Van Persie Assists, Bendtner Scores, Song Eliminated

Arsenal players put in good performances at the World Cup today. Van Persie picked up an assist, Bendtner scored a nice goal and should have had an assist (don’t know why he isn’t credited with one) and Song worked hard in midfield and deserved more from the game.

The day started with Holland taking on Japan. I was hoping for an Argentina like mesmerising display from the Dutch but they continue to do it the hard way. Japan deserve credit for their hard work and defensive organization that was only broken when the keeper couldn’t keep out a Sneijder thunderbolt.

The Netherlands weren’t very impressive even though they had all the possession, over 70% at one point in the first half. Even at the end after Japan came out and tried to score they ended with two thirds of the ball. Unlike Spain, who couldn’t break the Swiss down, the Dutch team failed to create many chances. The Spaniards at least got in behind on occasions and even hit the bar but the Oranje looked toothless in the first half.

They are obviously missing the pace and skills of Robben but the others have been quite disappointing. What can you say when the keeper completes more passes or a central defender covers more ground than Sneijder and Van der Vaart!?

The Dutch attackers’ off the ball movement was poor and work rate was woeful and it actually made life easy for the Japanese defence. If the keeper had done his job the Dutch would have found it very difficult to score.

Japan did well when they were forced to come out but didn’t have the composure in front of goal. The Dutch defence was all over the place and at least in that they did emulate the Argentineans!

Is this the sign that luck will finally favour the Oranje?

Some fans want us to sign Van der Vaart but based on his last two outings I’m not sure he can perform consistently at a top club in the Premiership.

In the second game, Ghana failed to win against 10 men of Australia. The Socceroos took an early lead and were looking good for an upset. It all changed when Kewell was sent off for handling the ball on the line. Gyan converted the resulting penalty but Ghana couldn’t make the man advantage count. Australia deserve credit for a much improved performance but it looks to be too little too late.

There was some criticism of the referee for showing Kewell the red card but I don’t see any sense in that. Players with such experience should not have their arms spread out while standing on the line. If you don’t give a red card for that then red cards should not be given for denying any goal scoring opportunity.

In the final game Bendtner’s Denmark took on Song’s Cameroon in a crunch game. The indomitable lions got off to a good start when Christian Poulsen gifted them a goal with a sloppy pass in the defensive third.

Denmark were struggling to create and Cameroon dominated the midfield comfortably. It changed in the 33rd minute when a brilliant cross field ball from defence put Rommedahl n behind. He squared it and Bendtner showed fantastic technique to finish as the ball was bouncing and he was stretching to meet it.

The long ball that picked out Rommedahl was superb and Kjaer deserves credit for that and other good passes from defence. Even though he picked a booking and will miss the next game the youngster has been impressive. Not quite the finished article yet but good enough to play at the top clubs. He has all the talent to develop into one of the world’s best centre backs.

Denmark got the winner when Bendtner picked up the ball around the half way mark and found the run of Rommedahl. The veteran winger cut inside Makoun and placed it beautifully in the far corner with his supposedly weaker foot. He is one of those guys who make me wonder why he hasn’t played at top clubs on a regular basis. Walcott should study his videos, there is a lot the youngster can learn.

You could say that Assou-Ekotto was at fault for both goals as he was nowhere near the Danish winger.

Cameroon did try hard for the equalizer but their finishing let them down. Even Song had a pop from outside the box but the ball was always rising.

In a way I’m happy that Song will get some well deserved rest before the next season starts.

Overall it was a very exciting game but just like the US-Slovenia game the excitement was more because the football wasn’t very good. Denmark were uncharacteristically shoddy in defence and Cameroon didn’t play to their potential either.

Still, I’ve to say the quality of these games is getting much better than the mid-table or end of the table clashes in the Premier League. The quality of the outfield players has been good and some of the teams, like Japan today, have been a pleasant surprise.

I’m not really looking forward to tomorrow’s games as the Italian group isn’t very interesting. At least the last game of the day should be fun as Brazil take on Ivory Coast.

28 Responses to Van Persie Assists, Bendtner Scores, Song Eliminated

  1. Bendter is a comical Buffoon. Useless. Sooner he’s out of Arsenal the better

  2. Phil23 says:

    Alan doesn’t know what hes on about… Come on New Zealand! hahahahahaha Watch out for super sup Chris Wood to come on and score a wonder goal!

  3. rick says:

    Van de vaart isnt playing on his normal position, he should play like sneijder in the center of the am. but when you have sneijder… i still think we should buy van der vaart though, if fabregas leaves that is 🙂

  4. chengiskhan says:

    One thing that’s clear is that when dominant possession teams like the Dutch and the Spanish (and Arsenal) play against teams who park the bus, it is critical to have a player who can run at defenders and beat them off the dribble. This pulls defenders out of position and breaks apart the defensive organization, similar to basketball. This is why Messi is so important to Barcelona and Robben is so important to the Dutch. So far the Dutch have been pretty lucky and Spain have lacked a cutting edge. BTW, this is also why England are hopeless (besides the fact they have no natural playmaker).

    • desigunner says:

      Good point about the dribbler. I’ve thought about that quite often. Walcott can provide us with some pace but a good, natural dribbler would certainly help. Not many around, that’s the problem.

      • supasam8 says:

        i personally think sammy will be our man in the coming years. his dribbles are already mesmerizing, excellent in possession, and has shown he can really beat a man.

        if he works hard in progressing i’m sure he’ll be skinning defenders like it’s common place stuff.

      • supasam8 says:

        i guess when i say that i should mention i think he’ll be doing it for us from all areas of the pitch, not just the wings.

  5. goonergerry says:

    Bendtner scored a good goal-sorry Alan but even when carrying an injury he has far more idea playing in these conditions than any of the England forwards.
    Van Persie and Van der Vaart seem very similar players to me-neither striker or midfielder-the Dutch need more penetration at the front. I agree that the Dutch have been lucky so far-especially against the Danes.
    Feel sorry for Song-having Le Guen as a coach-second only to Domenech in the idiot coach stakes. Is there something about French coaches that when their ideas- don’t work-they seem unable to modify them?

    • desigunner says:

      I’m not sure Domenech has any ideas at all! In the first game the commentator got it right when he said Domenech looks like a stressed out inspector Clouseau!

      Le Guen has had problems everywhere he has been. Given the characters in the France squad one would be tempted to believe something’s the matter with French footballers and managers!

      • supasam8 says:

        i think it’s a combination. the man is a complete buffoon

        he didn’t even bat an eye or hesitate to exclude samir nasri, karim benzema, and hatem ben arfa

        that’s three supreme talents, 3 worldly options. at least 2 who are immense in france. i don’t need to tell you samir is a god in marseille and karim likewise in lyon. and that’s not to mention the 3 won the under-21 gold together!

        then you have gallas.. you can’t talk this guy up after his actions, he’s a spoiled brat. well they had a terrible year, but a deserved one

  6. jeff96 says:

    Bedtner is a good footballer :] wont find too many 21 yr olds who have as many pl goals/ assists as him :]

  7. SomeRandomGunner says:

    Bendtner was great yesterday always making the right runs and winning lots of aerial balls. His assist for the second goal was great , better than the goal itself. And made few notable passes which could have been goals. Only his touch is heavy , but that is the case with all Danish players.

  8. Bendtner misses so many sitters for Arsenal it’s a disgrace. He occasionally has a good gave….occasionally

  9. Gooner from Sydney says:

    That’s not the only reasons us Aussies are pissed of, were pissed because cahill got a red card for a nothing tackle in the first one, a ghanian studs up from behind one of ours this match and only gets a yellow, and fyi, kewells arms were by his side, hence it’s not a penalty, look at the replays and u can clearly see it hits the shoulder which was by his side

    • desigunner says:

      Agree about the Cahill red card, I wrote about it after that game. Regd Kewell, I would have given the red because his arm was out. If you watch Clichy and other Arsenal players they keep their arms straight down or even behind their backs if the ball is coming at them when they are on the line. The contact was close to the shoulder so it seems like it’s near the body but the way he put his arms I don’t think the ref had a choice.

  10. Could the referee be afraid for some reason. A self preservation thing looking at the crowd, as he saw it

    Or was he just wrong in judgement?

    The Aussies did well considering. Why Kennedy wasn’t playing in the first game I’ll never know

    I wish an English club would look at Kennedy. Six feet five and a half and willing to have a go and doesn’t suffer “white line fever” like Bendtner

  11. thatguy says:

    bendtner had a great game. been on good form recently

  12. IMRAN says:

    Hey guys

    Was an awesome day for an Arsenal fan. The group was always going to be a treat for us Gooners.

    I’m from South Africa and have a major dilemma. Who do I support? Its obvious that I have to support the host team, but we shit. Then again I also support France and they playing just as shit! Awesome quad but no unity. IMO all due to Domonic. Holland has RVP, but I don’t like their style of play.

    I like the Germans but there’s no Gunners in the team (yet).

    So the ultimate question is- can an Arsenal supporter be a supporter of any national team other than his own? Or do we just keep watching our beloved boys play what master Wenger has tought them.


    • desigunner says:

      Personally, I like Spain and Argentina the most and then the Dutch, although they have been quite disappointing in the last two games. Just go with your feelings, you don’t need to justify who you support or don’t support.

  13. Support your own nation. Be proud of it. You have a great rugby history too

    I’m Australian. We aren’t strong team either. But I still support them

  14. […] Van Persie Assists, Bendtner Scores, Song Eliminated Arsenal players put in good performances at the World Cup today. Van Persie picked up an assist, Bendtner scored a nice […] […]

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