Anyone Really Looking Forward To The Champions League Final?

I consider myself a die-hard football fan, yet I’m not sure if I want to take time out for this Champions League final. In my book it’s the most important game on the planet and at the moment I don’t feel any excitement or have any hopes that it will be a spectacle.

If you’ve been reading this blog on a regular basis you know my opinion about the Dark Lord and his tactics. Inter don’t really deserve to be in the final and only a couple of horrible refereeing decisions against Chelsea and a fairly legit goal that was disallowed against Barca have seen them to Madrid.

Of course they have worked really hard and have shown unbelievable discipline but those are admirable qualities in Burnley or Portsmouth and their European counterparts. A team playing in the Champions League final should not be known for these attributes and tactics that look good only due to the incompetence of the refs!

I realize some fans adore a winner without regard to the Machiavellian foundations (It might actually be a fascinating research topic for a psychological study). I can respect that opinion but can’t really care about it.

You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that I’ll be supporting the Germans. Bayern have actually played some beautiful football all through the tournament. They are the joint leading scorers and some of their play has been breathtaking, especially the annihilation of the Old Lady in Turin. The comebacks against United showed they had a steely resolve and could dig deep if needed. After all, how many teams in the recent past have actually conceded leads to United and then gone past them!?

The only worry for Van Gaal would be that coming back against Inter will be ten times harder and his defence has been leaking all through the tournament. If the Italians do score early then we all know that two thirds of the pitch will be redundant. You might say that will be the case anyway and I wouldn’t argue with that!

The only hope I have is that Bayern score one early. Won’t be easy but if luck does balance out then Inter deserve to concede a stupid goal or via a ref blunder. If the Germans do get one then we will actually get a football match rather than a defence vs. attack training session.

It’s funny in a sad sort of a way that such an event can be so predictable! Perhaps, that’s what kills the joy and beauty of the game.  There isn’t much to look forward to.

To be honest, I know I don’t want to watch it and will regret it if I do, but I’ll watch it anyway. To Football… In good games and bad!

(And a warm welcome to Marouane Chamakh. I’ve already rejoiced at his signing a while ago, so the official announcement seems just like a formality. What was I saying about predictability… scratches head, hits publish, falls asleep.)

17 Responses to Anyone Really Looking Forward To The Champions League Final?

  1. yash vaidya says:

    honestly i feel the same…no excitement whatsoever…i thought i must b the only guy thinkin this way but there jus seems to be no interest in general…not even on the net !!
    jus shows the the english premier league is the best and most watched league…another reason for fab to stay put !!

  2. Nischit says:

    Yup. I’m still gonna end up watching it anyway. One, I have nothing better to do tomorrow. Two, I’ll be hoping mourinho doesn’t become the third manager ever to win the european cup with 2 different clubs. Three, I wanna see what all the hype about bayern is all about. I’ve been too busy to watch any of the other european matches, so I’m kinda looking forward to this one.

  3. legs says:

    im goin to watch it inter to win and cardiff to go to the prem then of to the big weekend on sunday

  4. shakyArsene says:

    I fucking hate Barcelona so much, knocking them out was the highlight of the CL this year for me.

  5. Nischit says:

    btw, the latest from the crazy season. Thierry to west ham…

    • desigunner says:

      That’s an audacious bid. I’m not sure Henry will be interested in returning to the Premier League at a struggling club. Would depend on the offer from the MLS I guess.

  6. Arch says:

    Mourinho n his men totally deserve the finals …

    its not possible he can buy all d refs in all d matches …=D
    that bloody tactician needs no proof , he’s proved again and again with a secondary porto side , awsum chelsea players and now with a standard Inter side …

    u can run but u can’t hide from the fact that he’s one of the greatest… n he’s d Special 1.. ;D

    • desigunner says:

      I don’t deny that the Dark Lord is special. He is a genius but an evil one.

      He couldn’t entertain even after spending 250 million pounds and got sacked because of that and a failure to win the Champions League.

  7. GoonLover says:

    Mourinho !! I’ll watch the match for him.
    I love his audacity.
    Call him the dark lord if you will. But he wins and doesn’t give in to patzers like you know nothing about football compared to him. And your only concern is being “entertained” !! If you had it your way the players, you’d probably have the players wear Clown costume with a nice hat and a long nose.
    The priority for Porto,Chelsea and Inter fans was always different, and that is why they win while we sulk and sing ” In Arsene , we trust “.Time we changed priorities too.

    • desigunner says:

      No I don’t need the players to wear a clown costume, I get a few jokers here every once in a while and that is entertainment enough!

  8. david p says:

    Excuse me pal! Bayern only went through with fiorentina and bayern on away goals! AND with the italians that was achieved with a shocking offside goal by klose and a disputely disallowed goal for the viola in florence. Inter had a man wrongly sent off against barca and put on a magnificent defensive display to deny those cheating catalans. Come on inter and our manager has given bayern the kiss of death by predicting their victory. Our manager who knows how to win the big games. I think not!

    • desigunner says:

      Fair point about the Klose goal but I didn’t mention the off side goal by Inter either.

      The red card was not incorrect otherwise it would have been overturned. Busquets made a meal of it but it was a foul.

      I’m worried about that kiss of death. It could push the Dark Lord over the line.

  9. Raghugovind says:

    I will definitely watch it . I like the way Inter defend and being a Gooner I know the importance of defence. If only AW could buy someone like a Lucio . It would gr8 .:-)

    • Ajinkya says:

      even samuel is superb and zanetti and maicon.

      • desigunner says:

        I doubt if Samuel or Lucio would be successful at a club like Arsenal. We play a really high line and Samuel was hopeless at Real when they played that way. These guys are brilliant when the team sits deep and plays a narrow defence.

  10. Ajinkya says:

    Whatever the topic is, Cesc is not leaving. It is something that we have cooked up ourselves I believe.

  11. crc says:

    me too Ajinkya, so cesc can focus on the WC.

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