Individual Player Analysis: Eduardo

There has been some speculation recently regarding the future of Eduardo at Arsenal. I thought this seems like a good time to continue with the individual player analysis series and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Crozilian.


  • Great header for his size
  • Fantastic poaching instincts
  • Good first touch, especially in and around the box
  • Can hold the ball even though he isn’t all that big
  • Low centre of gravity and can turn/beat defenders
  • Superb mental strength
  • Team player


  • Has lost some speed
  • Inconsistent shooting
  • Low on confidence
  • Looks rusty and lacks match practice

I think most of his weaknesses are down to that horrific tackle and subsequent series of niggling injuries. He was a real fox-in-the-box when we signed him with phenomenal instincts, great technique, and a nose for goal. The question now is can we get him back to his best?

It will be a real shame if a potentially brilliant career is destroyed by a thug like Martin Taylor who never was and never will be a football player. Anyway there is no point dwelling on it now, it’s better to think of what is best for the futures of Arsenal and Eduardo.

To my mind, the Crozilian is strong enough to bounce back but he cannot do it without a string of first team games. I’m not sure how the loan system works but I think we should really look at the option of sending him on a three month loan to another premier league side. I’ll be surprised if a team like Bolton or Wigan won’t be happy to have a man of his calibre in their squad.

There are many advantages of this.  Firstly, Eduardo will get a chance to get some games under his belt and if he scores a few his confidence will return. That way, if we need him at a later stage, we will get a player who is sharper and ready for the big stage. Sharper being a the keyword, as everyone who follows Wenger’s press conferences will know!

Secondly, we will get a chance to see how he develops. I’m not sure he will get that many starts at Arsenal in the initial months unless we have a spate of injuries. It’s possible but we shouldn’t really be thinking about it. Of course, his loan move should have a recall clause.

Finally, and this one is a stretch, he might actually help his loan side pick some points over our title rivals. And I believe there can be a clause in the agreement which says he can’t play against Arsenal.

For all this to work out we need agreement on multiple fronts. First and foremost, Arsene must be open to the idea. Then Eduardo needs to be interested in going to a smaller team. We need to find a club with a playing style that can help him develop. And finally, the new regulations must be taken into account.

The last one is important because it raises some tricky questions. Do we include him in our list of 25 if we are loaning him out? Does the club that’s taking him on a short loan include him? What happens when he comes back?

I do however feel that these issues can all be taken care of if Arsene actually believes this is the right thing. It should not be too difficult to convince Eduardo to move for a small spell and it shouldn’t be that tough to find a club that can use his services. I also have a feeling that the lawyers will find the answer to the 25 player rule if they are asked to do so. In the worst case we can always loan him till January (and hope that we won’t run out of strikers by then!)

I really hope, for the sake of Eduardo and Arsenal, that we will see some proactive action and he won’t just wither away on the bench.

17 Responses to Individual Player Analysis: Eduardo

  1. durban_gun says:

    will english players now set out to try and break german players legs after they were dumped out of the wc just like how croatia dumped them out of the euro.oezil stay in germany the english wanna destroy u for wat u did..english players will never succeed at international level coz they destroy thier talent by encouraging dirty tackles.hw many quality english players never make it coz of an unnessassary x rated tackle.eduardo i hope u bounce back MAY GOD BLESS U AND LUV U

  2. john L says:

    sorry man i just cant see it happening.
    there is merit to your argument but eduardo wont be loaned out becuase he provides wenger with a welcome dilemma. because of the injury and having a rather quite first year back he wont have the demands for first team football that he might have had otherwise. this means we get a quality squad player that might not normally be happy there. and if he does well…we get a world class striker.

    the younger guys will go on load but eduardo is a useful squad player that will get chances to step up as a first team-er. wenger will keep him close to watch and development, another mediocore season from him and he might be sold, not loaned out?! your having a laugh!

    • desigunner says:

      If he has another disappointing season then it will surely be the end of his Arsenal career and perhaps his hopes of playing at a big club as well.

  3. Jon says:

    I hope this will not happen to Ramsey… But would that be wishful thinking??

  4. TMZ says:

    I fully support this idea except that I would prefer a short lean spell at a less physical league like Holland or Spain. We should let him go till January. I am sure that we can cope till then. Eduardo is a real fox in the box that needs patience and a conducive environment that is not too physical, to rediscover his form.

    • desigunner says:

      The loan certainly has to be a short one and I think the foreign leagues could be a good idea if we can find a good club.

  5. SG goon says:

    Hi, IMHO, i don’t think sending him out on loan is a good idea.

    i know he is reputedly one of the mentally stronger guys around (having to adapt in Croatia and all that), but he seems to have been shorn of some confidence in the last several games he’s played last season.

    i’m just worried that sending a former “first teamer” out on loan would only show that he’s not in Arsene’s plans anymore (e.g. Senderos?), as compared to loaning out up and coming players (e.g. Wilshere), and that may forever ruin his confidence.

    i think unfortunately the only way to support him is to keep playing him until he hopefully “comes good” again. feel really sad for him as one of my favourite players pre-injury, and he clearly still has the speed of thought. i really hope for him it’s just the return of the confidence and a coupla more goals he needs.

    playing time issue will be pertinent for Bendtner, Vela and Theo as well, what with Maroune’s arrival and RvP being the (undisputed?) first choice striker.

    my 2cents worth.

    btw, i am a frequent reader of ur blog, and I think it’s one of the more level headed ones out there. keep it up!

    • desigunner says:

      Thanks SG.

      I can see your point but if Arsene actually has a chat with him and explains to him why he is going out on loan then it should actually help his confidence rather than affecting it because it will show that Wenger wants him to get back to his best.

      I’m afraid that if we just keep him on the bench doubts will creep up in his mind and without regular match practice he will be under tremendous pressure whenever he gets a chance as a sub or starter.

  6. willy says:

    Wenger has already stated Eduardo will be big for us this season and that he has high hopes after he went trhough hell last season trying to get back to top level football.
    Well done Arsene, Eduardo is a REAL footballer, unlike Bendy boy.

  7. cezan1afc says:

    big fan of your blog but i hope he doesnt send eduardo out on load to me it shows a lack of confidence in the player from the manager however i think he should have a nice preseason with chamakh up front see if he can get some goals and give RVP some extra rest 😀

    • desigunner says:

      Rotating the strikers and giving Eduardo some chances is another option. Not sure Wenger likes rotating but it can certainly help the Crozilian get some games. We’ll certainly know more during preseason.

  8. Gtr gooner says:

    Guys i really hope that Eduardo gets a good career ahead in his future. I am not saying this as a gooner but as an human being, coz i think he was a class but a fool’s mistake ruined it all. And this would be really unlucky. I feel same for rosicky and ramsey.

  9. Uk says:

    I have 2problems with this post
    1.isn’t listing mental strength as a player’s strength &low self confidence as a weakness self contradictory?
    2.before eddy’s injury he obviously wasn’t a goal machine 4the arsenal,we had to wait months for his 1st league goal remember?
    Eddy’s problem has been there all along the injury just seemed to heighten it, I told friends all that while we were waiting for him to score his 1st league goal that he was too timid. He beats d defender with superior skill but when faced with d post(even when empty;remember tottenham match?) he loses it. He needs to develop that toughness,fearlesssness(ask drogba&rooney) &killer instinct which the epl needs

    • desigunner says:

      I don’t think Mental Strength and Self-Confidence are the same thing. A player needs great deal of mental strength to recover from the injury and other setbacks. Also to adapt to different conditions when changing club and country.

      Confidence is an issue related to form. There could be a striker who doesn’t have the mental strength to recover from serious injuries but he might have a great deal of confidence if he doesn’t get injured and scores a few goals.

      Eduardo took some time to settle at Arsenal and he was just coming good when he got injured. So we’ve not had the chance of seeing him at his best on a regular basis. I agree with your observations, there was a degree of hesitancy about his game but I felt he was improving just when he got Taylored. After that he hasn’t come close to his best even though he’s had some good moments – goals against Everton (classic poaching), West Ham (great header) and Burnley (audacious technique!) are good examples of such moments.

  10. Manav says:

    Now that he has been transferred to Shakhtar Donetsk, we, the Arsenal faithful are left debating whether it was a wise decision to do so. Is this transfer strategically justified?

    Note that his sale has made the Gunners richer by 6 million Pounds. Not a bad deal I say.

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