Ramsey Condemns Shawcross – Media Distorts The Message

Aaron Ramsey has finally come out in public with his opinion about the Shawcross tackle. Here is what the young Welshman said,

I remember it all, I don’t believe he [Shawcross] wanted to break my leg, but I think he wanted to go through both the ball and me – to take me out and make sure I felt the tackle.

He was caught out of position a little, but he could definitely have changed his mind before making the tackle, realising that he wasn’t going to get there and so not committing. If I was tackling and I saw that there wasn’t a chance of getting to the ball cleanly I wouldn’t make the tackle – and I don’t think there was a chance of him getting there.

He left me a voicemail and a text message but I just want to concentrate on my recovery for now.

I can’t do anything about it now. You just have to get on with things and that’s what I’m doing at the moment. I’ve seen the pictures, and quick glimpses on Sky, but haven’t actually sat down and watched the video. Like I said though, I remember everything.

Is it just me who is getting a loud and clear message from those words? I think Ramsey holds Shawcross responsible for his injury and has very valid reasons to do so.

As this blog and many other Arsenal writers discussed, the butcher from Stoke clearly went in with an intention of getting his man. The leg break in itself was an accident but the probability for such an unfortunate event were heightened due to the malicious nature of the tackle. Ramsey is convinced that was the case.

This news came through when there was a lot of action on the pitch. Most of us were focused on the game with Wolves and the media attention was centred on the top two fixture at Old Trafford. So it’s understandable that these words didn’t grab as many headlines as we’d expect. A few hacks did notice it and their interpretations are telling. Here is a rundown of the headlines I saw on NewsNow,

  • Sky Sports – Ramsey Clears Shawcross’ Name
  • Daily Mail – Ryan Shawcross didn’t mean to break my leg, insists Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey
  • BBC – Ramsey Accepts Accidental Break
  • Sporting Life – Ramsey Keeps Focus on Recovery
  • Telegraph – Ramsey: Shawcross Should Have Backed Out
  • Soccernet – Ramsey: Shawcross wanted to “take me out”
  • Daily Post – Wales ace Aaron Ramsey says Ryan Shawcross could have avoided horror tackle

What can I say about Sky Sports or The Mail!? I’m assuming it can’t be xenophobia as Ramsey is a Welshman. The anti-Arsenal bias is for everyone to see. They are trying to convince us that they’ve been right all along and Shawcross is a saint just as they proclaim.

BBC went for a non controversial headline which completely ignores the message from Ramsey. I don’t like it but it’s acceptable.

Yesterday on NewsNow, The Telegraph was the only paper that said it as Ramsey meant it. Soccernet and Daily Post have done more of the same today and kudos to them for focusing on the truth.

I’ve not seen an article in Guardian or The Times on this issue and I’ve left out sites like Goal.com who were quite along the lines of The Mail.

Thankfully, and to be fair to the “media”, there are a few who did the right thing. Some people would say that the press is all about point of views. It’s their job to give different perspectives on the same issue. I don’t deny the importance of that but when you come across such blatant distortions how can you accept that as just another interpretation.

To be honest I was a little disappointed with the Arsenal website as they too led with a headline that said, “I don’t believe he wanted to break my leg”. In a way you can understand that as the club does not want to raise further controversy. It doesn’t help Arsenal who are fighting for titles while Stoke are comfortable in their mid table mediocrity. Still, I do feel the club could have put out a stronger message that tells the world exactly what Ramsey, other players, Arsene and most Arsenal fans feel.

In case you come across any other headlines do let me know, I’d certainly like to collect as many as possible so we get a clear idea of the anti-Arsenal bias.

16 Responses to Ramsey Condemns Shawcross – Media Distorts The Message

  1. Nischit says:

    Well said Desi. I was actually read the story on bbc first and then when I went to Sky and I saw that headline, I opened the page wondering if Ramsey had given a second interview to Sky absolving Shawcross. However, I think the less said about the bias the better. During the fox soccer broadcast yday, I was tearing my hair out at the commentators bias. He claimed that Rosicky’s theatrics got Henry sent off. Get this. He said “Football is a contact sport, and things like that happen” or something to that effect. Even Sky sports claim that as a pivotal moment in the match. Maybe he was unlucky to catch Rosicky, but the damage is there for everyone to see. Rosicky’s calf was bruised!!!

    I also notice a pattern developing here. That we assume that the damage done is “accidental”. Which makes me wonder how times can it be called an Accident before it turns into a trend. Now I’m really the conspiring type, but Its ridiculous to see some of the tackles, and the damage is being done. Look at how many players are out and how few are because of muscular imjuries.

  2. Osman says:

    It’s a disgrace the way news are distorted easily without any hesitation. As you remarked DailyMail and Skysports with headlines like that wanted to clear their names and reputations as they defended their son’s sin. But, we really annoys me is the BBC’s headline which you claimed is neutral, theres nothing neutral in that headline and, knowing Ramsey’s quotes, it’s also a distortion. there’s implicit concern for Shawcross’s tackle and that its acceptable. I think you did a good job in debunking scums like this. Media matters to us as they distort all that’s related to ARsenal. Arsenal bias must be BUSTED my frind and thanks.

  3. Parsifal576 says:

    Good article, Desi. No one can valuably argue in this very case that the media is about opinions. Opinions are published through opeds,columns, etc and not articles and report, where the journo is supposed to stick to/by the facts. In this very case,this is a report and quotes have been interpreted in a biased ways to make Aaron seemingly say what the anti-Arse journos have tried to make us swallow all along:Shawcross is not that type, Arsene is a whin(g)ing sore loser, etc. This is an unfortunate and unethical habit with some journalists: they “editorialise” news, which means they don’t report the facts or quote as they are but use (or rather misuse them) quotes in article distorting them in a way that it is the thoughts/opinions of the journalist, and not of the interviewee, that are put out to the public.

    • desigunner says:

      I’ve been yearning for a site that just gives us the facts. No analysis, no opinions, no nonsense. I hope someone with enough resources picks up on this idea. News and propaganda are far too intertwined in the present world. We need a solution and it’s not limited to football alone.

      Imagine a website that just gives us a trasnscript of each interview/ press conference enlisting the questions posed and the answers given. And reports that a player was sent off, these are the comments from the player, these are the laws of the game. Only facts.

      Initially it might seem a bit dull but over time it will be invaluable.

  4. deep throat says:

    there’s a lot at stake in the premiership – italian clubs have been done for corrupting officials. could the same thing happen here? and if it did, would we ever know?

    • desigunner says:

      We might know if someone makes a big mistake and the whole thing opens up. Until then we just live on faith, as we do in all walks of life.

  5. FinnGun says:

    deep throat,

    maybe i’m naive, but i don’t believe that the big problem in england is corruption.

    the problem is stupidity, xenophobia and resistance to change, with managers and fa as the main culprits.

  6. Hong_gunner says:

    English FA is a joke. Take nothing away from the english media, who in some way or the other are influenced by the FA and vice-versa. Incompetent, xenophobic slaves of the ignorance that runs through the blood of FA, in masks of their nationalism. Its hard to avoid the fact that their incompetence to put a cut-out on transfer rulings, refree allocation, and what not, proves that its a problem that has bigger roots, just apart from the personnel at the helm.
    Regarding Ramsey, i hope he comes back soon. And comes back strong, physically and psychologically at that. Eduardo’s inability to get his mind back to put his legs into 50:50 balls along the field have had a clear demonstration he hasn’t come back to his former self, psychologically yet. I hope the same doesnt go for Ramsey. I wish him a rapid recovery. Eduardo needs a few goals to get himself back, but can he grab them when the season is down to a period where 40:60 balls is all you’ll get many times a game and you need to convert them?!

  7. Hong_gunner says:

    P.S : where does one get to find Myles ‘hairy’ Palmer to blow out his fucking face?

    • desigunner says:

      Stopped reading that crap long time ago. Love the feature in newsnow that allows me to hide the publishers.

      • Pesawar Wala anti india machine says:

        You are right, for once. Keep it up.
        Best regards,
        P esawar Wala anti india machine

  8. Nischit says:


    I thought the headline from Arsenal.com is interesting. While it is quite similar to the daily mail headline, somehow the tone seems quite different.

    • desigunner says:

      The DotCom simply quoted his comments in the headline. The daily mail on the other hand used “insists” in the headline giving it a completely different twist.

  9. Hong_gunner says:

    Time for Pre-Barca review, desi. I have a flight tomorrow morning, to go cheer the lads. Im highly optimistic(highly hopeful, rather) about conquering camp Nou.

  10. JINNAH IS the KING! says:

    WENGER is only interested in ARSENAL. Not on individuals.

    He does what is best for the GUNNERS.

    He goes and does what he can. He is not always correct but is anyone of you right all the time. I suspect most of you Twats are wrong 9 out of t10 and right 1 out of 10.

    No matter what, objectivity matters. Not blind emotion.

    I am honoured to be an Arsenal fan. Whether we win anything in the next 5 years – I will not let that blinker my affection and objectivity.

    Remember, Spurs will be “celebrating their 50th anniversy of winning the league” and look at their fans. LOYAL. Even they have won hardly anything since 1961.

    Ras tit Bamba Klat,

  11. Pesawar Wala anti india machine says:

    For once, I agree with you. You actually are talking sense FINALLY. Normally you are nosensical. Ramsey was ceratinly being a diplomat in the suggestion of tone. But he does not clear that English thug of any agression.
    From Pesawar Wala anti india machine.

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