Djourou And Ramsey Should Not Be Considered Squad Members Next Season

The season is practically over and everyone is in the future planning mode. Most of it includes discussions about transfers and the squad for the next season. I have been thinking about our squad for next season and one point stands out. We need to factor in the impact of injuries when we think about the squad.

We’ve all seen the problems faced by Rosicky and Eduardo in their comeback attempts. I don’t blame either of the individuals but it’s impossible to ignore the fact that they haven’t been close to their best. Next year we have Djourou and Ramsey who will be returning from similar long term injuries and I think it’s imperative that Arsene does not include them in his plans.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t be in the squad. Djourou is a good player and can take his place in the 25 as a homegrown player and Ramsey is anyway U-21. My point is that we cannot take the risk of expecting a consistent contribution from them in the coming season. It would be prudent to assume that both of them will have some niggling injuries during the course of the season and we will need a bigger squad just to accommodate these expected strains and pulls.

Ramsey is anyway going to miss the first couple of months of the season but there has been talk that Djourou could be promoted to a starting role. Some fans have based this on his form prior to his injury. If Gallas signs an extension then the obvious centre back pairing will continue. It’s something I don’t like but that’s a discussion for another day. If the Frenchman does leave the club when his contract expires we will certainly need a player like Vermaelen who is ready to take a starting role.

If it were up to me I’d also have another signing who could be a backup for centre back as well as defensive midfielder so that we have the much needed cover in both areas. I hope Le Boss doesn’t repeat the same mistake he made with Rosicky and Eduardo. If he’s hoping for a big season from Djourou then we just have to be prepared for another campaign where injuries rob us of a fighting chance.

Of course, there is a possibility that the Swiss international recovers well and the same goes for the young Welshman. Both of them could go on to make big contributions for us next season. We will certainly know more about Djourou after the World Cup. I don’t deny the possibility of that but when we are planning for the future can we really count on this possibility, especially given the fact that we have precedence to the contrary?!

By having three central defenders who are out of contract at the end of the season we have put ourselves in a very difficult spot. If they all leave – Campbell might not be fit enough to be a big player for the whole of next season, Silvestre isn’t valued anyway and Gallas’ mentality is always a doubt – and if Djourou spends a lot of time in the treatment room then we are left with just one proper Centre Back.

I know that’s the worst case scenario and it’s not likely to happen and Arsene has already said that he will sign someone if Gallas leaves. My main worry is that Arsene has been erring on the side of caution for far too long and might once again risk a smaller squad than what we actually need. If it were up to me I’d consider Djourou and Ramsey as bonus players but would not include them in my plans for the season. Do you think we can count on them?

21 Responses to Djourou And Ramsey Should Not Be Considered Squad Members Next Season

  1. Invincibles says:

    just watching some old vids from the 2000-2005 era, I was/am a believer in this team but its fucking depressing cos that team was insane!

  2. DiehardGooner says:

    You’re spot on about Ramsey, but I think we can count on Djourou! Won’t he be playing for Switzerland? We will get to know how fit he is if he plays there…

    • desigunner says:

      If Switzerland go far then we will get a good idea. Even the group games will tell us something. Hopefully he will start in all three.

  3. Nate Geesaman says:

    Ramsey will bounce back fine and so will Djourou. Don’t forget that Rosicky is 30 and Eduardo was 27 while Ramsey is 19 and Djourou is 23. Their younger bodies are more resilient and bound to heal faster. Eduardo suffered a double fracture of his leg and ankle in an injury much worse than Ramsey’s. Rosicky had to have several operations and baffled doctors as to his strange injury before he even tried to train while Djourou is training with the full team after one successful operation. I think both of them will bounce back better than Eduardo or Rosicky have with their injuries.

    • desigunner says:

      Yes age is on their side. The point is – is it safe to assume they will recover completely and plan for the season based on that?

  4. MB LFC says:

    To ‘Nate Geesaman’ – ok, you’re spot on that they r younger and more resilient but don’t think you can get MUCH worse than Ramsey’s break – I’m sure you remember the footage and it was messed up – to say the least. So I just think the author has a point on possibly not relying too heavily on Ramsey next year even though he’s a massive talent and his young body should come back even stronger eventually. Towards the end of the season maybe back into the first team but until then Wenger needs to buy a good midfielder – like Van Der Vaart, but hopefuly he’s on his way to the Reds! Lass Diarra or Muntari would be awesome for u guys..

  5. Vermaelen says:

    What about Gibbs? Shouldn’t he be included as well?

    • desigunner says:

      I’d thought about Gibbs but we already have Clichy and Traore so I don’t think we need to worry about him.

  6. Aussie Jack says:

    Campbell is so happy to be back in an Arsenal shirt that I think he would accept being a bench player but I`m not so sure about Gallas accepting age gracefully.
    The World Cup will tell us something of Djourou, even so I think Wenger will look for a permanent partner for Vermaelen. We need Chamakh up front with or rotating with Van Persie, Bendtner is good back up but he`s not out of the top drawer.
    I won`t go into the goalkeeper scenario my gut feeling is I`ll be disappointed.

  7. TrAnE says:

    “…and we will need a bigger squad…”
    There are new regulations coming into place from next season that restrict the squad size. What we need are replacements for whichever centre half that leaves and one new defensive signing and a goal keeper, considering that chamakh might have already agreed terms!

  8. Matt says:

    1. Cesc & RVP must be retained, at all costs.

    2. Silvestre must be sold, told to leave, (or killed)…I don’t care which. In any case, he must NEVER be allowed to see the pitch in an Arsenal kit again…EVER!

    3. Sol Campbell can stay, but he needs to NEVER see the pitch, lest in the Carling Cup. He’s molasses.

    4. If Gallas stays, we needs 1, but preferably 2 CBs, 1 Premier GK, and Chamakh @ FW (to replace Eduardo)…that’s what we must sign.

    5. Clichy should be kept for at least another year before AW rings the register on him and sells him to Spain or Italy.

    6. Eboue should be kept.

    7. Let Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, and Arshavin leave if they want to, or if they stay, make it clear that greater consistency is required of all them…especially Diaby (Who I believe is utter trash).

    • josh says:

      Big Sol was our strongest defender towards the end of the year. I do not think you follow many of the games. Diaby was quality when Cesc was healthy and finally reaching his form. According to you we should sell the whole squad and keep two or three players. totally off your rocker.

    • koye says:

      “1. Cesc & RVP must be retained, at all costs.

      2. Silvestre must be sold, told to leave, (or killed)…I don’t care which. In any case, he must NEVER be allowed to see the pitch in an Arsenal kit again…EVER!”
      Man, you are funny… I agree with you whole-heartedly..

    • arvind says:

      way off base with the sol comment. he is all heart and courage. Granted he is slower with age, he played well and was an inspiration to see out there giving his all. He needs to stay as he brings leadership and experience to this team of youngsters.

  9. Am says:

    great article.

    There are a few good CB’s out there at the moment, although none better than Gallas. All the possible candidates for replacement are just as good but lack his experience.

  10. I think the above argument has to be taken into consideration however, I do not think Arsene Wenger, will take notice of any kind of advices presented to him. The man, he enjoying his stubborness by doing things on his own way. The above argument is valid and worth taken into account. A lot people will be disappointed when, the summer transfer window opens because Arsene Wenger will not buy any players. The man should walk.

  11. Phil says:

    Will Djourou not have a world cup behind him by the time the season starts?

    • desigunner says:

      Yes hopefully we will get a good idea from the world cup but it could just be three games and he might not even play all of them.

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