Dutch Delight For Brazil! Sensational Suarez Sacrifice Saves Sky-Blues

This day will probably go down as one of the most sensational in World Cup history. In any other domain apart from sport heaping such agony and heartbreak on a country/continent would probably be considered a criminal or terrorist act.

Netherlands beating Brazil was an upset of sorts but it can’t be called a shocker. Even the two hours of football that followed didn’t raise any eyebrows. It all changed in the final minute of extra-time as Ghana’s history making moment hit the bar and flew away.

Before I get into the analysis of the game I want to acknowledge a Luis Suarez moment that was perhaps the antithesis of the Hand of God!

Ghana hadn’t been a threat on set pieces at all during the two hours and I didn’t expect the final free kick to cause much trouble. Somehow, Uruguay managed to lose their discipline and the penalty box turned into a pin-ball machine. As the ball was headed towards the goal with what would most probably have been the last and winning touch, up came a Uruguayan fist and punched the ball away. And it wasn’t the goalkeeper who punched it!

Normally, Suarez would have been criticized for such an act as he was sent off and his team conceded a penalty. In this particular case though, that was the moment that changed the course of history. If ever there was a case of making your own luck, this was it. Had that ball gone in, there was no way Uruguay would have come back as the ref was on the verge of blowing for full time.

Gyan was under pressure as he took the spot kick and I’ve a feeling his attitude spoilt it for him. He went for a glorious looking blast down the middle instead of his regular style of going for the corners. As we’ve seen from his other three spot kicks in the tournament, he isn’t a bad penalty taker. It was just the pressure of the moment combined with a wrong choice.

After that it was up to Muslera to see la celeste through. Mensah’s spot kick attempt was ridiculous and the keeper saved well from the youngster Adiyiah’s kick.

Overall, I think the deserving team qualified. Ghana scored first from a freak shot from distance that the keeper misread, but they didn’t create much in normal or extra time.

Uruguay equalized from a sweetly struck, swerving free kick. They also had some other efforts on target that were saved well by the Ghana keeper Kingson.

The Black Stars have a young team and if they have the right manager they can do well in 2014.

Uruguay will take on Holland in the semi-finals. Wonder how many people predicted that before the World Cup started!?

The Dutch came back from an early setback to stun the top ranked nation. Robinho put Brazil ahead in the tenth minute when he ran onto a lovely through ball from Melo straight through the heart of the Dutch defence. Little did the Juventus man know how his luck was going to change in the course of the game.

The first half in that game was scrappy as both teams were happy to concede fouls to break up play. Brazil continued their defensive approach and looked content on sitting on their one goal lead. They did manage to create another chance when Kaka shot from distance but Stekelenburg was up to it. Holland didn’t create a single noteworthy chance in the first half.

I’d certainly like to know what Van Marwijk said to his team at half time. Holland moved the ball around faster and their movement was much better in the second half. It wasn’t a big change but at least they managed to create some pressure.

Even then Brazil looked comfortable until a moment of madness from the overrated Julio Cesar and Melo. Cesar is a very good goalkeeper but playing for Inter his aerial skills are rarely tested as the whole team defends right in front of him in the big games. In this game he flapped twice and the second one was fatal as Melo headed the ball into his own net.

After that you could see that Brazil were rattled and the Dutch were growing in confidence. The second goal came from a well executed set piece and was very similar to Van Persie’s goal against Blackburn. Only this time it was Kuyt who got the flick on and Sneijder who scored a collector’s item.

By this time Brazil had lost all composure and were quite clueless. Their misery was compounded when Melo was sent off for a petulant kick on Robben. There must be something called the Curse of the Arsenal Linked Player!

Dunga had no real choices on the bench and his ultra-defensive approach was woefully exposed. He must be wondering whether the end might have been a better fight if he had taken at least one or two flair players. Holland absorbed pressure rather well and Brazil never looked like they deserved an equalizer. If anything, the Dutch messed up a couple of great chances on the counter.

The Oranje will take on the Sky-Blues in the Semis and I’d say the Dutch are firm favourites to go through. They will miss De Jong and Van der Weil after they both picked up a second caution but Uruguay will also be without key players Fucile and Suarez. Uruguay fans can certainly hope for an upset if their team can keep Robben in check.

Tomorrow, Argentina take on Germany is a game that is sure to be a thrilling contest. I’ve a feeling the Germans will try to play on the counter attack as they did in the second half against England. The team that is clinical on the day is likely to go through. I’m supporting Argentina in that one and hopefully Messi will have another big game.

Spain should get past Paraguay without many difficulties. The South American side have done well so far but I don’t think their defence is good enough to keep the Spaniards out.

If the day is even half as dramatic as today was, it will be worth watching.

24 Responses to Dutch Delight For Brazil! Sensational Suarez Sacrifice Saves Sky-Blues

  1. 7masters says:

    The Dutch turned it around and it seem that early goal shocked them into actions. Probably these Brazil is worse with no flairs and almost scared of keeping ball? Now have they picked the English disease. Felipo Melo and Suarez would make good players for Arsenal no doubt.

    The biggest disapointment was RVP and it look like time to cash on him. One thing i noticed he had good game doing impossible making something out of non existent ball supply but my worries are he is to injury prone. RVP also worries me as he injured himself when whistle blew for Offside second time in tournament he completely forgot about the whistle odd isn’t. So these vizuvela is driving everyone up the wall.

    I think Ghana where simply unlcuky and Uruguay made most of their luck despite Whole Continent egging Ghana on.

    • desigunner says:

      The Dutch play in a diff style. No point judging Van Persie on his performances with a national team. We have to see how he does for Arsenal next year in terms of performances and fitness.

      • 7masters says:

        Totally agree with you I just hope he resign from International Football. Also it seem no one want to pass the ball to him odd?

      • desigunner says:

        Yeah I have been thinking Van Persie should retire from international football for the sake of his career. Will write about it some day.

        For now his team is doing well so let’s just wish him well, at least on the health front if nothing else.

  2. supasam8 says:

    if RVP can’t give us 3/4 of the next season, maybe i could see where your coming from

    but it’s not even the beginning of the new season yet, robin is right on par with cesc or anyone in the squad when he’s in top form

  3. MOHAMED IDRIS says:

    RVP is a great! He is loyal to gooners.He’s not like
    Fab. who wants to leave after what Arsenal did for him.

  4. slimshady says:

    Haha. I’d love some of what ur smoking mate, running around talkìng about Uruguay deserving it more than Ghana, haha, and Julio Cesar being overrated, lmao!

    Do us all a favour and get off that stuff.

    • Gennie says:

      Agree with Slimshady. I really do not know what Desi has been smoking. If anybody deserved to go to the semifinal it was Ghana and not Uruguay. I also cannot believe Desi or anyone saying Suarez’s handball was sensational. That is just ridiculous. That is cheating at its highest. Shame on you Desi!!! Really you need to apologize for insulting Africa! If you approve that then cheating will never be removed in football.

  5. GoonerCanuck says:

    One of the most blatant cheating moments in world cup history, coupled with the injustice that it actually worked out for him… and apparently he’ll only miss one game!!! And you praise Suarez???!!! The noble sacrifice???!!!

    What planet are you on? What a warped way of looking at things! Shame you’re a Gooner you seem much more Chelsea!!!

    • desigunner says:

      Do you understand the difference between cheating and a professional foul?

      What’s the injustice in a botched penalty!

      Sad to see Gooners with their heads up their asses.

      • GoonerCanuck says:

        Yes! A professional foul is the term you use when you try to dress up and excuse cheating. It is what you do when you can’t change the play within the rules of the game. The professional foul over the years has robbed football of some great moments.

        If you can’t see that you should remove your own head from where the sun don’t shine before you accuse others of the same!

      • desigunner says:

        Rules of the game include fouls and related punishments. If there is a foul and the related punishment is meted out, you can’t keep crying because things didn’t go your way.

        Hand of God was cheating because it went unpunished. It wouldn’t have been cheating if the ref called it a foul and gave a yellow card and disallowed the goal.

        The way you are talking, it seems any player who stands off side is a cheat. Anyone who ever touches the ball with the hand is a cheat. It’s naive in the extreme.

        There is a good reason why the word “professional” is added before the foul in some cases. If you talk about rules but don’t understand the nuances then there isn’t anything to discuss.

      • GoonerCanuck says:

        You are missing my point. The rules of the game were applied and Ghana lost the game because the penalty was missed. Who’s crying over that?

        However you cannot deny that ultimately an epic goal was stopped from going in by cheating/professional foul, and this robbed us of a great moment! THAT IS NOT TO BE PRAISED OR EXCUSED!

        And by the way cheating is cheating whether or not it is seen, caught or punished! If you want to use a fancy word like nuance then use it correctly against what I am saying. The nuance with the handball rule is down to a referee’s judgement as to whether or not it is a deliberate action or ball-to-hand etc. – not whether the ball is handled as a professional foul or not. In this case there was no nuance just a good old fashioned handball!! And sadly even though the rules of the game were correctly applied that cheating moment ultimately benefited the perpetrator.. as demonstrated by his unseemly celebration!

      • desigunner says:

        Ghana had their fate in their own hand. They blew it. They could have had a great moment by scoring the penalty and that miss is not down to Suarez.

        No one robbed a great moment, it just became even more memorable because of the drama involved. You want to close your eyes to one side of the story and claim the other was robbed then what can I say.

        You can’t ignore the missed penalty and say cheating benefited the perpetrator. If the handball had been missed by the ref I’d have agreed Suarez got away with it.

        Suarez did what he had to do, Gyan could not do it, neither could his team mates in the shoot out and so Ghana went out. No one was robbed.

        The point you’ve missed is that Ghana got what they deserved (first a penalty, then a chance in the shoot out and finally elimination because they failed repeatedly).

        What you’re saying is that any “good old fashioned handball” is cheating. It can easily be extended that any foul is cheating. How is one foul different from another. Then we have to get into each moment of pushing and shoving in the penalty box, every missed decision and so on because it’s all cheating as it’s a foul.

        The fact of the matter is that a foul is recognized by laws and there is a punishment associated with it. Once that happens there can be no complaints. Otherwise we are just making a mockery of the laws and should be crying over all the fouls.

      • GoonerCanuck says:

        You’re not getting what I say and I for the life of me cannot begin to understand your logic. But yes in a MANNER of speaking every foul is a form of cheating and that is why it is punished. If you don’t like the word cheat, use violation or whatever term you like. We should always aim for the ideal, which is pure football (even though unattainable) rather than praise or excuse violations of the games rules. Anyway it is time to agree to differ as this is getting tedious. End of!!

      • desigunner says:

        I got what you said the first time you said it. What you’ve said is the most obvious and simplest way of looking at things, it’s not hard to get.

        The problem is you’re talking of being idealistic and seeing only one side of a complex situation.

        The concepts of cheating, fouls, and injustice are three different ones and you’ve them mixed up.

        If we want to be idealistic why allow any kind of fouls? Why not impose heavy bans for all fouls? Why not just give a goal for a handball on the line making the whole thing redundant?

        I support Arsenal because I’m a big fan of “purity” in all aspects of football. But that doesn’t mean you can apply it anywhere you “feel” something is not right.

        Anyway, thanks for stopping you’re argument, it really was tedious, on that I agree with you.

  6. 7masters says:

    Easy mate their are worse thing written than these cheat so so spares your moral high ground. FIFA is a spineless body run by corrupt lot what we really need to is to form collectively resign from FIFA and form a new body of international football full stop, but highly unlikely.

    • GoonerCanuck says:

      I agree with you 7masters regarding the spineless corrupt nature of FIFA but if you want to attack their corruption then show some consistency and attack the corruption of the game at the “hand-ball” level.

      As for moral high ground – happy to be on it. What is the alternative??!!

  7. Goonerant says:

    Uruguay v Ghana…… the way the game ended was an afront to football. The lesson of this game was….

    “cheating pays…..”

    All the divers out there would’ve loved it..

  8. africangooner says:

    First of all the Ghana vs Uruguay was more balanced at regular time as the possession was 50-50 according to stats at a point in the 2nd half. To say that Uruguay deserved to qualify is quite puzzling and ur analysis is highly myopic. The entire 30mins of extra time was dominated by the black stars. Aside from the last minute drama Ghana played the better football and created more chances for a team playing a man upfront compared to La celeste deadly partnership of Suarez and Forlan

    • desigunner says:

      I don’t remember Muslera having to make any great saves. Kingson made quite a few. Possession counts for only so much.

      Uruguay backed themselves in the penalty shootout and allowed Ghana to have the ball in extra time. Ghana couldn’t do much with it. It’s been their problem all through the tournament and finally came back to haunt them.

      Ghana have a problem with their finishing, can’t even score from a penalty. Don’t see how such a team “deserves” to qualify.

      I like Ghana, don’t get me wrong, but they need to improve before they can deserve more.

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