Video: Henry Scores Against Spuds Yet Again!

Well, it’s just a pre-season friendly and it’s for the MLS side NY Red Bulls, but it’s still Henry and it’s against the Tinies … Enjoy!

22 Responses to Video: Henry Scores Against Spuds Yet Again!

  1. Jason says:

    that my henry

  2. Phil23 says:

    Gotta love it.

  3. aravindvr says:

    ha…we knew this bef right?…
    Spuds can never ever match Va Va Voom’s class….
    hats off to the King of Highbury again, this man is born to please Arsenal fans even wen playing for another club….
    Theres only one Theirry Henry….the greatest footballer since Maradona…
    I miss tht beautiful celebration with fans….Lucky NewYork fans can enjoy it for the next 4 yrs…

  4. sam says:

    what a legend!!

  5. sam says:

    Here’s some more from the AP match report:

    Henry scored 226 goals for Arsenal from 1999-07, topping the Premier League in scoring four times, and said last week he is reluctant to even speak the name of Tottenham, the Gunners’ north London rival.

    Ten Spurs were missing following World Cup duty, including forward Peter Crouch and regular goalkeeper Heurelo Gomes. Cudicini returned during the preseason after injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash while en route to training in November.

    Red Bulls supporters sang “Chelsea reject!” at him.
    “Fantastic,” Redknapp said. “Where did they get that one from?”

  6. bops says:

    Rockstar !!

  7. slimshady says:

    hahaha. Thats our Henry!!

  8. demzdimmydemz says:

    That made my day! my morning sorry!

  9. Anthony says:

    I just got home from that game. Sat 9th row from the field in my 06-08 Arsenal home shirt. The place went crazy for Thierry all game long, even though there were quite a few spuds fans there. We were singing his name all game long, and the place exploded when Thierry scored.

    After the game, an American Arsenal fan leaned over the wall and started yelling at Alan Hutton, a substitute Spuds right back, and Hutton proceeded to pick the ball up and throw it at the fan! Truly classless if I’ve ever seen it.

    • desigunner says:

      Good for you man. Great experience.

      Wonder if anyone got Hutton on a phone camera or something… that will be fun…

      • Anthony says:

        I hope so too. The fan had to be restrained by a few of his friends and security had to keep him from jumping over the wall onto the field, so I’m assuming Hutton had said something back to him that wasn’t very classy. The whole crowd instantly started booing Hutton off the pitch.

  10. padwoir says:

    Brilliant, couldn’t have scripted it better.
    Thanks for the post

  11. Anthony says:

    And yes, we all did chant “Chelsea Reject” at Cudicini. It was hillarious to say the least. My section got on Bale’s case for most of the game too.

  12. Kabango, tanzania says:

    Thiery Henry…. I salute u man!
    Gunnner All thE waY.

  13. sameep says:

    Off the topic but why you are not on you have a good blog and I hope you will be soon there too….

  14. davepain says:

    Always nice to see anyone scoring against the spuds. especially Thierry! I’ll be smiling all day now!
    What was the final result??

    • desigunner says:

      Final score would dampen the joy just a shade … so left it out … I say Henry 1 – 0 Spuds who cares about the score between the Tinies and Red Bulls anyway!

      • Anthony says:

        I look at it this way. Robbie Keane, Gareth Bale, Tom Huddleston, and Jermaine Jenas had to play the whole game, where the Red Bulls pulled the only starters they had playing (like 5 or so), including their keeper after the first half. Red Bulls were ahead 1-0 then too.

  15. tman says:

    Nice to see kin using his feet for once

  16. […] Video: Henry Scores Against Spuds Yet Again! Well, it’s just a pre-season friendly and it’s for the MLS side NY Red Bulls, but it’s still Henry […] […]

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