England Need Arsene As “Minister Of Football”

Germany have clinically decimated, dismantled and despatched a hapless English side that was hyped up as potential champions by many clueless pundits.

I can’t tell you how happy I am. Words fail me. Over the years England, in my mind, have come to represent everything anti-Arsenal. I know this is not fair to thousands of true gooners from England and trust me I don’t count them when I write this. They are the exceptions that prove the rule.

The reason I feel this way is that almost the entire English set-up is completely contradictory to the Arsenal way. We all know how the pundits hate us, how the media (except a few balanced writers) is largely anti-Arsenal, how most managers promote a style that doesn’t leave us a leg to stand on, and how some so called Arsenal fans criticize their own team for failing to be English! And I’m not even getting into the refs or the FA and other authorities.

This goes on season after season. Arsenal do things the right way; manage finances, develop young players, play brilliant football, compete at the highest level, and act responsibly in all activities be it transfers, or community development, or any other.

There is only one stick to beat Arsenal with really – No Trophies. In order to use this stick one has to lose all sense of perspective (move to the stadium, financial constraints, artificially inflated transfer fees, insane wages, etc). Not only that, one would also need a supporting cast of specious arguments like – No English spine, Can’t handle the physical game, and so on.

Essentially, all the genuine, practical, and relevant details have to be ignored and vague, hollow, and baseless arguments (that might sound intelligent to some who don’t want to see what’s really going on) need to emphasized. Isn’t that the real problem with English football?

I like to think of myself as a student of the game because I genuinely believe that is the only way to develop one’s understanding. In contrast, I find there are too many experts in the English game. People who pretend to be know-it-alls, who change their tune based on the results and not on the details of what actually happened.

For instance, this is what Alan Hansen said after this game,

On the whole (David) James was England’s best player, for the keeper to be the best player in a performance like that is unusual. It was shambolic.

Seriously, what is he talking about!? James’ technique for the second goal was very poor (Watch some Almunia one-on-one saves to see how it’s done). And what was he doing for the third goal? Look at his arms, it was as if he was trying to protect his body instead of making himself big. He could have done much better for the first goal as well.

If such comments were one-off I wouldn’t say anything. But the truth is that most pundits and football writers in England talk exactly the same way. Worse still, most of the comments are affected by results. If Germany had not been clinical with their two counter attacks and the game had finished at 2-1, these pundits would be talking about how England were robbed by the linesman and how FIFA is impotent and archaic. The problems with the team would have been forgotten and they would have been hailed as heroes for fighting a corrupt system.

It may be that the media is the same everywhere but I don’t understand Italian, German, Spanish or any other language so I can’t comment on that. If you have a perspective on this please do share.

I don’t really care about English football but since it affects Arsenal continually and we are an integral part I end up thinking about it anyway.

The way I see it, England needs Arsene (or someone like him) to control every football related aspect.

It’s not that the English players are bad. Some of them are world class. But the grass roots level of coaching is certainly not very good in England. I haven’t been there but it’s really obvious from the way the mid-table and bottom half clubs play.

Watch the way Germany brought the ball out for their two counter attacks. See how composed each and every player was even though some of them are really young. Can you imagine this from players like Barry, Milner, et al?

I like to think of these players (Lennon, Barry, Milner, James, etc) as the Redknapp level footballers. They are good players. If you put them in a team of fighters they will keep battling and will get some results, might even nick a trophy if luck goes their way. But these players will never produce consistent, top quality football and will never beat the best teams (Check Redknapp’s record against United, Arsenal, Chelsea).

Just see how Barry was exposed when Ozil skipped past him before setting up the third goal. It reminds me of Denilson against Sidibe. How can anyone say Barry is any better than Denilson?

Of course, there is an immediate counter argument that if the Arsenal player isn’t much better than how can I say everything that I’ve said. The answer is that it’s a complex world and the financial constraints on Arsene have really forced his hand. If he makes the choice of spending a quarter of the money on Denilson than he would have to on someone like Barry, we have to except it’s a brilliant piece of business. This is where perspective is so important; we need to see all the variables that affect a decision. The inflated value of Barry clearly illustrates the actions of the hype machine.

Just like the players, all the football writers and commentators need some fundamental training. Many of them are gifted writers as far as language is concerned but few actually understand the nuances of the game. These people are important because they shape public opinion. They also have a big impact on the way players play. If Shawcross is a hero, what do you think youngsters will learn? How do you think managers will approach a game? Can you imagine a young English manager having the guts to develop a technical team? He would be massacred the moments a few results go awry.

Even the administrators need to learn from Arsene. What’s the point of the Carling Cup? Wouldn’t it be much more beneficial to everyone if it was a youth competition, or maybe along the lines of the Olympics with three senior players allowed? Isn’t that much more likely to improve the quality of the youth? This is just one example, I’m sure Arsene can give ten or more radical ideas that will improve the quality of youth football.

Wenger has taken Arsenal to a whole new level with the Stadium, training facilities, countless innovations, and amazing football resulting in financial progress and memorable results like the invincibles. I feel England need a visionary like him to redefine all aspects of football if they want to emulate the other giants of world football.

Question is, can they get out of the intricate, self-deceiving web of unjustified hype and misplaced glory?

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  1. England need Arsene and his type to clear off out of English football. They are the problem

    • jamie 76 says:

      what because england done so much better in major comps before wenger came to manage Arsenal? get a grip you numpty he has slowly built a foundation of home grown youth players just peeping round the corner of english football, and as for his ‘type’ what are you suggesting? we should have english managers like harry that buy mostly foreign finished products that no one has ever heard of for substantial amounts of filing cabinet cash then sink the club i.e w.ham,p/mouth,s/hampton when they dont perform and the club can no longer pay the wages after harry has flitted? give me wenger anyday!

    • Dominic says:

      To all of you who think that England’s failure to produce a World Cup winning team is due to the foreigners coming into the game can you answer this simple question? How many foreign players were there in the English league division 1 in 1974, 1978 and 1994? These were the World Cup finals that England failed to qualify for.

      • i was joking with my wife about germany’s boateng ‘not deserving his citizenship’ – but as you surely know, he’s born in germany. i also posted here http://texttrade.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/soccer-sucker/ about south africa having almost as many blacks in their team as france.
        seriously, adopting a foreigner just to have him play for your national team isn’t ok, while the reality of many immigrant descendents choosing a career in footbal is another thing. for many kids, it’s the only way out of poverty, and since they’re more determined, they have more chances to be remarked early by the coaches.
        the ‘foreigner’ tag has nothing to do with a player’s value. if you accept him as a citizen, then he has every right to prove himself in football as in banking or science – just that the chances in football are immensely higher.

    • Gunner 4 life says:

      Are you mental, Wenger has greatly improved the Enlisgh game and the EPL in general. If it was not for him, the EPL would be a league full of brutal no flair, boring football. Because of Arsene, other english teams are trying to play the beautiful game the way it should be played.

  2. makemeadiva says:

    I am pretty impartial, but you make good points about developing the youth side and balancing the books. Watching the Arsenal play is usually a pleasure too, although their walking the ball into the net can lead to frustration aplenty too.

    On balance, the England team suffers from too many egos and a bit of the Arsene way would do them no harm 🙂

    At least Walcott was well out of it…

  3. cezan1afc says:

    Alan shut up !! not one arsenal player in that england team and they were tactically outdone by fuckin algeria usa shud have beat us ffs maybh if they had some wenger philosophy they could play football like spain does and we wont get our ass handed to us by germany!!

    • name one Arsenal player that deserves to be in the England side. Let’s play “find the Englishmen”

      • desigunner says:

        When our most criticized players – Denilson and Almunia are better than Barry and James/Green then you don’t really have an argument.

      • critic says:

        HA HA…gr8 argument desi, he is one of the deluded ones….read the article again to understand it’s main objective…

  4. jaygooner says:

    @alan b’stard ermm the real Alan B’stard was funny. You clearly are not. Pathetic.

  5. WRONG!

    Wenger is the problem of Englush football. AW is on record as supporting foreigners in the EPL. He is on record as saying it’s “racist” to challenge the present system for the benefit of young English players

    There are less English players challenging for national spots as they can’t play to be recognised as their postions are taken by foreigners, thetreby narrowing the talent base for national selectors

    Wenger doesn’t care. He’s not English and by law ( yes by English law ) has a duty to the shareholders, and they have a duty to themselves at the expense of the game. That’s business, not a sporting club

    I do hate to be blunt, but when are people going to wake up the the fact that football is NOT a business. It’s sport that’s been taken over by business and profits go to the sharholders not the club, and billionaries, some dodgy, have been allowed to launder their money via football and import all these players, and preventing Englishmen from playing in their own clubs. It started years ago when some player went to the Euro court and won a case to play in England under EU trade rules

    Thanks to this, there are few players to choose from

    Wenger is on record as a supporter of the system. The man is a profiteer and a bum AND a rotten coach and the sooner you all realize it the better

    Wenger is a profiteer and a bum

    Sorry, but there it is!

    • jaygooner says:

      now you are being funny alan b’stard, the future of The Mighty Arsenal depends ENTIRELY on good business ethics. I do not want my team heading down the same tubes as Leeds, Portsmouth, and soon to be Chelski (no more money) Man U (no money). Man City (not as much money as they thought), Liverpool (cannot afford a new ground) Everton (ditto) This MIghty cleb Arsenal have eveything in place to dominate for years to come. Mr B’Stard MP I have to query your intentions? Are you a yid or just a lame wind up merchant?

    • Shrek says:

      You say why there are few English players challenging for top spots in England due to their spots in club sides being usurped by foreigners, right? Is it probably because they aren’t good enough in comparison to the foreigners in technique or class? The EPL is famous because of the presence of foreign players- Cantona, Ginola, Bergkamp, Henry, C.Ronaldo, Drogba,Zola to name a few…. Its because some of the best players in the world are playing at English clubs that the clubs are able to compete in the Champions League. If not, they would have been floundering very badly.
      Forget Arsenal, tell me ,are there any English club sides that promote English players that are world class ?

    • desigunner says:

      This will change when English media stops hyping up it’s mediocre players as world beaters, when they actually acknowledge their weaknesses and work on them. Only then can they improve and be better.

      South Americans have been brilliant at this world cup and many of them play in Spain who are also doing well.

      It is extremely naive to think that foreign players are affecting the English players negatively. If anything they are making it better.

      Foreign players are bought because they are cheaper, in other words they are not over hyped and over valued. English players need to deliver at a higher level if a higher price has to be paid for them. If players from Honduras and other small countries are coming to the EPL ahead of English players, how good can the English actually be?

      After all, as you say, this is a business and a manager will buy value for money.

      This is a really complex situation and blaming it on Wenger is the dumbest explanation.

    • critic says:

      he is paid to manage arsenal not england…

  6. makemeadiva says:

    Easy: Walcott – serious Cappello mistake and Ramsay if he hadn’t have been crunched by Shawcross in the winter.

  7. Would it really have made a difference today?

  8. Blackstock says:

    I’m a North London Gooner but I think you’re straining events into the realm of hyperbole here, just to make an Arsenal story out of an England one. Essentially it sounds like you’re suggesting the English football team is rubbish because it doesn’t do things the Arsenal way. Why even drag our name into this mess.

    Why should the FA, or any rival club, be obliged to do things the Arsenal way? What purpose does that serve us? We don’t need to be followed, or held up as a guiding light for other clubs. Let everyone else ignore us and spend their way into financial meltdown if that’s what they want to do. I don’t want everyone to copy our style, what on earth would be the point. We do things our own way, i’d prefer we kept it that way.

    • Exactly Blackstock, especially since we haven’t won a trophy in 5 years

      • Blackstock says:

        That’s not really my point, sorry.

        If England are to achieve success, i’d rather see it done in a genuine way, from the ground up.

        The “Arsenal Way” is not for sale, it belongs to us.

        Likewise, you can rest assured England will not be attempting it (they can’t play like us anyway – too much sp*d influence in the team).

    • desigunner says:

      Over the years I’ve seen so much criticism of Arsenal/Arsene as being anti-England or a problem for English football that this England issue automatically becomes an Arsenal issue.

      I’m not suggesting English football is rubbish but they aren’t anywhere near the top at world level. Can you mention England in the same breath as Brazil, Germany, or others in the context of consistent performance in big tournaments?

      Nobody is obliged to do it the Arsenal way, still many are looking to emulate us.

      The main point of this article is that English football needs a serious rethink and Arsenal are a proven model in front of them. It can begin by respecting the Arsenal way.

      • Blackstock says:

        Sure, i’ve seen the criticism as well. A lack of trophies for a few years will always bring out that kind of the attention from the media. It doesn’t bother me though, I think it’s a healthy thing to have enemies. Notice how the clubs everyone “likes” or pretends to like are clubs that hardly ever pose a threat. Everyone loves Fulham lately but really they’re just patronising them for punching above their weight. Everyone loves Portsmouth but would want to be a Portsmouth fan? I don’t want people to like us, I want them to hate us for being so good.

        I think that as a club, we do actually have a lot of respect in the football world though, but for the fact that a lot of it goes unspoken whereas the negative views are often amplified.

        As for other clubs “looking to emulate us”, to be honest I don’t quite see anyone else who really has the balls to do what Wenger does. What he’s done is risky and still is yet to pay off. I reckon a lot of other managers secretly admire Wenger for his boldness and bravery, but are just a bit to pragmatic to follow his ethos. That’s fine with me.

        English football has needed a serious rethink from before I was even born, Capello is just the latest challenger in line to fall victim to it. Personally I don’t know what the answer is, but it doesn’t seem right to base an international set-up off a club one.

        I don’t want this England shambles going anywhere near my beloved Arsenal!

      • desigunner says:

        Your observations are spot on.

        I don’t want Arsenal to be patronized or appreciated by everyone. What really gets me is criticism that justifies violence and anti-football while demeaning Arsenal.

        Some other managers and chairmen have talked of Emulating Arsenal but you’re right, it’s a long, hard road and will need a great deal of courage and ability to walk.

        Club football is the money spinner so it will always be there. I can’t see how we can de-link it with the National set-up.

        I wouldn’t mind if Arsenal were left alone and away from the England shambles but surely it’s not right to criticize Arsene and Arsenal for these problems. If there are those who go the negative way, there will always be those, like me, who’ll talk the positive way.

  9. shakyArsene says:

    Look a few more english players in Arsenal would not hurt, they are tougher than our French players, it’s just finding the right balance. When we go down we need some (like what Sol has done) to lift us up…That’s English.

    • desigunner says:

      I’m not saying Arsenal should not have any English players. Nor am I saying that there are no positives associated with English football.

      There are many issues that we need to improve on. I’ve done a whole series of season review articles where I’ve covered these issues.

      This particular article is about more respect and appreciation for Arsenal and Arsene from all pillars of English football including Media, Clubs, and Administration. It will eventually lead to improvement at all levels in England.

  10. makemeadiva says:

    Aren’t they introducing a rule to ensure the ratio of overseas players is more balanced to those from the UK?

    • the home grown ) so called ) are not home grown at all. They can still be foreign, but go through the academy

      It’s a joke

    • desigunner says:

      There is a homegrown rule but it’s quite complicated. Youngsters from other countries are counted home grown if they have been at a British academy for three years between the age of 16 and 21.

      Purely homegrown in very difficult in England because there is a distance limit on the players who can sign for an academy. I’m not sure of the details but it’s something like Arsenal can’t sign kids who live more than 90 mins of driving distance from the club.

      And the young English players are over hyped and very expensive so it doesn’t make any sense for clubs to risk signing many of them. That’s the reason most managers are looking abroad, even those who pretend to be hard core English.

    • critic says:

      that means english fa is joke n they need wenger type person with vision….as desi said…

  11. sy4 says:

    The issue is with the FA not Arsene as they have done sweet F to develop football
    Arsene works for Arsenal and does a fantastic job

    • Correction. We works for the corporate identity, not the football club

      • sy4 says:

        football has always been a business as i am sure Pat Jennings never paid subs to play for AFC. Its a big business now. Wenger works for AFC the club and the business to ensure they are still around in years to come and compete at the top level. He has invested in players, training, scout network, facilities and ensures we play great football.
        The FA have spent over 50 million on manager wages and settlements of late and give jobs to the boys. The issue is there not with Wenger who has driven the EPL forward.
        Ask the FA about the delay in the training base in Burton!!

  12. well said ShakyArsene, especially defenders

  13. jaygooner says:

    Blimey whingeing about five years without a trophy? If you want a trophy that badly go down to ASDA, they got replica world cup ones, Jeeze never heard such nonsense. Concentrate, The Mighty Arsenal are the most solvent club in Britain, possibly Europe, depending on accounting rules. The great days are coming, this superb team is on the verge, I started following this great club in 1967, they were a nothing team at the time, but the potential was there, I kept the faith then,the team went on to win the Fairs cup in 1970 and the gorious double in 1971, OOOOOH TO BE A GOOONER

    • that’s good news if it was a non profit entity. Now they are privately owned and profit making entities,and the money is not put back into the club/ Solvency means nothing if it’s not your club anymore, and you don’t see the benefit of the solvency

      Buy young players low price, sell them in a couple of years at a profit! See how it works. It’s a feeder club and this is how the board makes it’s money

  14. benny says:

    england deserved to go home.I think that Capello payd the price for leaving Theo Walcott home. Droping good players like him and Bent was his biggest mistake. Im preety sure that If Ballack was in today’s match we wouldnt see German side as winners. Khedira was better than Ballack, quite enough to organise game with young Ozil. England must look in new generations. Forget Gerard, Lampard, Heskey,crouch.

    • desigunner says:

      Interesting point. Missing Ballack is a blessing in disguise for Germany. Khedira has been a revelation.

  15. Merty says:

    I agree with Benny. Too much “old guard” in the current english team and not enough creativity / risk taking. How many times is Gerard going to launch a shot from out on the left hoping beyond hope it goes into the net? Try taking someone on, getting in behind, and then making a dangerous cross against the grain. That is what the Ghanaians did against Germany, and they almost won the game. Crap even the Ghanaians put up a much better fight against Germany. Maybe they are better than I thought.


  16. Devoo says:

    The problem is that enough english players move abroad to play competitive football they would rather slump to the championship where the quality of football is poor. If you look at the top nations they have players playing in most leagues.

    • desigunner says:

      That’s a fair point. Many South American players go abroad and look how well they are doing.

      The questions is, are the English players good enough to make it in other leagues? Some definitely are, but I think England needs a much larger proportion of such players. And for that the youth set-up has to be improved.

  17. Devoo says:

    I also honestly believe that it’s time to start playing the youngsters early and get them gelling. The likes of rooney, young, agbonglahor, wilshire, walcott, lennon, hart, gibbs, rodwell etc. use the euros and a stepping stone for these and i believe well have the technical skills and pace to compete in the next world cup.

  18. Goonergaz says:

    England failed because they are technically piss poor and at domestic level they are allowed to kick technically superior players to stop them.Not only is this not allowed at world level but is really a form of cheating which allows thugs to be in the game holding back the skillfull players.Remove the thugs endorse skill and train kids to play the right way…………….simples.GOD BLESS ARSENE>

    • heheh, just what i started with. i’m looking at the replay right now and i’m wondering again: does rooney have ankles?
      yup, there are many teams with higher average levels of individual technique than england. but then, there is more in football than mereley tricks with the ball. and what you brits seem to forget – understandably, with the disappointment still fresh – is that many people around the world admire your team’s attitude.
      today they have lost, but lost fighting to the end, like real sportsmen.

  19. potter says:

    If the larger English clubs were able to attract young English players from across the country, Mr B’stard would have a point. However they can only take on youngsters who live within a 90 minute radius of the club. This puts London clubs at a major disadvantage due to the travelling times in the south. Add to this a question of just how many English players are there regularly in the top ten teams, the lack of talent is there for all to see because the so called best of them capitulated to Germany today.

    • plenty of talent within that 90 min travel time. What’s the London population? It’s huge

      • up my bum says:

        Is that including traffic? And what car? Most
        stupid rule ever. It should be an area around a club that includes x population, so a densely populated area would have a smaller circle than a rural area.
        I think its all bollocks of course.
        We need to spend money on coaching kids. And stop playing netball and rounders at school. If you ever see kids play, they all tend to run after the ball, just the beginning of an Englishman footballing ego.
        They also need to play on small pitches like the dutch, big pitches is how the whole long ball culture starts, as kids can’t run the length of the pitch, so the best kickers seem to be encouraged.
        On a side note, it would be good if they were encouraged to study further education, as compared to almost all other countries, our players are fucking idiots, intelligence is needed to play intelligent football.

  20. ak47 says:

    first up, blackstock i sympathise entirely, but i wouldnt mind if other teams did adopt the arsenal way. the league would be better for it in all aspects.
    alan an shaky R U SERIOUS!!!!!!. cant bE. their havin a laugh tryin2 wind us up!!!
    first off al, im guessing ur one of those blokes who moan his tits off about foreigners takin our jobs, unbeknown to the fact that your ancestry is probably from eastern europe, while your there singing about saving the queens life while the death toll in iraq jus hit 300. the facts r… without foreigners not only would the economy collapse, but the epl would be a load of untechnical shite. how many times hav we heard about an english spine? well according to the dumb pundits, TERRY- THE TOUR SELLING, GIRLFRIEND SHAGGING, DRESSING ROOM POWER GRABBING EX EL CAPITANO, found it hard playing out of position!
    now, i hold him totally responsible 4the first two goals. defending aint rocket science. we harp on about z zidane an messy like their superhuman. wel to me if uve done nowt but kick a ball since a boy, shouldnt they be as technically gifted? wel 2day has finally shown english football for what it is. overrated hype. has england players in a 442 system never played against 5 in midfield? terry was all over the shop. did anyone see the slowmo of his MERMAID impression against slovenia?!! lol. GERRARD was back in the playground for me, the selFISH ball hogging glory hunter. someone tell him theres no i in team. best player at POOL was he? so explain what happened after xavi left? now this is only a theory but isnt rooney part irish? now if i were part irish an learnt about the irish tatoe famine that saw 1mil irish ppl die as eng looked on from their crystal palaces, (LITERALLY) partying like akon at a under 18s bash. i dont think id be busting a gut for england!quick to hav a pop at hardgrafters who hav saved up 4 yrs planning to go to the world corrupt cup.(who chooses the refs by th way?do u get the nod if url make outrageous decisions?) watch his face when theyre singing the non-national athem. not a peep. and yes many others choose not to sing but he has a real reason wouldnt you say? and where were harry an willz by the way?
    another pundit numpty said eng hasnt got a oezil type playr! really? so whats joe cole’s job then? then they make an issue bout bringing heskey on tryin to shift the blame on to capellos tactics! the game was over a long time ago befor that point. if they couldnt see eng being embarrassed their thick. capello probably thought about puttin joe hart in midfield coz he knew it would matter. as a proven manager he did the best he could given the tools he was given. id quit if i were him. looks like terry’s power grab worked doesnt it…. an shaky, the french hav the best record for wars theyve fought in. suggesting that we need more english player coz ther tougher is basically jus silly. do i have to quote david an goliath? really!! if evolution is to be believed then did we become the most dominant species cos were tough!!!?

  21. ak47 says:

    thats englands problem not only in footie but society. they rarely think out side the box. or for themselves.

  22. Robin says:

    I´m writing from Iceland. I have to say to English people. Open your eyes ! England is never going to win World cup again if you continue like you have been !
    You need tactical change that will take years to develop. Training of young players in England is poor. Even Icelandic players and managers in England talk about this in the Icelandic media. (yes we have had few managers working in England)

    Even Icelandic gras-root is better trained then you lot. Getting Wenger and his kind to take over would be the best that could happen for England. U need patience but result will come.

    It will not come if you continu like this. But knowing you will not listen….see you next World Cup when the Germans and Argentinians of this world will take you out again and again.

  23. Ole Gunner says:

    Hi Alan, you’re right that foreign players and Wenger are the problem. They caused our poor performances in ’70, ’74, ’78, 82, 86, 90, 94, 98, 02, and 06.

    England’s problem has been the same for my entire lifetime.

    The game left us behind a long time ago. Football is about technique technique technique. Not about grit, aggression and all that crap you hear from Alan Green, Andy gray, Alan Hansen and the other morons.

    I’ve been saying it a few years that the fact that everyone says Arsenal play the best football but doesn’t win shows there’s a serious structural problem with English football.

    England can win the World Cup in 2026. It’ll take a new generation of footballers who’ve been imbued with technique, the right mentality (don’t break players’ tibia and fibula), and haven’t been overhyped.

    The reality is that England is just about the 8th best National team in the World. That’s why we usually crash out in the quarter finals.

    If Holland or Spain won the World Cup, they’d automatically have much much more pedigree than we have.

    • I personally couldn’t give a monkey’s about the WC. While live games were on, I was wastching the Wallabies play Ireland and England

      I care only for the EPL, and La De Da beautiful football such as Wenger’s I have seen fail, all the youngsters, too many of them, many foreign who can’t handle the rough stuff. I know peole have said they would prefer another style, but we must play the game to beat the other big clubs

      It’s all very well some people wanting Arsenal to be the Harlem globetrotters of football, but it’s not working. barca play the same game and that shat on us

      How do you expect to get all teams to change their style in the EPL? They play the way they play

      • Ole Gunner says:

        Yes…….it’s failed so much that Wenger’s still the 2nd most successful manager to work in England in the Premier League era.

        You’re blinded by all your xenophobic nonsense.

      • sy4 says:

        What team did we have available to us and what finances did we have available due to housing market etc. Lets see how AFC do this season. Invincible season was not long ago and we played well and won. still the same manager.

  24. The likes of Shawcross (spelling) would not even get in the New Zealand team in World Cup.

    Yet you praise and protect a leg braking thug for being strong and physical. And for what ?!! For possibly ending the most promising technical British players carear.

    U lot simply don´t get it. U rather hate foreign guy´s like Wenger and stand still. In my book that is simply hidden racism.

    • Listen you clown! An English kid lives with the understandible expectation of playing for his club

      How can it be racism when the English kids are black as well as white.

      What a wanker! Are you trevor Phillips?

  25. Vision says:

    England. Learn ! LEARN ! GRASSROOT IS THE KEY WORD !

  26. Tris says:

    Arsenal need Eduardo dos Reis Carvalho from Sporting Clube de Braga, the goalkeeper in the current Portugese world cup team. He’s amazingly adept – great at crosses, one-on-ones, penalty shootouts, and commands presence in the box – a far cry from what we currently have at goal. I’m sure he will do well for us.

    Vincent Enyeama, albeit impressive, will have to be involved in African Cup of Nations. Goalkeeping is one position you want to have your No. 1 there consistently throughout the season.

    Mark Schwarzer and Rob Green are too inconsistent. I honestly think they’re at the same level as Manuel Almunia and not a big step up for us in terms of quality.

    Bring in Eduardo dos Reis Carvalho please.

  27. No Africans for the reason you state, Tris. Short of getting Drogba, which Wenger could have before he came to London, we don’t need Africans away at the ACN

  28. now enough about the past 😀 i.e. england; let’s concentrate on the future: http://texttrade.wordpress.com/2010/06/28/hatred-post-about-maradona/

  29. critic says:

    franz beckenbauer hit the nail on the head when he said “english are gone back to old ways of KICK N RUSH football” actually they were never out of it….EPL is the proof of it…..every team except for some 2-4 teams follow same tactics of kick n rush which deluded persons call physical…lol ON english football…LOL….and it’s not the fault of arsene wenger….

  30. […] England Need Arsene As “Minister Of Football” Germany have clinically decimated, dismantled and despatched a hapless English side that was hyped up as potential […] […]

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