Arsene All But Confirms We’ve Signed Chamakh

I was listening to Wenger’s pre-Wigan exclusive for ATVO. He was asked about Rodallega as there have been some rumors in the last couple of days. Here is what he said,

Yes, he’s done well but we’re not interested. That’s clean.

That  quashes the £22 Million double deal rumors which never made any sense in the first place. The discussion then moved towards transfer targets for the summer.

We’re not looking for a striker.  We’ve already done what we wanted to do and that’s clean.

What do we make of that? I’m pretty convinced those words mean we’ve signed a striker. Arsene is not the kind of person who gives much away but that statement along with certain quotes attributed to Chamakh lead me to believe we’ve our first summer signing. Now you know what to do with any story linking us to a striker.

Let’s hope this is the first of some important acquisitions in the summer.

In a completely unrelated thought, what’s with Arsene and all the cleanliness. Did things get too Messi for his liking! 😛

37 Responses to Arsene All But Confirms We’ve Signed Chamakh

  1. munala says:

    well, wid me i have 2 c him in an arsenal shirt around da emirates 2 b certain.

  2. GMR says:

    The deal may be confirmed when the season ends or it could well be left until June. Bordeaux still have to pay him to the end of his contract which ends 31 May, so you won’t see him in an Arsenal shirt before that date.

  3. ARSLAN says:

    chamakh is a gooner

  4. billy says:

    “already done what we need to do” this statement means alot. it could not only mean we have acquired chamakh, it could also mean we have done a dean for Villa. Note that our scouts were at valancias’ match without specifying who they were watching.

    • desigunner says:

      I agree with you about a possibility that it could be Villa.

      My thinking is that there would have been a great deal of noise in the media and not just regular rumors if we’d been anywhere close to signing someone like Villa.

      It could even be a third person for all we know. But my money is on Chamakh.

  5. Tim says:

    It was obvious. Now we just need a keeper, a cb and maybe a natural winger.

  6. nightmook says:

    David Villa? No chance. I would have thought someone like Ever Banega was the only realistic target in the Valencia side. At a (financial) push it could also be very possible we’re looking at Silva but at £40m you’d have to be completely mental to imagine we’d be looking to sign a striker who’ll be 29 just a few months into next season…

    • desigunner says:

      From whatever little I’ve seen I really like Banega. But not sure if Arsene will go for someone like him before tying up more pressing areas.

      • nightmook says:

        I agree, I’m just speculating on the most likely reason our scouts might be watching Valencia. The point was that’s far more likely to be Banega than Villa regardless of how much some people might wish for a £40m striker…

      • desigunner says:

        Yes, what you say seems logical. If I’d to choose between Villa and Chamakh I’d prefer Villa but whether we can afford him or not is a completely different story.

  7. Maanav says:

    So that means Arsenal have now have got 2 target men in their offensive ranks- Bendtner & Chamakh.
    Does that mean we’ll see the following forward line from August onward-

    ——Chamakh—Bendtner—Van Persie——

    Where does it lead the likes of Vela & Eduardo?
    And what about Walcott?

  8. abhishek says:

    i think eduardo will be sold we need defensive cover for song,a new CB young,keep Campbell for another year sell almunia,silvestre,buy a new GK,if Gallas stays keep him if he goes but another CB experienced

  9. whadaplaya says:

    The clean means we refuse to fight fire with fire, and play into the game of oppressors. Talent and class will tell eventually. However we must work under the 2012 time frame in view of possible armmagedon. We have 2 years left to conquer the world and Ramsey will miss the 1st one.

  10. Judith Le'Strange says:

    I’ll believe it when he is actually wearing the shirt and playing in the team. Now we need to sign a decent goalie, not one who looses us games but can actually stop balls going in the net plus if rumours are to be believed Sagna could be heading out as supposedly his agent has had informal talks with various clubs for his services then we will need a couple of defenders as according to reports Barca are interested in signing Clichy instead of Fabregas. So I can see us starting with the same rubbish goalie(s) next season and if we’re lucky we might contest 4th place again next year.

  11. fanele says:

    If it’s Chamack then that is good news, but all we are forgeting is that wenger will have to change the 4-3-3 system to accomodate him and van persie, if not then we are going to have a whole season full of grumpy players.Arsene needs to add quality, height and physical strength to get us back to wining ways.We also need to be much more collective in our play.Defending starts up front with strikers making proper decisions and retaining posession and if they lose possession they have to track back, including players like arshavin.

    • desigunner says:

      I’m not sure if Arsene will change the system. This one brings the best out of RvP and Cesc. But Chamakh will certainly give us more options, especially if RvP gets injured.

  12. Goontown says:

    Okay lets get a few things straight

    A) Striker – Chamakh is an Arsenal player! The boss has spoken!

    Eduardo will be going in to his next phase of rehabillitation next season.If he does not improve we should consider selling him at the end of following season (last chance saloon).

    Arguably we will not need another striker for now.

    B) Centre back – Silvestre out and a new young one in. Was going to be Chris Smalling but will be someone else. If Gallas does not renew we would need another. Hopefully Gallas will renew. We should also keep Campbell. Also we have Djourou. Sorted!

    C) Full Backs – Clichy and Sagna are Arsenal through and through, they will not leave.

    D) Midefield- We need cover for song. However with out an African Cup of Nations tournament next season, we are good for now (if we get a decent keeper). Ideally We should re-sign Viera as he has now had enough practice for the world cup! Like Campbell he will be good for the dressing room and can come off the bench and do a job.

    E) Goal Keeper – We should and I think Wenger will buy a better keeper. We should keep Almunia as a number 2 to be tested and we should send Fabianski and Schezney on loan.

    Lloris is in too much demand and his options could prove too tempting for him to limit himself to a move to Arsenal. Beside, like with Higuain at Real, I cannot see Lyon selling one of their best team members without a viable replacement. Then the transfer fee would be ridiculous! David James is experienced and has a couple more good years in his engine. He would also be a good coach for Almunia. Failing capturing James or Lloris, I would settle for an under pressure Wenger unknown. But one thing is for sure we need a new keeper!

    E) Fabregas – It is too early for him to leave. He has always been one of our most sensible players, So will if he does not already,recongise this. He will stay next season.

    F) Wenger- still a genius and professor. Any so-called supporter who calls for his head is not a true Arsenal supporter.

  13. /gavin says:

    Does anyone agree with me that we need a) a goalie and b) a vicious thug to mind Cesc in midfield? Diaby, Song and Denilson are too nice.
    My choice? Fernando Gago. Maybe he’s not thuggish enough but he’s on the right track.

  14. Charlie says:

    Just one question, WHY ? Chamakh scores roughly one goal every 3 games for Bordeaux, that’s average at best. Bendtner is much better and Van Persie is in a different class. Even Eduardo is probably better than Chamakh. I don’t understand all the optimism that i see in all the blogs about this guy. Someone please explain why he is a good signing and please don’t say because he’s free.

    • desigunner says:

      From what I’ve seen of Bordeaux, they don’t create too many quality chances. I think that is the reason Chamakh has a modest return. Even then your concerns are quite valid.

      He looks like a guy with decent speed, touch and awareness. I’d say he’s probably better than Bendtner on those parameters and we all know how well the Dane is developing.

      Certainly not a finisher in the David Villa league but he could be a guy who will add something to this team.

  15. john says:

    hes classsss ok ! better than you 😛

  16. scored again tonight against lyon.

  17. Toks says:

    Lol, nice Messi joke

  18. A Mondal says:

    1. GK: Not sure who we buy. But should not hold on to Alumina and Fabiansky. Wenger will go for a good keeper.

    2. Defence: Silvetre will be allowed to go. Should hold on to Cambell. Gallas not sure. Subotic or Boteang will be good.

    3. MF: Denielson should be allowed to go. Get Melo and
    Hazard. Remember that Aaron is injured and we don’t know when he can be back to his best, hope that in mid-season.

    4. Striker: Chamakh will be added for sure. Not sure about Vela and Eduardo.

  19. iMAX says:

    Chamakh has just scored his 10th goal in league1 against Lyon.
    he scored in all games against Lyon in all competitions (4games)

    Chamakh is a gooner

  20. iMAX says:

    Today’s goal

  21. Nischit says:

    I’d love a double deal. Gourcouff and Chamakh from Bordeaux. Solves our need for another creative player, and we get a striker. All that would be left is a defender and a goal keeper

    • desigunner says:

      I like Gourcouff but find him too similar to Nasri/Rosicky. We could do with a more direct Winger with dribbling and crossing skills.

      • Nischit says:

        I haven’t ever seen Arsene Wenger sign such a player. Even if he did, he somehow has the ability to get them to cut down on the dribbling and crossing 😉

    • Maanav says:

      You are spot on!
      I feel that sometimes, Wenger stifles the new players at Arsenal.
      In the process of adapting to the Arsene Wenger School of Football, they don’t fully exploit some of their other attributes like dribbling, crossing, long balls, shots from long ranges.
      It’s like settling for one car when you can have a dozen.

  22. AK says:

    how about we get flamini,huntellar,lloris and a decent CB ?

  23. ken says:

    The Moroccan has proved to be a big match player and that’s what we need most. Some of our players disappear in big matches. He will definately help us put sense in the likes of Mannure and Cheski. He gonna be a hit with the chances that we create. Stats shows we create more chances than any other team in Europe including the so called Barca

  24. […] Arsene All But Confirms We’ve Signed Chamakh I was listening to Wenger’s pre-Wigan exclusive for ATVO. He was asked about Rodallega as there have been some rumors […] […]

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