Arsenal V Man City: Thoughts and Fears

When we had 12 or 13 games remaining and there were talks of us winning all the games, I’d thought of this fixture as our toughest. Now that the challenge for top spot has fizzled out and we’ve lost more than half our first team to injuries it looks even more daunting.

I guess my weekend travel comes at a good time. I’ll be missing this game and somehow that comes as a relief. As a consequence of the travel the match analysis and other posts will be delayed till I’m back and can catch the game on ATVO.


This section is getting irrelevant. I can write whatever tactics I think of but Arsenal hardly change their tack. We will line up with the same formation and play pretty much the same game.

The only tactical change I can see in our approach would be that our full backs might stay deeper in this game to counter the threat of Bellamy, Johnson and co. We just have to hope that our defence can handle their forward line and counter attacks.

Citeh for their part will fight for every ball as they have a lot to gain. Arsenal can at best hold on to third spot and hopefully that should be motivation enough for our players.

Team Thoughts

The other change could be in personnel. Van Persie might get a start although I’m not sure he’s fit enough to play in a game of such intensity. Song could come back into the starting line up and that will automatically make us twice as strong as the team we sent out at Wigan.

Diaby and Nasri will keep their place and so will the back four.  Is it possible that we see Mannone between the sticks? If Fabianski can get chance after chance why not Don Vito!?

Up front Arsene will have some tough choices. If RvP starts, then Bendtner has to move to a wing. He could play Eboue on the right and Bendtner on the left. Or he could have the young Dane on the right and Rosicky might keep his place on the left. That makes more sense as we’ll need at least one technical player along with Nasri to control some of the possession.

The team I’d like to see is,

Mannone; Sagna, Campbell, Silvestre, Clichy; Song, Diaby, Nasri; Bendtner, RvP, Rosicky.


This game would have been a challenge for our full first team. City have done the double over Chelsea and have troubled United in both the games. If our reserve team can get a draw it’ll be an achievement.

8 Responses to Arsenal V Man City: Thoughts and Fears

  1. Kingsley says:

    Wat sort of draw, if we hope draw, then why are a team huh. What shows dat we our a team of class even b4 citeh when we can only hope 4 a draw, we .just have to give it all our full focus. Arsene pls start rvp and deploy styvest he’s of no use.

  2. IncredibleG says:

    Sad but true…

    I fear if we do play with rvp, bendy and (erm…) thomas rosicky, our front 3 won’t get closer than 18 yards to given’s line. Love thomas but I think he’s getting past his winger days a little earlier than we might have hoped, however our options are limited and I think wenger will start NB in front. Don’t get me wrong, if rvp’s on the pitch for long enough, I think he’ll score but they’ll blitz us at the start and I’d hate him to waste his legs on constantly tracking back and counter-attackin in the first 20 minutes. Start rosicky – bendtner – eboue and hope that rvp and theo can make a difference at 60 and 75. Quite a predictable strategy though…

    Frankly, like you said, a draw might be something to celebrate. I’m always nervous with MS at CB and even the return of a half-crocked song won’t steady me on that belief. That triangle(or rhombus if you include the GK) is a very scary thought, every gooner is hoping that a 35 year old man can contain tevez, bellamy and sneakybayor… gonna happen?!

    My prediction- Arsenal 3-2 Man City, Vieira to score (an og then to run around the grove with a red and white scarf around his shoulders) What?! The world needs optimistism!

  3. ian says:

    mannone please!!!

    With Manuel Almunia struggling for fitness, Mannone made his second Premier League against Wigan Athletic on 19 September 2009. Mannone kept a clean sheet in a 4–0 victory for Arsenal.[12] Mannone also kept a clean sheet in the game against Fulham at Craven Cottage on 26 September 2009, in which he pulled off many good saves and almost single-handedly kept Arsenal in the game, receiving the man of the match award, where Arsenal won 1–0. Mannone said the game was the highlight of his career.[13] He again kept a clean sheet in the 2–0 victory over Olympiacos in the Champions League on 29 September.

  4. Nischit says:

    Fabianski will start for sure. I think bendy will get a rest with Theo starting. Not sure about rosicky though. Hope RVP’s presence helps him to turn the magic on, and of course, hope RVP turns it on.


  5. John Muhindo says:

    Wenger always delay to subsitute players, and it has costed us some games. This time the game agnaist mancity need quick decision making on players who may not perform, otherwise history may repeat it self.

  6. gazgooner says:

    Sadly for us gooners its gonna be three losses in a row…I feel it in my bones…although the great bottle of NZ sauvignon blanc has been a factor in the state of mind 🙂
    Maybe Paddy will be mesmerised by his return to the hallowed halls of football excellence and score a couple of own goals…or maybe fabiflopski will injure a fingernail in the warm up and we’ll fly in David Seaman as a last minute replacement…oh fuck it lets go the whole hog…TH14 is gonna turn up on loan and sweep a winner in the 104th minute…oh well we can dream can’t we.
    I have a feeling the hang over tomorrow morning is gonna be exascerbated by adebigwhore celebrating a winner at the Emirates. Maybe I’ll not get up at 2am this week to watch the game live…just couldn’t bear the thought of the spuds overtaking us for 3rd – that would be slit the wrists stuff….

  7. IncredibleG says:

    Hehe “optimistism.” Don’t questionise my worditude!

  8. aniruddh says:

    As the spuds lost today, one win will be enough to secure third place

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