An Arsene “I didn’t see it” Went Unnoticed

Wenger’s press conference after the Hull game lasted less than six minutes. In such a short time Wenger conveyed more about the game and various incidents than all reports put together. A couple of answers stand out in my mind.

First, he was asked about Boateng’s attack on Bendtner (of course, nobody called it that). This is what Le Boss said,

I didn’t see it, frankly. I didn’t see it and I didn’t speak with Nicklas yet, but I don’t think Boateng can complain about being sent off.

I love the use of the word “frankly”. It’s as if he doesn’t expect anyone to believe him when he says he’s not seen it! Too many people accuse Wenger of using the “I didn’t see it” excuse every time an incident occurs when an Arsenal player is supposedly at fault. I bet none of them notices that Wenger says the same thing even when an opponent is involved. It’s easy for these idiots to selectively use his comments, most often out of context, to complicate any rational argument.

If you look at this image, it is clearly a red card offence. How can anyone say it’s not dangerous play? Does it surprise any of us that the number of people worried about Campbell being on the pitch was far higher than those that said Hull were dirty and Boateng deserves serious punishment? In fact, I don’t remember a single report saying Hull were disgraceful with their persistent fouling.

If Wenger wanted he could come out with such images after every game. Almost all teams literally attack our players. Most people never notice this or conveniently ignore it. Le Boss should get a lot of credit for not getting into these things and focusing on the football instead.

Here is what Arsene had to say about the penalty incident,

Maybe you could say if he gives red he gives red, but having seen it, I think Vennegoor of Hesselink played it in an intelligent way. He did what an intentioned striker does in the box, he went straight at Sol and he had no other option but to touch him. But there was no real intention to make a penalty. It was accidental, and he was not in a position to score at the moment he did it. But he was offside at the start.

Arsene accepts the fact that the ref could have sent him off. He could easily have said “I didn’t see it”. The fact that he did not will never be acknowledged.

I feel the ref knew it wasn’t really a foul and if this had been in the other penalty box I’m sure we wouldn’t have received the penalty decision. Does it surprise any Arsenal fan that all the discussion is about Sol getting sent off and nothing about how Hull didn’t deserve the penalty in the first place?

There were too many reports that said Hull fought bravely and were unlucky. Not a single report that said Hull were thugs and didn’t create a single decent chance. The only goal they scored was gifted to them by the officials and the only reason this wasn’t a rout was that Arsenal players missed open goals.

This one from Soccernet takes the cake,

Hull must be given credit for disrupting the visitors’ rhythm and were ultimately unlucky to suffer a fourth straight loss.

It kills me every time I realize that these idiots actually get paid for writing such crap.

19 Responses to An Arsene “I didn’t see it” Went Unnoticed

  1. munala says:

    reporters never have anything positive 4 the gunners; nobody says hull were fortunate 2 have a penalty where da decision should have been an offside. Its just crazy koz we r always at fault no matter what we do.

  2. krishthegunner says:

    soccernet sucks..forget that hull bastard(relegated) and we have to concentrate on West ham in the coming week ….We have to win the West ham game hands on and not leave it to the last minute..Now we must kill the opponent before they start to we can keep head high….tricky fixture..

  3. muzo says:

    Its a pity these so called reporters ignore the facts and choose to report what suits them. how could one say sol was luck to stay on the pitch when in the first instance it should never have been a foul…the guy(Vennegoor)was clearly offside and nobody seems to mention or care about, give the gooners a break!

  4. Perfect…, Well said… 🙂 …!!! In the world full of bad crap…, a good thing is as good as never existed…!!!

  5. gfd says:

    Bendtner must be lectured for not rolling on the ground after the poke. That will certainly have brought a straight red and the yellow on himself would have been avoided. But nice guys don’t always finish last. 🙂

    • desigunner says:

      That’s true … if he’d gone down it would have been a different situation. Good to see the young man is yet to be corrupted by the so called professionals.

  6. deephenry says:


  7. Menace says:

    Another wonderful example of both refereeing and commentary by the robust tackling English. In the game at Hull there was a penalty awarded to Hull for a foul by Sol Campbelll on the offside Vennegoor of Hesserlink. There was contact, no foul but a clever dive by the spit coached Hull striker. He jumped of the floor with both feet to go down. It is so obvious that the commentators with their usual prejudice against the Wenger coached Arsenal’s silky football, even went as far as wanting hanging brought back for Sol Campbell wicked foul. The cheating and very obvious racist commentary (Joe Royal in particular) suggesting that Wenger was muttering in French stokes the fires that end up with young men having to endure broken limbs. When the assistant spotted an attempted eye gouge by Boateng it was quite surprising that the referee booked both the perpetrator and the victim (Bentner). Boateng should have had a straight red for Boateng’s second foul was given a yellow card but in reality it should have been a straight red.
    In the 51st minute there was a tackle by Sol Campbell that cleanly won the ball. The Hull player went over the top of the ball and fell over Cambell’s follow through. The referee stopped the game because the Hull player was injured. The stoppage should never have resulted in a Hull free kick. Once again the commentators tried to add spice into an already simmering match. This is the provocation that encourages teams to foul and get unnecessarily
    It is a matter of record that there have been some very nasty incidents when Arsenal have played Hull and the FA need to review the tapes of the game to understand how many breaches of the Laws of the game and how many incidents were not seen correctly by the officials. In my view the officials need to be relegated to Sunday league and may be honoured by that.
    This is just a part of what was so poorly reported.

    • desigunner says:

      Idiots like Graham Poll are saying Sol should have been sent off for that Zayatte incident, which wasn’t even a foul in the first place! No doubt these refs have no brains.

      Where did you hear the racist commentary?

  8. Walter says:

    Another fine article Desi and some very good comments.
    I can only agree on the fact that Boateng should have been sent off after poking the eye of Bendtner.
    There is no other penalty for such a thing but a red card. It is disgracefull behaviour and dangerous.
    And then Bendtner gets a yellow card also ? What on earth is wrong with refs in the EPL?

  9. bobbygee says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Yes, it is true the idiots in the media write that crap. If it doesn’t fit the the template- forget about it. The media hates Arsenal. We missed way too many chances.

  10. Rene says:

    Wasnt the elbow on Bendtner in the Hull penalty area worse than what happened on the other end with Vennegor?
    Something is pretty skewed here!

    • desigunner says:

      That’s true, as Arsenal fans we are so used to such fouls being overlooked that we don’t even bring it into the argument.

      It was a clear penalty and probably a red card.

  11. Hong_gunner says:

    Wenger is used as a perfect model to exploit the racism and xenophobia by the English media. People with minimum 35 IQ can understand this, but the media of the Great uk fail to get a clue about this. Or they dont bother. Or the English FA is bound by many associations and hence keep getting stupid people in. There are wise men in English football, but they are to be overlooked, because: 1. They are uk residents, but for them, sadly, they weren’t lucky enough to have originated from the english kindom.
    2. How can a foreigner be better in my land, my territory?
    Regarding the title, i feel we can do it. But my main fear is Rooney. I’m eagerly waiting for manuntd-liv’pool match this saturday. A defeat for manchester, and a Arsenal victory will make me believe more we surely arent bottlers anymore. Of which im convinced after the stoke(a)-porto(h)-hull(a) sequence, under pressure.
    And no, im not English.

    • desigunner says:

      Rooney seems to be in that freak zone right now, I hope Liverpool bring him back down to earth. A Mascherano tackle might do the trick.

  12. […] An Arsene “I didn’t see it” Went Unnoticed Wenger’s press conference after the Hull game lasted less than six minutes. In such a short time Wenger conveyed […] […]

  13. Stevie says:

    Soccernet articles on Arsenal have always been moronic. The writers are a bunch of Fergie groupies.

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