Phil Brown, Stan Collymore, Fernando Torres And Late Goals

Yesterday was as good a day as an Arsenal fan can have without actual football. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much.

First came the news that Hull have parted ways with Tango Brown. I’m sure every single Arsenal fan, whether pro-Wenger or anti-Wenger, irrespective of nationality and personal beliefs, would have been delighted by this. Given the fans’ feelings towards him Arsenal could make a killing on commercial revenues by launching a punching bag with his face on it. That way even we can give Brown the sack and a sock!

As I was having a merry time reading Tango man’s reaction, I bumped into a Stan Collymore article. Normally, he’s a writer I try to avoid. Nothing pains me more than a combination of stupidity and arrogance in football. This time though, Stan The Man has taken football punditry to a new low. If you’ve read this article you would understand what I’m saying, in case you’ve not I suggest it as a great source of humour. The essence is that Collymore feels most Arsenal fans don’t know how good Bendtner is and goes on to predict a great future for the young Dane. If there is a Museum of Utter Tosh anywhere in the world, this article should be framed and put on a pedestal. Hell, it’s worth creating a museum just to preserve and display this piece for posterity.

On a more serious note, did anyone see Fernando Torres yesterday? I believe he is one man who can win the League for us! United and Chelsea have to face Liverpool and the Reds, with a fully fit Torres, have a good chance of winning those games. Torres is probably the only striker in the League who can trouble the top two defences all on his own.

A couple of good games from Torres and a draw between United and Chelsea at Old Trafford can put us in the drivers seat. Given the way we have responded with late goals in tough fixtures recently, I feel confident that once we get into pole position there will be no stopping us.

I feel the late goals show the team continues to believe and has the ability to deliver. After the Eduardo incident at Birmingham and all through last season, I sensed a lingering doubt in the minds of our players, especially when the going got tough. In the last few games, that seems to have changed into a belief that we can do it. Actually, more than belief, there is a will that pushes players towards excellence and resilience. It’s the same feeling I had at the start of the 07-08 season and we all know how good the initial period was.

As I was reflecting on how good yesterday was, I began wondering what would make today a good day for Arsenal fans? Should we be happy if Chelsea go out and suffer mentally or do we want them to be in the competition and have more games to play? I can’t quite make up my mind.

15 Responses to Phil Brown, Stan Collymore, Fernando Torres And Late Goals

  1. aisha says:

    i also think torres is the man who could sway things. but don’t forget that torres is up against purple noses pet ref’s as well.
    if you watched how the ref allowed hulls animals to try and cripple our players without trying in any way to stop them you will have seen what we have to put up with.
    torres will have to put up with the same. fletcher or the ginger whinger will do him.

    • desigunner says:

      Torres has screwed the Mancs thrice already, I’m hoping he continues his good form. Can’t do much about the refs so I try not to think about it.

  2. rockershifi says:

    Odd have the same thoughts myself. I hate the idea of them winning the CL and them going out would make me smile. Also I think we have less to fear from Inter than Chelsea in the next round but I don’t want them to be left without European footie in the league run in.

    So if they go through thats fine and if they draw Man UTD even better and if we end up in the other half of the draw away from Man Utd, Chelsea and Barca if they make it then great!

    I loath Phill Brown and their flukey win at the home of football still makes me spit!

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  3. critic says:

    desi above my comment is a spam, u must delete it don”t u? if inter can break terry and lampard’s leg then chelsea shud progress, otherwise they shudn’t. Although i pray game shud go on to penalties…

  4. Parm says:

    Looks Like Phil is in the Brown stuff.

  5. george says:

    Desi, i like your blogs, but what are you saying regards Bentner?Collymore is a cunt but he is right about Nic.Or are you saying otherwise?

    • desigunner says:

      Of course he is right about Nic. I’m not laughing at that but at the assumption that most Arsenal fans don’t like Bendtner.

      Collymore talks as if none of us really likes Nicky B and he is giving us some phenomenal gyan. In fact, he is just repeating what Wenger has been saying for two/three years now.

  6. munala says:

    1. Bendtner is 1 4 da future esp if we sign chamach he will learn alot from him.
    2. Torres will be a hand full but dnt know wat da game against lille will do 2 their strength.
    3. Loosing 2 morinho would realy dent chelseas belief = just ope it happens.

  7. Jibzi says:

    I absolutely agree with your view on Torres; he is the best striker in the world and I would love to have seen him in an Arsenal shirt (him and RVP would have been lethal). He is one player that can and has performed in the big matches so its crucial for him and Liverpool to enhance our chances but also give themselves a chance of getting in the top four.

    If you are of the view that its beneficial for us that Chelski go through against Inter simply because they may play more games, then that is extremely worrying. Remember Chelski’s record in the UCL during the past few years is pretty good (without having won it) and with alot of top teams either getting knocked out or scraping to the next round, the sooner they get knocked out, the better.

    Come on Arsenal (and Torres)!!!

  8. Phillip says:

    Chelsea are out with a dismal performance. Would have been nice if Drogbas ban carried over to the Epl. Collymore is an absolute prick. It’s the media who take the piss out of Bendtner. He should be ashamed of himself and is lucky that I couldn’t comment on his article. This has been my best season as an Arsenal supporter. I am one of the fans who is being rewarded for my faith in my team. The funny thing is the first people I will be laughing at when we win are our own fans who constantly doubted our boys!

    • desigunner says:

      Very true, I can barely contain my emotions about the doom n gloomers. Many of them have changed their tune already but we know a bad result and they will start all over again.

      • Nischit says:

        The worst I’ve read from a certain ‘doom n gloomer'(I don’t remember where exactly) is that he wishes arsenal don’t win anything this season so that Arsene Wenger will be forced to shed his ‘Stubborn Nature’ and admit that his youth policy is a ‘failure’.

        Some people will never cease to amaze me.

  9. Patrick M says:

    I think arsenal should buy Torres and together with Chamach we will make impact by terrorizing all other teams. Wenger has an opportunity to get Joe Cole for free in the summer if he doesn’t mind

    • desigunner says:

      I’d love to see Torres at Arsenal but even 30 Million might not be enough to buy him. I doubt if Wenger can afford more than that.

      Joe Cole would be a decent addition but do we want another injury prone player on high wages?

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