Blackburn Goals: Analysis Using Snapshots

Too many people are having a go at Fabianski. It’s become a fashion of sorts to blame the keeper for every goal. The facts do tell a different story and we can see this from the snapshots of the goals we conceded at Blackburn.

First Goal

Let me first get the foul out of the way. Look carefully at what Samba does. In this image we can clearly see Fabianski is going for the ball and Samba has his left arm down.

Then as the ball gets closer and the keeper is about to jump, Samba backs into him. Even superman would struggle to take off with such a brute backing into him.

Then he raises his left arm impeding the jump and thereby reducing the power Fabianski got on the punch. Look at how high his left arm is. The sole purpose is obstructing the keeper.

It is ridiculous that teams can get away with such a blatant foul. Look at the position of the referee, in the image we can see him between Nasri on the post and Van Persie. The ref has a clear view yet fails to call a foul. Beyond a point you really have to question the integrity of these officials. If moronic Arsenal fans can have so much hatred against the team and the manager then how can we be sure some referee isn’t xenophobic or bent?

The bigger problem for me however was with our defending. Even though the foul should have been called, let’s assume for a minute that the keeper made a mistake. The defence should help him out. Let’s see the positions of our defenders,

As the ball falls to a Blackburn player, another is completely unmarked on the right. When the ball is passed to him, we see a farcical sequence of events.

In the above image, the ball is on the right and the player is about to cross. The man at the back post, Nasri, rushes out but does not keep an eye on Dunn in front of him.  Instead, he is watching the ball. Sol Campbell rushes towards the player about to cross.

Just look at this image and tell me how the ball goes from the right to the left across 7 Arsenal players!!! It’s shocking. Not a single player looks over his shoulder to see where the opponents are. Two Blackburn players are completely free and I’m not counting the one at the far end or on the edge of the box. Also worthwhile to note that Fabianski has gotten up and taken up a good position to cover the near post.

First the ball goes between the legs of Sol. I love his commitment and he is a fantastic player but a central defender has to do much better than that. Wonder why the critics of Fabianski don’t notice these details!?

Then the ball zips past Traore who is rooted to his spot. If he had been on his toes he could have blocked the cross or deflected it for a corner.

As we see in the next image, Van Persie was about to clear the ball but Roberts gets a crucial touch and deflects it past the Dutchman.

In the end it’s a simple tap in for Dunn. Nasri has moved from the back post to the six yard line but has no clue where Dunn is or of the threat posed by a man free at the back post.

Second Goal

There isn’t much in the second goal except a very clever rugby tactic.

This is the position just before the corner is taken. Note that Fabianski is a yard outside his line and Eboue, Campbell and Sagna are marking Dunn, Samba and Roberts.

Strangely enough, Eboue leaves his man and gets in front of him. This allows Dunn and Samba to double team Campbell and push him back onto the keeper. Have a look at Samba’s right arm shoving Campbell in the chest.

Samba and Dunn do a job on big Sol.

Sol is a giant but he can’t take on Samba and Dunn in a Rugby Scrum. Fabianski is pushed back a yard and that’s the small difference between a clean punch and a flap.

This is a clear foul and the ref and his assistants should be ashamed for letting it go. Quite how the keeper could have changed anything within a matter of seconds is beyond me.


The first goal was a freak goal just as the Birmingham equalizer was. But we have a tendency of conceding such goals more often than the other big teams simply because we get into a mess more often. It’s a simple percentage game.

It’s easy to make claims like the keeper should have a presence and stuff like that. What can the keeper do when the opposition is systematically using Rugby tactics with the knowledge that if they do it often enough, the ref will eventually allow a few to go unpunished?!

I don’t know if it’s funny or sad when people say Lehmann would never have allowed that. It’s easy to forget that the Arsenal first team with stars like Vieira and Lehmann struggled against the northern thugs and often lost. This lightweight team has been doing much better in such encounters!

Of course we have problems, as is evident from the collective defensive failure that we saw for the first goal. But if you just want to assume that a change of keeper can solve these issues then I’m afraid you don’t have a clue.

We must work on our defensive issues, primarily, organization and awareness. Even our stars like Campbell, Song and Vermaelen have been guilty of such lapses and we cannot have realistic title hopes unless we eliminate these issues.

53 Responses to Blackburn Goals: Analysis Using Snapshots

  1. dizzy says:

    great work, well done

  2. Bigtime props going out to you Desi.

    Very nicely put.

  3. chengiskhan says:

    Thanks for an actual analysis, not an impulsive “Fabianski Out!” kneejerk reaction. Most people aren’t willing to think through problems and instead want quick easy fixes. Thanks for a refreshing take on an issue that has been getting very stale.

  4. Zorr0 says:

    Good work and nicely put together, let’s hope Atkinson has a look at it!

  5. cesc says:

    seriously mate, you are a loser for doing this.

    I am an arsenal fan, I love arsenal but stop looking for excuses. Sometimes decisions go against you, big deal. Dissecting dubious fouls like this just covers up the real problems.

    Never mind the goals, once again we were awful. We have played good football only one time since christmas, vs porto.

    The team has no bottle or desire, the manager has no clue (otherwise he wouldnt employ silvestre or fabianski)

    and the so called fans.

    god help us with fans like you on our side.

    “lets all just bury our heads and say its all ok when we have won 1 game in 8, and 0 trophies in 6 years.”

    No wonder wenger feels no pressure to spend his bonus.

    • Nischit says:

      He isn’t making excuses. He analysed the situation so intelligently, it probably went over your thick head. If you take off your “Fabianski, Wenger, etc etc out” glasses and look at what he’s saying objectively, you’d probably get his point. Then again, In a world where everyone would rather drink amazon berry juice to lose weight than go for a walk/run, It isn’t surprising to see the reactions of some gooners.
      “lets just all bury our heads and say its all ok when we are ‘x’ million pounds in debt and on the verge of financial disaster”

      Excellent anaylsis desi. You should probably forward this AW just in case. Its really shocking how some players cant seem to look over their shoulders, and its not just at arsenal that they do this. It also must be said that although Fabianski lacks “presence”, If Sol couldn’t push samba out of the way, I dont see how fabianski could without committing a foul. Lehmann was the other end. He had too much presence and ending up conceding a pen ( I only remember the one at WHL! Shocking!! ). I’m glad AW has been talking about improving our defensive focus, and at this point , our problems are so basic that we don’t really need a defensive coach. Just some guy standing around the training sessions yelling at the players to look over their shoulders, to be aware of runners and more importantly, TRACK THEM!! I must say however that without cesc, vermaelen and gallas, this team gives up too easily.

  6. SFOGooner says:

    Good Analysis. Keep it up. Tough to say much except that we need a defensive coach.

  7. mr_rossi says:

    good analysis but i still say get him out, this is not the first time he has flapped and cost us dearly, yes alot of other players did not turn up yesterday either but u have to be strong from the back line, almunia and fabianski are not good enough to play for any top 4 team (whoever that is nowadays) and i even believe there are better goalies in the championship, they are brilliant shot stoppers but they do not have the presence, bravery or strength of caractor, you dont see them talk to the back four or even have a go at the back four now and then just like seaman and lehman would do, they are prob the best 5 aside goalies around and prob great in training but put them in a tense match situation then you can see the fear in their eyes they just dont want it, there may have been slight small infringments from the blackburn players but do u know why they did it? its because they knew it would work when that 2nd goal went in fabianski looked like a little schoolboy in goal sitting on the floor looking for some sort of sympathy. if this was the first time he fucked up id say give him a chance but im afraid ive said that 3 or 4 times this season so for me his time is up and so too is almunia’s

  8. MistaKen says:

    Should we not have scored more goals?

    • desigunner says:

      Ideally we should have, but I don’t think even the full strength United and Chelsea teams scored more than one at Ewood Park. Just some perspective.

  9. james says:

    you have good points about the fouling mate but a keeper should at least have an ounce of presence, command of his area and a mean streak in him, these are basic characteristics of any adequate keeper not just shot-stopping and our first 2 keepers are hopeless in this respect.

    Fabianski’s not the youngest or smallest of keepers but he has zero belief in himself and wenger has the audacity to defend him only for the said player to take a crap on him the next minute. This is what it has turned to and Wenger’s only messing with his legacy if he continues to trust the wrong people…

    • Nischit says:

      I really don’t understand what people expect AW to do. Come out in public and say that Fabianski is horrible and doesn’t deserve to play in a PL side, let alone arsenal? Or do you expect wenger to drop him, and freeze him out in case we lose out on the “trophy” we’re chasing?
      My reasoning is wenger has left him in there in the hope that he replicates his form in training and gains some confidence in the process. We look unlikely to lose third place.
      In my reckoning, wenger has bigger problems to deal with than fabianski right now. Like the squad not playing for the pride of the club and just strolling through the last 5 games of the season.

      • james says:

        he should do better than come out looking stupid saying fabianski is going to be great and we’ll all see, i mean thats just such a ridiculous thing to do when fabianski’s played stupidly in about half of the ‘3 billion games’ he’s played in and important points have been lost from poor keeping from his and almunia’s ilk.

        just like his observations last year after the man u loss when wenger said we were lacking numbers and he didn’t replace the ones we lost adequately (numbers-wise).

        truth is unlike most people who’ve become completely turned off by AW, i’ve taken a philosophical route to accepting what has happened.

        Arsene has carried us through an extreme period of financial stress in a way no one else would have and maintained a soccer style that still draws fans of offensive soccer.

        At the same time, the control given to him by the board has enabled his ‘madness’ in sticking to some things that almost ensure that we never win a championship again if he continues in his ways.

        There comes a time where a great manager has to realize that as great as he is, his ultimate plan requires tweaks if he is to be truly great (like Fergie did when he went on a massive clearout of the Djembas, Klebersons, Verons and eventually Van Nistelrooy and invested heavily in playing around Ronaldo).

        AW has so far decided that true greatness is not for him. He’s stuck with the wool over his own eyes even though a million things have shown him otherwise- vermalean’s signing showed what some level of experience can actually do for a team, song has shown how much phyisicality we require if we are to play to our best, every other championship winning team has shown that it is pretty much impossible to win with goalkeeping clowns.

        The question is will this dude ever change (even if its to alter your obsession just a teeny bit)? I personally have no idea and to an extent, I may stop caring, lets just hope people like Cesc, Vermalean, Song, RVP, ‘Sagna’, ‘Arsh’ and ‘Clichy” feel the same way.

    • schlacker says:

      You mean the same AW who has stuck to Song, Diaby and Bendnter when every one else called for their heads?
      AW who was lauged at on almost every Arsenal blog for signing a midget defender like Vermaelen?
      Hindsight is a good excuse to have when someone has such brittle faith as yours.

      Desi great analysis. I totally agree we have to improve our defensive work which we can improve. Our goalkeeper is not our main problem. I would have prefered if you had also highlighted some great saves Fabianski made during the game.
      Please keep up the good work to counter those knee-jerk reactions.

      • james says:

        and diaby and bendtner are currently world beaters, please…

        a goalkeeper is not our main problem…great saves Fabianski made- keepers are meant to make great saves, even the wolves and burnley keepers made great saves this year. our keepers have zero command of their area and their continuous flapping affects the defence in front of them. as a matter of fact, a number of our defenders have become edgy and error-prone because they’ve continuously had those clowns behind them.

    • desigunner says:

      I think you’ve simplified too many issues. Personally, I am absolutely convinced that we will have the same problems even if we have Buffon or Akinfeev or anyone else in goal. And I have a feeling Arsene understands this and is trying to sort the mess in front which is rather inexplicable given the fundamental nature of the mistakes.

      I’ve seen Van der Saar cost United dearly in two consecutive Champions League campaigns. I’ve also seen Cech make a ton of bloopers this year. Those teams are still at the top because they have much better organization in front of the keepers.

      There is an insane campaign against our keepers in the media and blogosphere and people have lost track of the actual details. Once you set your mind that the keeper is bad you can find a way to blame him for almost any goal. Doesn’t really work that way. The only reason I can see a change of keeper at Arsenal is because of the confidence issue which is a big deal due to such a high level of negative publicity.

  10. dan says:

    Once again excellent analysis Desi, but I take exception to your conclusion in part. Yes, the keeper is not entirely to blame, it’s the team, there are too many babies in the squad now. But Vieira and Lehmann never allowed anyone to push them around like this, ever, and if anyone tried it was confronted instantly. I think you’ve forgotten some things here.

    This team has been spineless for a good while now, there’s just no fight in this team.

    • desigunner says:

      The fact remains that we lost to the northern thugs quite often even with Vieira and Lehmann in the team. I remember Arsenal players losing their cool and Fat Sam and others making fun of us because of that. The supposedly lightweight team has been winning these encounters over the last couple of years and it has been a notable achievement.

      Football is not about confronting or fighting. It’s about winning. Lehmann, Vieira and Co struggled against the Thug Teams. The younger batch has a much better record. Lets not get overwhelmed by the poor form of a team that is virtually our reserve team.

      Yes we are having a bad run right now and there needs to be improvement. But if we move from that to questions about mentality and spine then we really need to check the facts.

      • dan says:

        Desi, I appreciate what you are trying to say, but I believe you’re argument to make a distinction between fighting and winning is irrelevant and futile, champions fight to win, this team does not, and by all appearances cannot. The contrast between the teams of 5-10 years ago and this team is indisputable and it’s in the trophy cabinet for all to see.

        Talented, flashy, technical and soft defines the current squad, and has, by the way, won zero, nada, nothing, and available evidence suggests we are not getting any closer.

        There are many reasons and you know them well why we are having a bad run of form: undersized, insufficient quality, under-experienced, squad too thin, it is known what our issues are.

        It is not acceptable to say ‘we are having a bad run of form’ and leave it at that when you know what needs to be done. To even conjure up the notion that our current players have a better record against so called thug teams than the champions of yesteryear is just another, and i apologize if this sounds harsh, but horribly misguided excuse to justify the existence of the sorry state of this squad.

        Not to be taken personally, views differ and I realize that, but in no way can I be convinced this current team has the physical tools and mental condition to be champions.

        In order to be champions in my view, significant alterations are required, we will see in the coming years what view prevails. The club management has been talking about titles and dominating europe, well that possibility remains as remote as when management started fobbing it off.

      • desigunner says:

        I don’t mind different views as long as you put them across in a coherent and respectful manner, just as you have done. In fact, I appreciate it so please feel free to voice your opinion.

        I think the single biggest issue is that when Abramovic came on the scene the goal posts shifted. The League has been completely different after that and it also shows in the European performances of English teams.

        Arsenal had significant handicaps during this period, finances being the primary one. An insane amount of injuries to top players in the past few years is also a major handicap.

        In spite of that Wenger has assembled a squad which is there or thereabouts. I’m not saying it’s perfect but it is certainly a good one and it’s extremely unfair to say that this squad is no match for previous teams.

        I can’t think of the invincibles achieving anything if 8 of the first team went missing. Just take out 8 first team players and see what’s left in that squad.

        My only argument is that we need to consider all the factors when we try to pass judgment. A lack of trophies is obvious but it’s a result of multiple factors and we should not just say this squad is no good.

        For 8 months we were competing at the top even without RvP or a striker for that matter. The last month has been a very bad run of form (it could also be mental form). If we simply bring in the last 4 seasons and generalize the argument then we lose all objectivity in the discussion because we increase the number of variables and the discussion then relies on simplifications, generalizations and vague assumptions.

        I feel just as bad as anyone when we end the season without any silverware but only a rational analysis can lead us to actual problems.

        I think Arsene knows the problems and he is trying to solve it in his own way. Most people can’t think beyond buying as the solution which is understandable but far too many teams have bought and failed so we do have to wonder if that’s the only solution or the right one. I think Wenger is trying a combination because he does buy one or two top players every year. So far he hasn’t got it right but he hasn’t done too bad either.

        Here’s hoping everything falls into place next year.

      • dan says:

        Cheers Desi, here’s to be better than advertised summer window.

  11. Phil23 says:

    a) Amazing analysis. I read every single article that comes up on Arsenal news everyday and this has overtaken Untold Arsenal as the best blog out there.
    b) I believe that Szczesny should be our number one next season with Almunia as back up. Fabianski and Mannone should go out on lone to Championship teams or a prem team if they can find one. Something that goes against Fab is that he seems to be too short to be a top class keeper. I honestly believe that the 6 ft 5 Szczesny would have got a fist onto the ball for the second goal. He is also not affected by low confidence like our first and second choice. That is why I believe Wenger is right when he says we don’t need a new keeper. Szczesny may concede a couple of goals that we don’t want him to but he will improve beyond measure and we really could develop one of the worlds best keepers in him. Almunia is a wonderful back up keeper and he owes Wenger his loyalty as that is what Wenger gave to him.

    • desigunner says:

      Have you seen Szczesny on a regular basis? I’ve not seen him and from whatever little I’ve seen he seems too frail and lightweight for the premier league. I get a feeling he needs a year or two in the Championship before he starts at Arsenal.

      • Nischit says:

        I haven’t seen him either, but I’ve a sneaky feeling he will be our No.1 next year. Every report I’ve heard rate him as dazzling, outstanding and unbelievably good.

        In the words of andy scott, bees manager
        “His performances suggest that he would not be out of place in the Championship or even the Premier League. It has reached the stage where when he lets in a goal we wonder why he hasn’t saved it”

        And here’s an impressive outtake on him. Although, I’m sure that we could compile a similar video on almunia/fabianski, remember that this is 1 season. Also, the opinions expressed mean more than the video itself

      • desigunner says:

        The video is mainly about shot-stopping so we really don’t know how he will do behind a defence that can’t deal with crosses and set-pieces.

        The reason I fear for him is that he could be pushed into the fire and get burnt and then many who big him up right now will start moaning that he’s another useless keeper. That pressure at such an age can crush him. I think that’s what happened to Senderos who was, and perhaps is, a phenomenal talent.

      • Nischit says:

        Hmm that is possible. We do need some quality defensive recruits and that includes a defensive coach. Preferably an italian trained in catenaccio, so that he can incorporate some of the “door bolting” into our players

  12. well, I’ve always said the Keeper can’t be the only goal defender.

  13. arvind says:

    good analysis my friend you have a lot of time on your hands!

    • desigunner says:

      This article actually took very little time because it’s for everyone to see and I didn’t have to put in any thought into the words as it’s pretty obvious.

  14. badabing says:

    do you really think jens would have let that go…? being jens he would have …i dunno done something crazy… almunia and flappy are too mild mannered and dont have the confidence…THAT is their probelem….period

    • desigunner says:

      question is why did the Arsenal first team regularly lose to the northern thugs when Lehmann was the keeper?

  15. Adm says:

    Where was silvestre? Why he did not guide any opponent player in the penalty box?? Is center back or centre forward??? I could kill him if i was wenger!!!!!!!!!

  16. Dhruv says:

    Nice Analysis there Desi.. very detailed.

    But a couple of things here.. why do you think teams like Blackburn employ this tactic against Arsenal and not the rest of the big four? Or even if they are applying these tactics against the other big four, why is it not as successful? I do agree with one point though, any other of the big teams and the player in Traore’s position would have got rid of that cross for a corner. I think you are being a but unfair to Sol. He is so close to the ball he has a fraction of a second to stick his leg out to block the cross. It happened to go through his legs. Basically a matter of inches he missed the ball by, hard to blame him. It is like blaming a keeper who comes out charging trying to make himself big and the ball goes through his legs. A bit unfair. Traore as mentioned earlier has no excuse ball watching as he has more time than Sol to react to the cross and does nothing.

    By you analysis, it is fair to say that maybe people are being harsh on Fabianski based on the Blackburn game. What about your analysis on him on a whole? The matches he has been a part of this season. Are you confident of him being first choice next season?

    The fact remain he is a weak link. That mug big Sam said so himself, we spotted the weak link and went after him. I also thought some of his distribution was quite poor.

    Great analysis though, going frame by frame. Always love an objective argument.

    • desigunner says:

      They use these tactics against everyone and don’t forget they got a draw against United and Chelsea teams that were close to full strength while Arsenal were not even at half strength.

      Campbell should have thrown his body for the block. That’s just my opinion.

      Interesting point about keeper coming out and ball going between the legs. I’ve often said Almunia has the best technique on a one on one and if you watch closely he rarely if ever concedes through his legs because of the technique. Those who do have poor technique. Lloris is a good example of this. People attribute such saves to luck but if you watch frame by frame and many different keepers you will see the importance of having the right technique.

      I think Fabianski has a confidence problem and I’m not sure it can be sorted out.

  17. Big Raddy says:

    Excellent analysis.

  18. Talia says:

    Yeah, but can you say the same about the home leg at Porto?

  19. winston says:

    The general perception amongst the teams from middle to lower down the order is that Arsenal’s Achilles heel is the goal keepers since Seaman retired.Lehman was the best since Seaman’s departure but he was prone to get ruffled by the roughing up tactics of teams like Blackburn.Our most successful years were when we had the best defence combined with an outstanding attacking forwards,the reason why many people started following Arsenal.Wenger is a very clever man and I am sure these facts will not have escaped him and yet he has done nothing to address this season after season.Is it vanity (and any one can succumb to it)to prove the rest of the foodballing world wrong as pretty much every one under the sun has been talking about it.It will be a sad day if his obstinacy gets the better of him yet again and we lose out.We will just have to wait and see

  20. Diaminedave says:

    Excellent Analysis.
    To stop this you have to wonder if it would be better not to have any Arsenal defenders around the keeper and make the foul more obvious.
    If you look at dunn for the second goal all he is doing is pushing backwards for all he is worth not even attempting to get to the ball.
    cheers for that Desi

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah even I was wondering why we have the defenders. But if we don’t have the defenders then they will just stand right in front of the keeper and make it impossible for him to move. They might even score direct from a Corner in such a case. The ref can’t call it a foul because the attackers are just standing their ground.

  21. topsy guy says:

    thanks desi for giving excuses for the misfortune that has befallen our darling club but all the same will you have a lehmann who terrorizes opponent players with punching their head and the ball at ones and still claiming a foul. We have 1 keeper in this team which is vito( who still needs more experience) and others are just making up the number. Can’t imagine a national side keeper to be rubbished like this and even being targeted by the opponent as the weak point. Poor arsenal

  22. Sam says:

    Spot on analysis. I believe Fabianski will be a good goalkeeper. We have all forgotten the defense he had in front of him. Traore Silvestre Campbell and Sagna. They allowed each other to be bullied and therefore allowed Fabianski to be bullied. YES, those were fouls but if Fabianski draws Blackburn back or out of his box, as Lehmann used to with his positioning, the service of the ball could have been different.

    Of course, Lehmann had a Sol Campbell in his prime, Ashley Cole, Kolo Toure and Lauren and was NOT defeated by ANYONE in his first season. His prowess in the box was a strength of his and the opposition decided to try to annoy him to rattle him and serve the ball AWAY from the keeper, not directly at him.

    I think that Fabianski needs a long run in any team and being at Arsenal is making that difficult for him. We want him and our team to succeed and when he makes a mistake the knee jerkers fly in. Fans are fickle but Fabiski/Wenger are not. He will recover and I believe he will be a great keeper.

    • desigunner says:

      I guess the keepers at Arsenal rarely get trained for such tactics. They have to learn on the job and hence experience makes a big difference.

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  24. pete smith says:

    Nicely done and I genereally agree. Only points where you may lose the arguement;

    second goal – Sagna’s arms around his man and Sol pulling Samba shirt…maybe ref sees a foul both ways so plays on?

    But stills cannot tell the whole story and I must agree on the whole, they were fouls

    • desigunner says:

      Yes it’s quite possible the ref thought of it that way.

      However, I tend to believe that Fat Sam knows the ref will not call foul every single time. So if they keep on repeating it the ref will let some go and eventually they will benefit from it. You can see this from his post match comments where he says the ref can’t give a foul every time.

  25. Confidentgoner says:

    Good analysis but the refree was not so close in any of the goals to detect a foul. You pointed out our defensie errors but if you’ve noticed we fail to beat teams that maintain their form. We do not have any player running into space like tey did at the start of the season, and our wing cut backs were to BH players. I felt Theo was not productive enough on the RM, should have tried the centre i a 442 with VP, with Eboue playing the wing and Eastmond as the 2nd DM with Daiby.

  26. canadiangooner says:

    Dude, good analysis, but i still would stick to the point that we do need better goal-keeping, needless to say the defensive lapses need to be worked on as well,keep in a mind getting a new goalkeeper does not solve the issue; but then again he is last line of defence; i am sure aw will realise that and sign the right players for the job
    Here is an interesting artice in telegraph about our goal keeping woes,

  27. Ashis says:

    Fantastic work Desi. I love your posts and amazed by your analysis.

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  29. […] a collective failure. In the past I’ve showed, I believe conclusively (Birmingham Goal Analysis, Blackburn Goals Analysis), that there were at least four or five mistakes for each […]

  30. […] in a great deal of detail. I showed the Keepers were not the primary culprits at Birmingham and Blackburn last year and I’ve done this analysis for many other goals but didn’t have the time to create […]

  31. soumya says:

    lovely work…..

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