Video Evidence: Just How Well Has Wilshere Developed At Bolton

I didn’t follow the Bolton games last season and couldn’t really see how Wilshere had played for them. Obviously, Coyle was highly impressed by the youngster and started him in most games so that says a lot.

It is interesting to get a first hand glimpse of how the youngster fared and if you’ve missed those games, the following compilations will give a good idea. I thought he was outstanding (as outstanding as a Bolton player can be!) against United. If you don’t have the time to watch all the videos just watch the one against Fergie’s boys.

I think Wilshere is almost there. His performances for Bolton show he is a good Premier League player already and just needs some fine tuning to become a real star.

In these videos I was particularly impressed by his physical strength and the ability to dominate the area of the pitch he was on. We can also see good close control, neat turns and runs, some lovely through balls, and accurate set-piece delivery.

From a defensive point of view we can see that Wilshere covers a lot of ground, tracks back on the wings, isn’t afraid to slide in (had some interesting duels with Mikel and other ‘big’ players in the Chelsea squad), and generally offers an outlet for defenders to play the ball.

I have to put in a word of caution here. These are just highlights and mostly cover the best moments but we can still see some mistakes and areas of improvement in these compilations. I also feel he had a lot of work to do on his shooting skills. Nonetheless, we have a real gem on our hands and he just needs some finishing touches.

Against United, probably his best game in a Bolton shirt.

46 Responses to Video Evidence: Just How Well Has Wilshere Developed At Bolton

  1. Dan says:

    His shooting and finishing will come. Cesc’s shooting and finishing weas poor when he started with us but look at his shooting and goals now.

    • desigunner says:

      It certainly will. Wilshere has the technique, I think he needs a bit of practice and some composure.

  2. John says:

    Future captain. Born Leader.

  3. young says:

    All those attributes were there already two seasonsor back,he has gained more playing time and grew more confident,but he would have progressed even further were AW to pitch him in the deep end last season in the first team when injuries were rife,instead of loaning him out. He always had it,nothing new he will be the perfect replacement for Cesc,when the time calls for,not Ramsey. He just needs more time on the pitch,period.

    • Tommo says:

      I think you are plain wrong to think that would have been best for AFC.

      • john says:

        i think some don’t pay attation to wat they say or write, i think if was to play for arsenal he should have replaced denilson from the start of da season as it was loan gave him lots of expirence (i think he has a better first touch than most of arsenal first team)

      • Aniruddh says:

        Denilson isn’t that bad, just give him a break

  4. jack says:

    Needs to work on his right foot a bit, but almost there.

  5. Simon says:

    Song Ramsey

  6. Ali says:

    What an amazing player, i love this lad.
    Surely with Ramsey out for most the season Wilshere will stay with us and get the same amount of game time as Ramsey did last season, 10-15 starts + same as sub.
    He needs to play.

  7. Bouldy's Friend says:

    AW won’t use him because he values his French/foreign players more, I mean the bottlers. You’ll see more of the Diabys, Nasris and Denilsons.

  8. unknown says:

    Eastmond Ramsey

  9. Ali says:

    League cup – Eastmond Frimpong

  10. 7masters says:

    I think we need to loan him back to Bolton to get more play time and confidence. In all he play similar way to David Silva who has gone to Man Citeh but even better as he is all over the Pitch. In long run we have a rare piece of gem in our hands and he is the future of England as well.

    Their is no point of keeping him at Arsenal under a team that facing Pressure to win. He need to play all the time in Bolton whose sole aim is to avoid relegation plus funnily the bulked him faster than Arsenal why?

    Does it mean Bolton back room staff are better why not sign them including the medical staff well. Another thing we should nick the goalie Jaskalineen something very good indeed.

    • desigunner says:

      I think he’s bulked up as he’s grown. It’s just his age and not the Bolton staff … at least that my guess.

      • 7masters says:

        I think it Bolton staff cause the lil fellow was all bulked by the time they gave his first game. Wenger need to take a good look at his back room staff some are not up to the standard we would want in top teams. While we may have improved in money making department and making Arsenal top team off the field we need to learn something from others especially Man United whose injuries record is far better than us.

  11. Phil23 says:

    Fa cup:
    ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Szczesny ~~~~~ ~~~~~
    Eboue Koscielny Vertonghen Gibbs
    ~~~~~~ Frimpong Denilson ~~~~~~
    ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Ramsey ~~~~~ ~~~~~
    ~~ Wilshere Bendtner Traore

    Others who should/could make the team:
    Fabianski (If Wenger doesn’t buy a keeper in which case i’m sure Szczesny will be number one by the end of the season)
    Bartley Nordtveit (I’d rather they were the Carling cup pairing as I believe our carling cup team only needs to be a bit stronger and we could win it)
    Campbell (on the right Koscielny on the left if Campbell is kept and Vertonghen isn’t bought.)
    Nordtveit (is another who could fit in if neither came)
    Vela (Cant see him cementing a spot in the first team)
    Walcott (If he isn’t established in the first team which I think he will be)
    Barazite (If he can’t make the step to the FA cup team maybe its time to go?)
    Simpson (Cant see him becoming a regular starter for the first team but he has shown with his loan spell that he can still make it -maybe)
    The good young players from the youth team like Mannone (Not youth I know) Miquel Bartly Boateng Cruise Eastmond Coquelin Lansbury Watt Murphy Sunu etc etc should play in the Carling cup as they are talented but not quite there in terms of being able to win the FA cup. That is how the players should be judged, not on whether they can compete at that level but whether they will be a cup winning side at that level.

    One last thing, i’m not sure who is the most advanced out of Eastmond, Coquelin and Frimpong. So don’t think I’ve just assumed Frimpong’s the best because he played one awesome game, but someone had to go there! With that team, Arsene better tell the staff to make room in the trophy cabinet for a shiny new FA cup!

    • Ali says:

      I don’t think we should piss about with the team for the FA cup. In the early rounds if we draw lower league teams then fine and i think your line up is fine (except Ramsey for obvious reasons). However, as soon as we face a decent opposition it should be our first team with 2 or 3 class backups like Gibbs and Walcott. I want at least one of the domestic cups this year on top of the League trophy.

      • Phil23 says:

        I can absolutely see where your coming from there and i’m pretty certain that most people would agree with you on that. Personally I think that if that squad were given time to gel (i.e an extra training together once a week for 6 weeks before they started participating in the tournament) they would have every chance of winning the cup. You must also take into consideration that if we are doing well in the Prem and CL (which we mostly do in the first half of the season) then it would be risky to start our first 11 for more than two competitions. In fact, our team is notorious for running out of steam. Giving the squad players a chance to shine would have many benefits, some of these being match fitness, confidence and form and experience. Of course I am not saying putting the first team in is wrong just that I have a different opinion. Regarding the Ramsey situation, I think he’ll be back in the squad late August maybe September at the latest. The third round of the FA cup is in the first weekend of January so he will be back by then. Luckily Ramsey is a tough nut and is young so has recovered faster than expected. = )

    • desigunner says:

      I think the team selection really depends on available players at that time and the opposition. We cannot ignore who we are playing against. In all honesty, I can’t see that team beating a top 5 Premiership team this year. Full strength Citeh completely outplayed our Carling Cup team last year and that’s not good for the confidence of the youngsters.

      We have a big squad and hopefully with some rotation and a bit of good luck we will have most of them fit. In that case the youngsters are not that likely to get FA Cup games. Last year we were forced to play a young squad because far too many players were out. Let’s hope we don’t get as many injuries this time around.

  12. daniel says:

    who need cesc fabregas wen we hav got him i say cash in now before we sell him for 16 million next year just like henry!!! sell fabregas we have wilshere!!!

  13. Gooner1 says:

    this is why Wojciech is not ready for the arsenal no.1 next season !!!

  14. Phil23 says:

    Btw Desi, may I request you do an article/mention some thoughts in your next article on this portion from Sky sports:Guardiola has given an insight into the role he sees Fabregas filling at Camp Nou should Barca manage to persuade Arsenal to part with their skipper.

    ‘The Catalan club are planning to use the gifted attacking midfielder in a deeper role following the departure of Yaya Toure to Manchester City.

    “We are looking at a player in the profile of Toure, although if we sign Cesc we can adapt him to that position and look for another more attacking player,” he said.’

    I was quite astounded by that bit of news. Even if he meant in the Deeper playmaker role I see that as a waste of his talents. He plays much more of a ‘killer pass’ than Xavi who is more of a possession retainer. I wonder if Cesc knew about this?

    • desigunner says:

      I don’t read sky sports anymore because of their obvious bias, so I’d missed that comment.

      I think what he is saying is that Cesc is quite versatile and can play a deeper role. I think that’s because of his ability to play defence splitting balls from deep. Guardiola could see Cesc in a role similar to what he used to play, which was quite deep lying. After all Cesc does see him as a role model. It isn’t a traditional thug type DM but a silkier and more talent/intelligence based role that he could have in mind.

      Since it’s such a short quote we shouldn’t read too much into that. What I do know is that Guardiola rates Fabregas very highly and he will make Cesc a first team regular.

  15. Ali says:

    Any thing’s possible Phil! well, except Cesc moving to those muppets anytime soon, but in the FA cup anything is definitely possible. I was kinda hoping our medical staff would be busy redecorating the treatment room because of the surprise lack of injured players this term. Okay, maybe i’m in dreamland there but if we are able to effectively rotate our playing squad then we won’t be left with the same choice as seasons past of either risking our stars in the important cup games or playing the majority of the backups. Saying that tho, i’m all for giving these lads a chance and by the time we reach the later stages we’ll have a better idea of their potential.

    As for Ramsey i like your optimism. He is one of my top 3 favorite players so am wishing him an uninterrupted return, but i think it would be wrong to expect him to play anything more than just a bit part in 2nd half of the season so just sub appearances. There’s no need to rush him and he should wait until he completes next years preseason training before starting a game.

    • desigunner says:

      Interesting point about not rushing Ramsey. I wrote about that quite a while back.

    • Ali says:

      You’re always 2 steps ahead aren’t you Desi!
      I just feel that the preseason regime is a crucial step in the recovering development as it provides a solid base for the following season. We saw with Samir and Theo how it’s absence affected their whole season and they never really got going.
      Djourou, i reckon, will play a big part this year, perhaps even playing half of the fixtures, but he’s bound to pick up the odd strain here and there.
      Ramsey is already receiving an individual and gradual fitness and strength building regime which is not as complete as preseason because it focuses on returning his body to a level where he can train in the usual way with the rest of the squad. I can’t give a schedule for that because i don’t know his exact condition, and his physios won’t until his had the rods removed. Anyway, missing a preseason (fitness/strength/technical/tactical/games) and importantly the mental preparation that gives you means he’ll always be a step behind no matter how physically fit and ready he feels.

      • desigunner says:

        I don’t really understand it but there is a certain value attached to preseason for sure.

        The reason I don’t understand it is because I felt it was just training and some practice matches so one should always be able to do it later on ones own if absolutely necessary. Theoretically, what happens in preseason that can’t happen later?

        But there is something … we’ve seen players who’ve missed preseason suffer during the season … let’s hope the same doesn’t happen to Fabregas and RvP this year … otherwise we’d be no hopers!

  16. gerballs says:

    wilshere and ramsey are the next iniesta and xavi!!!

  17. davepain says:

    He looks to have the passing ans vision. Also, the ability to go past players when required. He is easily the most classy player at bolton, but then again, it is bolton.
    Very promising youngster. I duno, i think wilshere has essences of messi in his play, pace, strength, vision.
    He also looks determined and you can see that in alot of his tackles, where he shouldn’t really be able to get the ball but he does. I think he needs to stay at arsenal this year, get a feel for the team. because with the influx of these new players and if any of the rumours come to fruition, i think Arsenals playing style is going to change, not necessarily for the worse, maybe just not so attacking throughout. thanks for the post, I always like to watch clips of promising players.

    • desigunner says:

      My pleasure.

      Interesting way of putting it – shouldn’t really be able to get the ball but he does … That’s a rare quality and can’t be taught.

      We’ve just to hope he has the hunger to develop and perform consistently, and the sense to keep his head on his shoulders.

  18. elboy says:


    sagna – koscielny – verminator – gibbs

    song – frimpong

    nasri – wilshere – arshavin


    bench: chlichy, eboue, van persie, diaby, walcott,fabianski

  19. sameep says:

    Interesting observation about Wilshere’s strength…See recently releaased training photos on arsenal site in which players are wearing the GPS trackers on one pic, I think behind Nasri, Jack is standing and his abs are quite clearly visible…in that pic he looks a well built guy…it is just a funny little observation I did…

  20. Zerin says:

    After seeing Wilshere play last season I was very suprrised that he was not in the Arsenal squad last season

    He is quite a talent and has that important element that is rare – football intelligence.

    I rate him better than Walcott

    • desigunner says:

      I thought last year he had an issue with his tracking back and defensive duties. Just didn’t seem ready to start big games as he made a few mistakes and it’s tough to recover if central midfielders make mistakes … wingers can get away with it much more often …

  21. Manav says:

    When I think of JW, a low center-of-gravity, impressive bvall control, sharp twists & turns, marauding runs through enemy lines, laser precision through balls, and fine skills on the ball are the 1st things that come to my mind. As you said, a little fine-tuning under AW can polish him into a complete mid-fielder.
    Another, quite apparent plus is his willingness to back-track and come up with vital tackles (like he did against Gary Neville) to break the opposition’s play.

    I’d like to see him spend a full season @ the Reebok stadium to make sure he plays Premier League football week-in, week-out. Then AW can recruit him directly into the starting 11 if CF does leave for FC Barcelona next summer.

  22. Adsense secrets says:

    Give him some time. It will all turn out great

  23. loan about says:

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