The ‘Ramsey Effect’: A Blessing In Disguise!?

The following article is a guest post by our fellow gooners from 11Gunners: The Unofficial Arsenal FC Blog

Indian Education system is quiet idealistic in its approach and quiet philosophical as well, if I can say so. I learnt it long back in school that everything happens for good. Every action has a tinge of positivity in it, which is in turn, is elementary to the existence of everything in this world. Aaron Ramsey was at the receiving end of a horrendous tackle in the game against Stoke and he’ll have to pay for someone else’s crime by sitting on the sidelines for months to come. But something pleasant has come out of it, pardon me for saying this, but the Ramsey incident has brought in more positive for the team than previously thought. The ‘Ramsey Effect’ is here for everyone to see, & its repercussions are far telling than any seen/heard/felt before.

Watching the game LIVE on the tube, I felt helpless seeing the young Welshman gasping for thin air as he went down on the turf. Tears rolling down Fabregas’ eyes conveyed the grim picture better than any words could. Birmingham was still fresh in my mind and I was praying for this to have a different ending. The game was at a stalemate then, with a victory the least Arsenal needed, to stay in the hunt for the title. What happened next, as they say, is history. The ‘RE’ had just begun to cast its spell mind you.

The team came out roaring & ended up bagging all 3 points on offer. The Delaps & Co. were nowhere to be seen. It was all Rosicky, Fabregas, Vermaelen then on. Sol Campbell was instrumental in the final quarter of the game with lunging tackles a many. His experience did play a big part in the way this team reacted and this is what experience does when the chips are down. Experience is the best teacher to clear self-doubts, & who better than the big Sol in this regard. The guy has made his presence felt alright. This Arsenal team has looked different after that rather tragic evening. The Ramsey incident has galvanised this outfit and the difference is there to be seen. Before the game began, entire focus was on how to counter Delap’s hand-grenades, rather than outscore them on the contrary. I have said this time & again that ruthlessness apart, our team has all the other ingredients to achieve glory. What several team meetings & innumerable other training regimes couldn’t, the Ramsey injury brought out in totality. Arsenal won the game against our bogey team Stoke, & won it rather convincingly with a 2-goal cushion.

This was followed up with an emotional victory against Burnley. Hoardings courtesy the Arsenal faithful, in the pre-match warm up told the story; “Get Well Soon Aaron”. It reminded one & all, of the tragic mishap that possibly jeopardised a talent as prodigious as Ramsey’, for a long long time to come. Wenger saying he didn’t believe in co-incidents after various Gunners suffered horrific injuries in the past seasons, did justify his love for Don Vito ‘Godfather’ Corleone. But his words made total sense nonetheless. 3 players in 4 years ain’t no co-incidence, and there is definite & foreseeable pattern to it. A pattern which is dreadful at it’s very off-set. After all how many other clubs have had a similar fate? None.

We responded commendably against Burnley even though we lost Cescy within half an hour mark. With our talismanic captain not around, it was Walcott’s turn to step up his game. He had things to prove to the British press and boy did he do that in some style or what!?

The dream run continued against Porto. Arsenal attacked them from the word go and Porto players were running for cover, helter-skelter. The Nasris and Arshavins were all over the Portuguese side. Nasri scored a peach of a goal, arguably the best in the Champion’s league this season, & Nicklas Bendtner finally grabbed his hat-trick.

Hull City were up next. We took time dispatching them, but dispatch them we did. A late strike from the now resurgent Dane bagged us another 3 in the kitty.

Next team to fall victim of the ‘Ramsey effect’ were fellow London rivals, West Ham (pardon my wit for referring them as rivals in the first place!). Again, things were going against the script with Vermaelen shown red for a rather flimsy tackle. Likes of Vidic & Terry get away with those week-in & week-out. The word that ref’s have a thing against the team from N5 got reiterated all over again following that incident. Denilson’s early opener did give us a slender lead for most parts, but we needed another to assure maximum returns. A late Cesc Fabregas penalty did exactly that. His 18’th goal of an irresistible season so far. Phew!

Given the way my Arsenal have performed over the past fortnight or so, post the Ramsey conundrum i.e., I now feel more than confident than ever, looking up to the Catalans as they get themselves ready for a visit to the Emirates later this month. I duly feel we’ll give them a taste of their own medicine & won’t submit like apes before them, like Manure did last season. On paper, we are weak when compared ‘personnel-to-personnel’, but when it comes to technique & positional sense, they don’t come any better than the Arsenal. Likes of Arshavin, Nasri, Rosicky, Fabregas, et al are all accomplished & proven masters of the one-touch football, which the Barca faithful pride themselves for. Cesc, especially, will have a point to make to his childhood team & prove that his decision to ditch them early was indeed a fruitful one!

The league is still anyone’s to grab, with Manure & Chavs very much in the reckoning. Despite our relatively easier run-in, all games here-on are a ‘must win’. Not to forget, we face Man Arabs and Tiny Tots, who are both vying for the coveted 4th spot, before the season bids adieu as well. Both should be feisty affairs alright. If we are to become champions of England after a gap of 5 years, the team will have to rise to the occasion on every single outing. But with this team, & the mental fortitude that they now inherit, I’m backing them to do just that. Whatever be the outcome, I am more proud being a Gooner than I was a fortnight ago. Guess it’s the ‘Ramsey Effect’ catching up on me as well! Keep Gunning everyone…

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11 Responses to The ‘Ramsey Effect’: A Blessing In Disguise!?

  1. Aniruddh says:

    Desi, shouldn’t you be the first to comment on a guest post at least that’s what the other authors do
    I agree with most thats been said but the team for me was already on a roll and would have bagged the three points regardless and may have also been at the same position as they are now as we have had a great season leaving out our games against the other two in the race and maybe shitty(that’s what worries me as we play them in a few weeks time)
    anyway Ramsey didn’t deserve what he received and the criminal is loose and ready to break a few more legs which really pisses me off as in other smaller leagues such as the eredivisie players a handed out more appropriate penalties.

    • desigunner says:

      I’ve been a little pre-occupied over the last few days. Haven’t been able to respond to comments on others posts either.

      I guess we just have to wait till a player important to the English national team gets such an injury. Without that there will be no real action.

      • Aniruddh says:

        The English national team is a real lightweight even without injury
        Imagine no real goalkeeper, no stable defensive pairing, best left-back out injured, no goal poacher(Defoe, gimmie a break), overrated wingers( except Walcott of course), no holding man in midfield, two similar playing midfielders and lastly a over-expectant support they are a real recipe for disaster

  2. Bongo says:

    Dude, this article is stupid, ridiculous and a misleading, because there’s nothing good about Ramsey breaking his leg. Calling it a blessing in disguise is ridiculous. There is absolutely no way to suggest that him breaking his leg has had a positive effect because we just can’t say with any certainty what would have happened if he hadn’t brken his leg, perhaps we’d be winning games comfortably.

    Your article as whole is not what I’d consider in anyway relevant, you have no evidence but supposition to back up your argument and to say the teams confidence is down to one of their players being horrifically injured is ludicrous.

    Lots of the players have come out saying they’ll do it for Ramsey etc. but they were gonna do it anyway were they not? Is it not more likely that they’d say that as a means to support their team mate?

    I like the sentiment in your article, the whole trying to take positives out of a negative event is admirable. It’s just a pity there is such glaring holes in your argument and you view these positives in the wrong light because you’re negating the determination and desire that was already presen in the team. Citing the ‘Ramsey effect’ as a reason why we have won games with late goals is just plain wrong, I guarantee you that Ramsey is not the players out on the pitch are thinking when they’re one goal down and there’s 10 minutes left on the clock.

    • desigunner says:

      I think the author is trying to say that this injury and subsequent reaction is the final piece of the jigsaw. There is no way this can be the sole reason for our wins and neither is it the most important.


    We all know that the wrong player got injured?


    Honestly guys we will never win a trophy with player like Denilson.
    In big games he simply cannot defend and exposes the defence. I have analysed every game this season.

    I am prepared to bet all my savings at Natwest Bank……If DENILSON plays in big games then we will loose for sure.

    I am true gooner but just being honest.

    • Menace says:

      I’m soory but if you cant see the quality that Denilson has then you dont know football. Gilberto had similar press to yours for Denilson. Both players have qualities that are not obvious. The Denilson effect on West Ham was tremendous. He is different from Ramsey. His game is selective tackles and low visibility aggresssion. Ramsey is aggressive tackling and aggressive offence. Ramsey goes for goal with very little consideration for defence. Denilson is always defensive in his movement. Every Arsenal player is a gem waiting for the right light to sparkle in.

    • Aniruddh says:

      how can you even say that a player deserves to get injured in a way Ramsey did. only because a player is bad (not that Denilson is bad) doesn’t make him worthy of that fate.
      I’ve read a few comments that you’ve made in the other posts and I’d recommend that you get some help

  4. Bongo says:

    Denilson is the reason we beat West ham. He scored the goal and he held midfield when Song had to replace Vermaelen.

  5. desigooner says:

    I agree with my namesake’s comment that this tragedy has indeed enhanced the motivation of the lads. What I find utterly incomprehensible is the xenophobia and bigotry prevailing in the English media especially Talk sport, 5 live and a deathly silence on Ramsey’s condition. No one wants to know how he is progressing or feeling. If there is any mention of Ramsey, it is a footnote at the end of Shawcross’s assertion that he will not change his style of play !!
    Proud to be a Gooner!



    but he is NOT strong, aggresive or hardworking,

    DENILSON cannot head the ball? cannot tackle either?

    DENILSON also hides during tough times and gives up.

    Remember PATRICK VIEARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DENILSON will never ever be PATRICK VIEARA!!!!!!!!

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