Portsmouth Points Deduction Extremely Unfair

I’m probably a week late with this article, but so much has been going on that there just wasn’t time to squeeze it in. This isn’t directly relevant to Arsenal and thanks to Arsene I don’t think we will ever be in such a situation at least during my life time. Portsmouth though, might still have a say in the title race when they host Chelsea.

The reason I felt this was an important topic is that football has suffered due to the incompetence of businessmen. There is something fundamentally wrong here and it must be addressed.

Portsmouth, the club, entered administration. I believe every football club is made up of various entities that can be broadly classified into three groups – football, management, and support. Some positions are part of more than one group. For instance, Wenger controls every football related decision but he also takes the finances into consideration hence overlapping with management.

If we consider the reasons a club goes into administration, the main culprits will always be part of the management. The owners, Board of Directors, Chairman, and Chief Executive among others. The manager might also be part of this group if he knows the finances and is involved. Although, based on my limited knowledge, I do feel Arsene is a rare gem in this regard and most managers don’t really understand the financial impact in detail.

In direct contrast, when a club suffers a nine point penalty the people who suffer are mostly from the other two groups. Players, current manager, coaching staff and the fans suffer the most. The support staff pays a heavy price as we have seen from the number of lay-off’s at Pompey.

Not only does football at Portsmouth suffer, the integrity of the League itself is under threat. It is easy to say that Portsmouth players are professionals and they must do their best in every game. But we must never forget that they too are humans and have emotions of their own. If I played for Pompey I’d be gutted. I’d give immense credit to the players if they can give their all in the remaining games thus maintaining the integrity of the League.

In effect, football is suffering on multiple fronts while the real culprits walk away scot free!

How can this be fair? The owners and people like Peter Storrie are free to go and do the same to other clubs while the fans suffer the ignominy of relegation, the players take pay cuts and/or look for other career options, and the manager has a relegation on his resume.

At the very least, the businessmen involved must be banned from being part of any football club management. If it were up to me I’d also impose significant financial penalties on each individual involved in critical decision making that has led to this fiasco.

There is nothing worse than the feeling of impotency that such events evoke. I don’t know if anyone who matters really cares. Perhaps this is similar to other industries where the executives that lead a company to bankruptcy generally leave with lucrative severance packages while the ordinary workers suffer. Or is it that in a civilized world law of the jungle still applies – Might is Right.

17 Responses to Portsmouth Points Deduction Extremely Unfair

  1. oz_gooner says:

    Well said mate.. The pompey situation is a real travesty of injustice.. Ok a 1 million pound fine may be inposed but not league points for god’s sake.. And who will wear that fine i wonder??

    i truely feel for the pompey supporters out there..they have been robbed and handed an unfair lesson which just makes no sense at all..

  2. ryan says:

    surely knowing they’ve no chance of staying up pompey are less likely to be motivated to play their best as they would if their points weren’t deducted? that’s specifically unfair on all those who had to play them when they still had the motivation because surely now they are more likely to roll over as it doesn’t really matter. if a points deduction was agreed on, it should not have been told to the eam until after the last game of the season. this way, not knowing the verdict from the fa, pompey would still play all their games as normal and would learn whatever the verdict was after the season so as to avoid making it unfair.

    • oz_gooner says:

      Are u kidding?? they are playing better than ever now.. they have hardly rolled over..
      u better check their last few results

    • desigunner says:

      I think it can work both ways. If the going gets tough in some game they can easily give up. On the other hand,they could just go out and play without pressure and it might turn out to be a good game. I hope it’s the latter against the Chavs.

  3. John Muhindo says:

    I like portsmouth, but i was dispointed by 9 points deduction, atleast they would have deducted 3. This is a harsh punishment.

  4. dj eboue says:

    KAN-U believe they will survive???

  5. Goons_with_Guns says:

    Well said, mate and Portsmouth supporters get my fullest commiseration.

  6. Aniruddh says:

    I think now that the players know that they have been all but relegated they can perform better and without having to worry about losing, as is evident from their last few games. Moreover they now have a chance to impress other premier league outfits that they are worthy to play here and showcase their talent as most of the players may have get-out clauses in their contracts but the fans would ultimately suffer. For me the real culprit has been Harry Redknapp, he has spent recklessly, jumped ship and bought the players that he signed for a discount( he may do to Tottenham what he did to pompey, I wouldn’t be complaining then )

    who knows they might even win the FA cup again this year

    • desigunner says:

      Interesting point about Redknapp, he has an FA Cup win in his resume while Grant might end up with a relegation.

  7. Aussie Jack says:

    The guys who decided to deduct Portsmouth nine points should be sacked and paid off in empty beer cans.

    The guys who got Portsmouth into this mess should have the beer cans stuffed up their a***es.

  8. QPRvoyeur says:

    Although I like Portsmouth, I totally understand the reasons for the deduction as it’s all to do with fair play. If you supported a team that was next to Pompey in the league, how wold you feel if that club was unable to pay its bills, taxes, players but still benefits from the riches of the staying in the Premier League. All they would have to do is renegotiate the terms and start over, meanwhile your club gets relegated and loses out financially, possibly putting you in a similar situation. It would then beg the question why don’t we all do it? It would create a situation where all clubs try to reap the benefits without taking the risk, unfortunately that would be unsustainable. I feel for Pompey fans but the points deduction for administration rule is a just deterrent and important for fair play.

    • desigunner says:

      I agree about the need for a deterrent. The point is punishing one set of people for another’s mistakes cannot be the right deterrent.

      Either the league has to find a better and more appropriate deterrent or put in place some stringent preventive measures that monitor the spending in the first place.

  9. Brett says:

    I disagree.
    If Pompey weren’t docked points then it would show to all the lower down clubs that entred administration that the English leagues are nothing more than a whole lot of injustice.

    They knew what came from administration, the docking of points is to be expected. At least they didn’t get docked 30 points at the start of a season ala Luton Town… also they were stuck to the bottom three long before the docking.

    • desigunner says:

      Docking points in any of the leagues is unjust. I just focused on Pompey.

      I’m not debating about the need for a deterrent/punishment so that the clubs don’t take risks. My point is that the punishment should be meted out to the right party.

  10. digger says:

    Tell that to the board at Luton and the likes who suffered 30 point penalties because of the failings of previous administrations, now that’s F&&king harsh!

  11. Brett says:

    Luton are my “local” side (technically these days I suppose I can class MK Dons as my local side as well) and I still remember the heartbreak I felt when I heard of that reduction.

    I agree that in a way it’s harsh that points are docked, especially because it makes it even harder for them to make back the money if it results in them dropping down a league, but it’s how it is unfortunately.

  12. I don’t disagree that points should be deducted, however, I do agree that sanctions should be made against those individuals who caused the issue in the first place.

    I live in Cardiff and Mr Ridsdale definitely doesn’t appear to have learnt from his previous errors!

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