Blackburn V Arsenal: The Thugs Deserve A Beating

I don’t have any motivation to write a preview, wonder how the players can motivate themselves to play in a game that’s virtually pointless! I can think of only one reason and that is Fat Sam, the inventor of forget-the-ball-kick-the-opponent variant of football. We must thrash his thugs no matter how unimportant the game is. Just the look of defeat on his face makes it worth the fight.

There isn’t much in terms of team news. Those who were out are out, those who were part of the last squad will be part of this one. The news about Arshavin is just as confusing as the quotes that have been attributed to him in the last week. I doubt he will play just as I doubt the authenticity of most of those quotes.

Bendtner might get a start in this game after getting a rest in the previous weekend. It does make me wonder how we will balance the starting line-up though. If we play the young Dane that means we have to leave out either Theo or Rosicky. Theo has been coming on well and Arsene wants him to go to the World Cup and if we leave Little Mozart out then Bendtner will be in an unfamiliar position on the left.

I’ll just leave these headaches for Arsene. There doesn’t seem to be much room for change in the back 5 or the middle 3. So the team could look like,

Fabianski; Sagna, Campbell, Silvestre, Clichy; Song, Nasri, Diaby; Walcott, Van Persie, Bendtner.

Hopefully Vela and Eduardo will get a few minutes as well. I’m particularly interested in the young Mexican. He’s a phenomenal talent and it’s been a real shame we haven’t seen more of him this season.

Will Arsene use these games to make his mind up about the changes he wants to make? Should he keep Eduardo? Should he offer Sol a new deal? Should he offload Fabianski or Almunia? There are a lot of questions that might be playing five a side inside Wenger’s head right now. There won’t be much time after the season is over and I’m convinced he’s thinking about the future and working on what he needs to do before the World Cup.

I think this game will be a good test for Fabianski. Blackburn will be physical on the set-pieces and they will test us with some aerial balls and long shots. If he fails again it could well mean the end for him.

I also feel Sol is a good player to have for such games. He brings in a tough presence and an experienced head. It would be worth signing him for another season just to play in this kind of matches where we don’t need a lot of pace but more of a physical presence and some tough tackling.

Apart from that there isn’t much else to say. Let’s hope a sorry look on Fat Sam’s face will bring some cheer in an otherwise depressing end of season weeks.

5 Responses to Blackburn V Arsenal: The Thugs Deserve A Beating

  1. Nischit says:

    Any chance you think of wenger going with a 4-4-2 and starting with eddy? I reckon diaby deserves a rest, which is a kind way of saying he needs to warm the bench a bit and ponder about the season that just passed by him.

    • Vermaelen says:

      Another question is, will Wenger change back to 4-4-2 next season or will he keep the current 4-3-3 formation. Maybe he will experiment a bit if he’s thinking of changing the formation, but I doubt it, 4-3-3 it will be.

  2. diddy says:

    have you 4gotten we risk finishing 4th if we don’t get atleast 1 point from our last 2 games?

  3. diddy says:

    next two games***

  4. rockingrick says:

    God damn referee cunt.
    1. Both Blackburn goals should’ve been ineligible.
    2. The what’s his face who tackled Van Persie should’ve been sent off.
    3. Van Persie should’ve had a penalty.
    4. Carlos Vela, what the fuck?

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