Arsenal 1 – 0 Wolves: Uncharacteristic But Substantial

If someone told me at the start of the season that Arsenal are going to keep the title hopes alive by a string of injury time goals I’d have laughed them off. At that time I felt this young team will either gel together and brush the opponents aside or we will struggle to get the results.

I don’t mean to be critical. It’s a pleasant surprise that this team can keep on going when nothing seems to be going our way.

For most parts this game looked like a one-sided affair where we had everything except the final touch. On occasions when we did get the shot on target, Hahnemann stood tall. Perhaps, a close friend of mine is right in calling him Hanuman!

Such was our dominance that on another day with 25 shots on goal and 9 on target we could have scored 3 or 4. Wolves, as expected, worked hard but offered little else. Stats show the visitors had 5 shots on goal and 2 on target. 4 of those were from 25 yards or more!

Critics will question our finishing abilities and I think Arsene will certainly have a look at that after the Barca game. Right from the early minutes we opened them up with ease. Walcott was red hot on the right even though his end product wasn’t as consistent as we’d like. Eduard had a couple of chances, one drawing a good save and the other ending up in embarrassment as he fluffed it with his chocolate leg!

Sagna had the best chance of the game when he burst through and Walcott fed him with a perfectly timed ball. The full back went for power instead of placement and Hahnemann somehow kept it out with his feet. Then Walcott showed impeccable technique with his left foot as he smashed one towards goal. Once again Hanuman held on. Arsenal launched attack after attack but this looked like just one of those days.

Wolves were generally fair in their tackling but Henry decided he’d had enough of Theo’s dazzling skills. The Wolves midfielder caught the youngster with his studs and left an impression when he could easily have pulled out. He should have been sent off right then and perhaps Mariner took the incident into consideration when he did flash a red for a reckless tackle on Rosicky in the second half. You could clearly see blood gushing out from a gash in the Czech star’s calf. McCarthy can moan all he wants but for once the Ref got it right.

As the game went on you could sense the mood at the Emirates change. Wenger brought on his game changers. Bendtner came in for Eboue, Nasri for Song and finally Vela for Eduardo. All of them brought something to the game but the breakthrough was elusive.

Five minutes were added on and I thought here comes another 93rd minute winner. We kept crossing the ball but never got near the target. Would this be the day when our spirit finally concedes defeat? I had my hair in my hands, all ready to tear! Walcott rolled it back, Sagna delivered an inch perfect cross, and Bendtner poweredhis header home in the final minute of injury time.

In the last minute we had a four on one situation and managed to mess it up. At the end of the day if you can miss such a chance and laugh about it, you’ve done something right. The challenge continues.

Individual Performances

Almunia: Didn’t have much to do. Got a couple of punches in. In a way you can say he got a good mental rest between the two toughest games for the keeper.

Sagna: Showed much more purpose and desire in attack. Hardly required at the back. Top class cross for the assist. Makes you wonder why he doesn’t do it more often. It’s definitely not due to a lack of ability.

Campbell: Solid.

Vermaelen: Comfortable in defence, even switched to left back later in the game. Should have played centre forward for a while, we could have used another body in the box.

Silvestre: No mistakes, and some good moments in attack! Appreciate his professionalism.

Song: Did a lot more in midfield. Spread the ball better, got forward at times, and performed his usual duties without a glitch.

Denilson: Another good game from the Brazilian. I’m hoping he can improve his creative contribution as we will need it in the next few weeks.

Rosicky: Somewhat disappointing by his lofty standards. Had some good creative moments and shots on target but he went missing for parts of the game. I don’t know if the injuries have affected his work rate and stamina but he can certainly do much more with his talents.

Walcott: On Fox Soccer the commentator was extremely negative about him at every opportunity. I thought he had a great game. Never seemed to tire and put in some delightful balls. He did make some mistakes but no one puts in twenty good crosses in a game. Would have been better if he’d scored from one of his chances.

Eduardo: The Crozilian is still some way off his best but it’s good to see him get a run out. His first touch was quite decent. Probably doesn’t have the understanding with Theo as both of them haven’t been playing regularly.

Eboue: Faded in and out of the game. He could have done better by attacking the far post when all the balls were coming in from the right.

Subs: Bendtner is establishing himself as a central striker with each passing game. Nasri was busy and effective. Vela got some good touches.

28 Responses to Arsenal 1 – 0 Wolves: Uncharacteristic But Substantial

  1. JINNAH IS GOD says:

    DESI GUNNER, you talk like you know anything about football. Stick to hockey, cricket and chess.

    Do not pollute Arsenal waters, are you sure you are not a closet Spurs fan?

    Your so called analysis is infact anal.


  2. jhessart says:

    Desi, ur title sas it all but ur analysis a bit off this time. Just a bit, not all.
    I have 3 comments on last nite game:
    1. Eduardo plays awfuly awful ( i don’t think it’s a word but i couldn’t put it any better). Wenger should just told him to pack his bag and get ready to be sold on the next transfer.
    2. Rosicky plays great, he try everything but still with Edu up front, even the great Zidane himself couldn’t do any better.
    3. Eboue, i think Wenger put him out of position this time by playing him left. He should play right as usual, while Theo will be better on the left.
    Thanks, keep up the good work.
    Cheers/ Jhessart

  3. Steve D. says:

    Jinnah – I disagree. I read all the Arsenal blogs and this guy is definitely one of the fairest, well-informed, and eloquent.

    When you can be bothered to write a blog, perhaps your opinion might have more weight, but in saying that, you can’t even write four lines without a grammatical error so maybe you shouldn’t bother!!!

  4. jhessart says:

    Desi, one more thing I notice last nite.. we lack the attack from the left side w/o clichy and the wrong sided Eboue. When we keep attacking from the right, it’s easy for the opposite to read the move.

  5. 8 inch knob says:

    Jinnah, u r an idiot. If u really do follow Arsenal, then u would realise that Desi Gooner is one of the best blogs.

    With regards to Eduardo, I agree with jhessert. He was shockingly bad. It seems Eduardo’s particular set of skills have been made redundant by the adoption of the 4-3-3, that stems right through to the youth levels. In a 4-4-2, he would perhaps flourish playing alongside a ball winning strike partner but right now he is a hindrance to this team. There really is no justifiable reason to keep him.

  6. gooner ji says:

    I think Rosicky and Walcott both had good games. Eboue looked lost but he was playing on the wrong side. I think Vela would have been a better option on the left.

    Desi has done a great job from day one of his blog. Most of the time the analysis presented on this blog has been exceptional. He is just like our team(Arsenal) and always puts in extra effort in his work.

  7. Nischit says:

    I think Desi’s analysis is bang on the point about eduardo. Eduardo looks short on confidence. His overall play, and touch was good in my opinion, just the finish that lacked.

    I agree that rosicky went missing for some parts of the game which is why wenger doesn’t play him in the center on a regular basis and plays fabregas.

    Oh and walcott’s play for the goal shows intelligence in my opinion. He drew the defender with a run, and made space for sagna to cross

  8. Byax says:

    Nice work Desi, well done. Don’t mind the spurs fans who giving you negative comments.

  9. SomeRandomGunner says:

    I thought we over used Walcott. We almost never attacked through middle, it was so obvious we have to attack through middle when Eduardo is there or i should say when Bendtner is not playing. Sure Eduardo missed a chance, but he almost got no service , and his another strength is close control and neat flicks that also was not working because Eboue was malfunctioning combined with the fact our other attackers Rosicky, Walcott were far off him.
    Hopefully Rosicky will start against Barca… but it does not look like that and also i do not like Diaby against Barca but what do i know.

  10. venky says:

    Jinnah you moron !!!,it is your thoughts that are anal and cheap. Shut the fcuk up if you know nothing about desi gooner,I doubt that you are a spud fan bstd.

  11. Zerin says:

    Well the last 5 minutes of injury time were really interesting.

    After Arsenal scored and Wolves launched an all out attack,Arsenal had a 4 on 1 chance which I think Denilson shot and it resulted in a counter attack which could so easily have been a goal at the other end if Zubar had better decision making .

    I think this Arsenal team is punching above its weight this season with a lot of mental strength. Long may it continue.

    Look at Man Citys front line of Bellamy Adebayor Tevez and Santa Cruz and compare it with Arsenals front four.

    • desigunner says:

      Arsenal’s first choice front three is Arshavin, Van Persie and Bendtner. I think that’s better than what City have.

      Arsenal have been winning in spite of so many injuries and that shows strength in depth and superb mental strength. I can see why a depleted Arsenal side can be said to be punching above it’s weight. That’s a compliment to each and every squad player.

  12. critic says:

    watching arsenal is like having sex, tension build up until the climax and then suddenly a relief and immense pleasure.

    okay, it was an adult comment.

  13. bombay says:

    Jinnah you seem like a biggot. Your name gives it away. Back off. Let people discuss sports. This is a good blog. What bothers you is that is by a “desi”. Your an idiot

    • Ahmad says:

      m paki….n i luv his blogs!
      dumbos lyk him shud play hockey!

      • GunnerLove says:

        why in the hell are v talking about who shud play hockey ? and who is paki and desi ?
        we are all here to discuss arsenal the awsome shot at silverware we have, coz of are love for the joga bonito
        Its only assz like who ever it was in the starting and then all who follwed about jinnah and crap !
        get a life morons and leave that crap out !

  14. Vermaelen says:

    Remember when Bendtner missed loads of chances against Burnley… then scored a hat-trick against Porto? Perhaps the whole Arsenal team is saving up goals against Barca… without their 2 centre halves and now that Ibrahimovic is injured, our chances has greatly increased!

  15. Hong_gunner says:

    @jinnah – im neither a racist nor like to make any such comments, but for an outright idiotic moron like you, i’d make an exception. First of all, why so much anger with games such as chess and hockey, and even cricket? Did a cricketer leave you behind as a mark of sin on your mother while your father was being castrated? I feel pity for you, i do. To be born with as much intellect as you possess, i’d rather hang myself up than post shit on the internet to expose your life, which im sure is boring and pathetic. I wont comment on your upbringing as you’ve already shown how much pain and misery you’ve suffered, for hence you take the pleasure of releasing it on the internet with your irrational view in context to the topic. Get a life before you die in the womb.

  16. desigunner says:

    Thank you all for your support. I really appreciate it.

    I think I can understand what JiG’s problem is. Back in India I know some people who hate Pakistan/Pakistanis for no rhyme or reason. These people have been brainwashed by certain political/religious hardline groups and you just cannot talk to them rationally.

    My guess is that there must be some people with a similar dislike for India and Indians in Pakistan and JiG is one of them.

    Most people I know don’t hold such opinions or biases. In fact, someone very close to me visited Pakistan as a journalist covering the World Cup. He was blown away by the hospitality, courtesy, and the love he received from the people of Pakistan.

    This is a blog for sharing our feelings towards Arsenal and Football. I hope it brings most of us together and encourages the hardliners to reconsider their views.

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