO Disappoints

The pre-season trip to Austria came to an end with an easy win over Austrian third division side SC Neusiedl. As expected, Arsenal dominated the game and could have scored quite a few more had there been more focus and desire in the final third. We could also have conceded a couple but a goal line clearance and a penalty save by Mannone ensured a clean sheet.

The initial moments of the game were even as Arsenal struggled to get the game going on a difficult pitch. Heavy legs from regular double training sessions could also be part of the reason. The hosts were working hard and pressing all over the pitch. Unsurprisingly, they came close to scoring when a free header was allowed in the penalty box. Nasri was able to keep the ball out.

I’m really hoping we do something about our set-piece defending. In the past I’ve often said it won’t matter who we have in goal if we cannot deal with the set-pieces in a collective way. So far we haven’t been tested in the friendlies so I really can’t say if we have made any improvements or not. Based on the limited evidence though, I’m a little concerned.

After the initial minutes the game was easy. Wilshere was running around at will. He made some good attacking bursts but didn’t have the final ball or the finish. I think it was because the others were just standing and watching instead of running in support.

Nasri too had a great game and created a number of chances, some of which were taken. I guess it’s ironical that these two have been fantastic in the middle during the pre-season games but are not likely to start in those positions unless there is a spate of injuries. Although there is a possibility that Nasri might start the first few games if Fabregas needs some rest.

Amongst the other players, Frimpong had a solid game without being spectacular. He made a few mistakes but was largely reliable. Still think this is not the right test for his abilities. Vermaelen and Koscielny didn’t have much to do. Almunia, a surprise starter, wasn’t really worked. Mannone made a good save from the penalty.

Gibbs was impressive on the left and made a number of good attacking forays. He picked up an assist for the second goal with a precise cut-back. Clichy and Sagna had a good workout nothing more.

Nordtveit struggled a bit with his touch and missed the ball on a couple of occasions. Interestingly, He was played in three positions. Starting out at Right Back, the youngster moved to central midfield and then into centre of defence for the final few minutes. It was too easy a game to judge his performances in the latter roles.

Up front Walcott got a goal but didn’t do much else. JET was again deployed as a central striker but he didn’t really know how to play in that position. At times I expected the striker to make a run or be available but the youngster was caught out of position. He did pick up a goal but I wouldn’t say I was impressed with this performance. I’m not being critical but matter of fact. I think it will take some time before the talented youngster finds his place on the field.

Arshavin was totally disinterested and was just having some fun. Not sure if it sets a good example but with his personality it’s difficult to expect anything else.

Among the subs, Chamakh looked physically imposing and his confidence should be boosted by the goal even if it was an easy penalty. Vela was his usual self; lots of tricks, good runs, some dead ends, some casual touches, and a chipped goal. Eboue ran all over the pitch without really making a contribution.

More than these individual displays, I was worried by the two injuries. I’m assuming Rosicky was injured because he was supposed to start and Nasri came in at the last minute. So far there hasn’t been any update on that front. Similarly, Djourou didn’t even complete half an hour as he went away with the medical staff. Hopefully, neither will be a serious issue and more than that I hope Arsene really is aware of the risks he is taking with so many injury prone players in the squad.

I must also say the streaming on ATVO was horrible. I’d mentioned my disappointment after the Barnet game but the service was better against Sturm Graz. In this game it was extremely pixelated and it was really difficult to identify the players at times. To get an idea of what I mean check out the highlights video. The coverage I got was of that quality and often worse!

Last year I was quite happy with their coverage. It seems something has changed this season and it’s for the worse. I can still see the regular videos like top fives, etc. without a problem but the streaming has been really poor.

Does anyone know whether the Emirates Cup is on ATVO or not? I think it’s not and that will be a real shame.

39 Responses to Nasri, Wilshere Excel + Injuries Already! + Highlights + ATVO Disappoints

  1. Irish_Gunner says:

    emirates cup is being broadcast solely on sky sports im afraid. It should streamed on iraq goals tho 🙂

    • desigunner says:

      I guess in the US it’s on Gol TV. My cable company doesn’t carry that channel 😦 Iraq(goals) to rescue US residents!

  2. 7masters says:

    Well despite looking jaded they manage to play well and Wiltshere, Frimpong are showing their stuff. All in Good set of players who just need two more defender plus Goalie.

    Anything else is extra etc Felipo Melo? or Remy well we would be quite happy once they address key areas. Emirates cup is live on Sky tv, If not you can stream it free from

    The game itself was save for the crowd like a full training seasons. Nothing much to add except that Arsenal has good squad deep who can play but they need to buy quick or forget it completely.

  3. Kipmonster says:

    I propose that Arsenal fans World wide post letters once a week for the next four weeks to UEFA & FIFA complaining about Barcelona FC’s ‘tapping up’ of Cesc Fabregas. Also post a letter just once to Arsenal FC requesting that they formally complain to UEFA & FIFA. I have drawn up 3 template letters that I will email to willing participants. All you need to do is type in your own Name & Address before printing off & posting. Momentum will be boosted by you forwarding the email to every one of your Arsenal FC fan family & friends, encouraging them to participate.
    The aim of repetitive letters is to create an Admin headache for UEFA & FIFA with thousands of letters received from all over the world & display the strength of feeling from Arsenal FC fans. The purpose of the single letter to Arsenal FC is again to display the strength of feeling from us fans.
    My email address for this campaign from where I will email you the letter templates is …

    • 7masters says:

      Waste of time they have underpaid staff in third world to handle such mail. Don’t waste your time with FIFA or UEFA antique organisation run by old men. Arsenal should simply call in bailiff to recover £16 million pending from Henry and Hleb deal. Still it has not been paid plus in Fabregas deal we should insist on full amount up front.

      After looking at Spanish economy data things are real bad and I doubt they would indulge Real and Barca fancy dreams in any more. The banks are under pressure to call in Loans no matter who borrowed it cause they are all broke. Another Greek tragedy all over again despite the World cup win.

  4. gazgooner says:

    Is Melo a real possibility? I sure hope so, even if we have to offer Gael as part exchange in the deal. Whilst I really like Clichy, his departure would not threaten us too much at all. In Gibbs there is an able replacement and his back up would be Traore.

    To have a beast in midfield and the price is to lose a left back who has been brilliant and yet at times a real liability, would seem a very sensible business transaction to me.

    What do others think?

    • santori says:

      Urghh..NO MELO.

      I keep seeing these posts. He hasn’t turned up for either club or country thus far. Why do people keep clamouring for him. I’d keep Clichy over him thank you. There are far better options out there with regards DM cover than Felipe Melo. Yucks.

    • Alibaba says:

      agreed. Melo is no better than Diaby. 1 is dumb the other stupid

  5. kevlinefm says:

    For all Malaysian fans, the Emirates Cup will be shown live on Astro Supersports Channel 816. All matches will be shown live. 🙂

  6. SomeRandomGunner says:

    Any Emirates cup hopes for indians ?
    Or Iraqgoals is my only hope .

  7. Alibaba says:

    Mertersacker sounds like it’s happening from reading around. Gazadis met him so hopefully Wenger will sign him before the cup this wkend, Everyone happy!

    Kos still looks the business and great backup. & even better after 1 yr.

    JD is a worry. hope it’s not recurring. but history suggests his year will be stuttered with the odd month out here and there.

    • Jimie says:

      Are Mertersacker really good? I saw him playing in WC, and he look slow compare to other German defender.

      • desigunner says:

        That’s a valid question. I too didn’t think he was that quick. But that could be down to the way they team played. To be fair to him, Mertesacker wasn’t beaten for pace at the World Cup.

  8. Aben says:

    We need an attacking mid fielder, a sharp shooter ….someone spectacular, a beast, Suarez… really someone bad that wins bad matches!

  9. boss says:

    arsenal rules………

  10. Zerin says:

    Sol Campbell – same mistake twice by Wenger.

    Need to sign a good centre back in the Richard Dunne mould. Somebody who brings determination to the centre of defense

    If Chamakh adapts and Fabregas stays things look like a progression

    • desigunner says:

      Not many of those centre backs around, are they?

      • Zerin says:

        English Football has many of them. Especially the mid table teams and promoted teams

        Tottenham had a good season because of that centre back they picked from Newcastle last season(Bassong).

        I think you should ask Tony Adams and he could easily recommend a few (Wheater , Turner , Melchiot , Scharner etc would be decent bets )

      • desigunner says:

        I don’t agree with that. Tottenham played with a defensive approach against the big teams. The defenders who succeed in that are not necessarily the ones who succeed in the Arsenal system.

        Any defender who has to play for Arsenal needs to have good pace. Campbell had that even at his age.

  11. Kudos says:

    Desigunner, nice to see an honest review of the match and individual performances and not the normal hysteria after a win.
    I’m worried about the cb issue with jd limping off eat without experienced cover. Cahill is now a must !!!!

    • desigunner says:

      Thanks. We certainly need one top class CB and much sooner rather than later. Hopefully this injury scare will serve as a timely warning for Wenger, if he needed one.

  12. If 3 of our starting players can learn to run up n make better passes we would have more goals, win more n matches n maybe wouldn’t be here in the market hoping to sign someone better(Melo) to fill that gap. (Song, Clichy & especially Sagna)n for Christ sakes get a new keeper already. which i would prefer Akinfeev over Marchetti,which both i know would love to wear the Arsenal number 1 shirt. oh, n sell Sol, Gallas n Silvestre already….ill try my best to sign Per Mertasacker or Rolando to fill the gap…Win Emirates Cup n then start the damn Season…oh 1 last thing,..give Diaby more games, clearly have proven himself to me,…im just saying….RWJ!!

  13. Vermaelen says:

    Hi desi, did you use ATVO in last year’s pre-season games as well or just competitive matches? Perhaps because these were friendlies poorer equipments might have been used to stream the match live? This is my first time using ATVO and I must also agree that the quality has been sometimes poor. Since it’s only £3 (that’s right for august as well isn’t it?) I might give it another try until the 1st competitive match that’s streamed on ATVO(against Liverpool I think). Just a thought, thanks.

    • desigunner says:

      Yes I used it last year and it was quite good. I think this year the 3 pound service must have increased the demand quite a bit. I’ve been paying a regular price for a few years now so it feels worse.

  14. jvlupe says:

    guys think deep b4 u start asking 4 players because most of u are the GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER TYPE .You are asking arsenal for*serie FLOP of the season* and that for a top 3 in the world left back ? ? ! ! always complaining how denilson and diaby *are not good enough and your solution is to get a proven not good enough ,FLOP ! ! some people need to get

  15. zizou10jr says:

    tq for your information kevlinefm, i can’t wait to watching my gunners play…

  16. supasam8 says:

    i think you meant ironic desi. not being critical but it did make me chuckle

    i’d love to see nasri run the midfield for the first game. like you said though, probably won’t happen.

    still, with RVP and all the other quality around him, why not?

    • desigunner says:

      I’m afraid we have too many missing right now. Wenger says Cesc and RvP might miss the Anfield game, Bendtner too. Let’s see how it pans out.

      I thought ironic and ironical were interchangeable. Is that incorrect?

  17. GOONA says:

    I think we’ll end up short of players. If only the boss had stayed at home and watched the world cup on tv he could have weighed up more on who he was going to buy instead of working for french tv under pressure. Who have we signed this summer? nobody of note so far although we may end up with an old and cheap goalie ugh! that’s if we’re lucky of course!. There’s so much to look forward to for us long suffering fans….

  18. bt62gooner says:

    Hi,guys dont know if is this any help just checked and both ARSENAL games are to be shown at the weekend.Although the providers are not listed yet,i think we are just going to be as active to the same degree in transfer market as we always are.Slow,dithering and end up even weaker than last year.F%%king frustrating,makes my blood boil,glaring weaknesses season after season in the squad.I FOLLOW ARSENAL,NOT ARSENE WENGER,NOT CESC,BUT ARSENAL F.C. ALWAYS AND FOREVER.RED ARMY!!!!

  19. […] Nasri, Wilshere Excel + Injuries Already! + Highlights + ATVO Disappoints The pre-season trip to Austria came to an end with an easy win over Austrian third division side SC Neusiedl. As […] […]

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