Filthy Garbage + Referee 1 – 2 Arsenal: I’m Loving It

We had an injury stricken starting line-up. Our players were not sharp enough after midweek excursions in the Champions League. The opposition kicked us all over the pitch. The referee was an idiot and couldn’t control the persistent and sometimes dangerous fouling. Familiar story for all of us, isn’t it? Only this time there was a twist in the tale! We won and that is all that matters.

I have to say the performance wasn’t top notch. We are capable of much better even after all the injuries we have had. I feel this would have been a comfortable victory if we had been anywhere close to our best but too many of our players were having a roller coaster day. What was that about winning when not playing well? This was the perfect example.

Hull didn’t offer any threat, at least as far as football is concerned. Bendtner’s eye, Sagna’s knee and other bodily parts of Arsenal players were under attack all through the game. The players deserve a great deal of credit for maintaining their composure and focusing on the task at hand.

We started the game well. In the first twenty minutes or so the players showed a high degree of mutual understanding, the off the ball movement was perfect and it looked like this will be an easy win.

Arshavin finished off a long spell of possession in his inimitable style. How many times have we seen him come away with the ball even when there are two or three players closing him down in a tight space. It seems that he got lucky but if you consider the number of times he gets lucky you begin to accept that he knows what he is doing.

I don’t know what happened around the 20 minute mark. It could be that our players were tired of the pestilential fouling and lost some focus. This allowed Hull a chance to get out of their own half with a little more confidence. Eventually, they were rewarded by a blind linesman and an inept referee.

The penalty decision was a joke. Firstly, the off-side wasn’t even marginal. Secondly, the Hull striker just put himself in front of Campbell without any control on the ball. If you watch carefully the ball actually hits him on the back of his head and he has no clue where it’s gone. Thankfully, the ref didn’t compound his stupidity by flashing a red card.

Hull were reinvigorated and Arsenal seemed to have succumbed to their dirty tactics. With Hull in ascendancy and Arsenal on the decline, it is not difficult to see why nothing of note happened in the next half hour i.e. fifteen minutes either side of the interval. I meant nothing of note from a football point of view.

In this period, Boateng did try to take Bendtner’s eye and break Sagna’s knee. Both offences were red card fouls, both got a yellow. Zayatte went in hard on Campbell and came off worse. It was Hull who were being rattled.

Around the hour mark, we got our act together and our passing game returned. I was confident we will score one. We created some clear cut chances but our finishing was woeful. As time was running out I thought maybe this is just one of those days. I could see all the negative headlines and it wasn’t pleasant.

I was hoping for a lengthy period of injury time. Hull had wasted a lot of time over the Zayatte injury and six minutes was not a surprise. In the third minute of injury time Denilson found himself with acres of space 30 yards out. To be honest, as he lined up his strike, I was cursing him as I thought he will just lose possession from that distance. Credit to him for working the keeper and to Bendtner for attacking the rebound and finishing from an awkward angle.

It’s now 5 wins in a row and the countdown is down to 8.

Individual Performances

Almunia: Didn’t have much to do, couldn’t have done much about the penalty.

Sagna: Showed more urgency in the final third. Solid defensively. Put in some good crosses.

Campbell: Looked shaky at times and short of pace. Won the headers well. Overall a decent game.

Vermaelen: Another top quality game. I haven’t figured out why our Centre Backs let the ball bounce in and around the penalty area.

Clichy: Looks like his old self doesn’t he. Solid at the back and very useful in attack. I thought he held back a bit probably because there wasn’t enough cover in front of him.

Denilson: I don’t have many expectations from him these days so he doesn’t disappoint. Did what a squad player should do without making costly mistakes.

Nasri: Was quite lively in the initial period but lost his bearings as the game went on.

Diaby: Was brilliant in individual battles and defensively. Passing and decision making in the final third was quite poor.

Eboue: Had some good moments but he should be doing better. I think he was played because of the physical nature of the game more than anything. Delivered on that front.

Bendtner: A mixture of good and bad. The finish was top class. Had a couple of other positive moments as well. His physical presence helped a lot. I felt he should have attacked the ball better on a couple of occasions. It’s an instinct he hasn’t fully developed.

Arshavin: He too had a hit and miss game. Good goal, couple of other moments of individual brilliance interspersed with some woeful finishing.

Subs: Walcott did well, Eduardo’s touch was good.

20 Responses to Filthy Garbage + Referee 1 – 2 Arsenal: I’m Loving It

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  2. critic says:

    denilson is crap, he loses possession and strolls back, i hate that kind of attitude. If he gets possession, he makes a 360(not zidane’s type) and pass the ball to defenders. He has only one good quality – his shots from long range.

    • critic says:

      and ofcourse he doesn’t makes any tackles b’coz he is tooo busy in reading the game…

      • SomeRandomGunner says:

        ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, i am sick of these Denilson haters. Denilson won 9 tackles out of 11 attempted ,that is the same number of tackles Song would have attempted. I do not know what you really expect from him , go flying in tackles and break few legs pick 100s of yellow cards ?

      • critic says:

        u don’t see him in the game when mostly required…frankly, 9 out of 11,?? we are not judging his aptitude

  3. aniruddh says:

    I don’t understand why people berate Delilson I feel he did pretty OK, Nasri for me didn’t perform as we expected of him but I understood as there’s a lot of pressure on the young lads shoulders.
    Marney should have had a yellow at least, Fagan should have been sent off and I think the FA should revert Bendtner’s yellow.

    • Nischit says:

      Sorry, Denilson was awful today. I honestly feel it wasn’t representative of him as a player, but it seems like he has lost all confidence in himself. He seems scared when on the ball and his team mates don’t have enough belief in him to pass to him when he’s under pressure. That said, I’ve seen a lot of good performances from him last season, and early this season to hope he recovers his form.

      Scrappy game all in all, but the 3 points are all that matter. Arshavin’s finishing is starting to worry me. Sometimes the Russian seems extremely lackadaisical to me, anyone else feel the same way? Its twice in 2 games that he’s missed a sitter and both of them really similar situations. I had a feeling during the game that we kinda expected to win the game. The only player to show any urgency in my opinion was Diaby. If his passing and decision making was poor today, I believe it was only because his team mates didn’t show the same hunger as him. He shot when he shoulda tried to pass, etc etc, but he tried harder than anyone else. Often, he drove into the hull half with the ball and lacked support. We escaped with a win in this game even though we kinda dominated it and should’ve won it more easily.

      Desi, you took away my usual end of post..8 wins to go 😛

  4. Nischit says:

    Oh and Nasri was awful.

    8 more to go 🙂

    • Nischit says:

      sorry I’m a lil drunk after st.paddy’s day. I forgot to mention walcott..He was great today. He provided thrust, precision and delivery. I also thought that wenger was wrong to sub eboue. His reaction said it all. Arshavin was woeful except for the goal. Eboue deserved to remain on the pitch and I feel a wing combination of walcott and eboue would have won us the game earlier. I was surprised to see denilson stay on the pitch, and expected walcott to replace denilson rather than eboue. However, it paid off in the end, as denilson’s strike helped us to score. Hope it does his confidence some good.

      • desigunner says:

        I’m not sure about Eboue, I think he was not that useful on the night. Arshavin did a lot of things like the run and pass to walcott that set bendtner up, and the defence was genuinely worried about him.

  5. Robespierre says:

    Hull is truly a dirty team, not even ‘tough and fair, dirty, just plain rotten tactics ,and that starts from the top. is there more of an unpleasant repulsive guy then this ogre Brown? you could not believe how he shook Boatang’s hand as he came off,’well done boy’, not even pretending how dismayed he should have been with this display of multiple straight red thuggery.
    The team was tired , for sure,but watching the game you could not believe some of the fouls,pushes, body checks that Marriner allowed that really killed our flow in stretches.
    I think we lack some spokesman with the referee on the pitch big time.Sol should be that now, but he never was also in the hey days was he?. someone with authority and seniority to do the necessary indignant lobbying when such situations occurs. It is here that not having a senior english player makes us suffer, I really believe that.
    Nasri did not control things and pushed himself to strange dead ends position on the pitch,Denilson is not lazy,he does have an understanding of the game, and a good shot, but he lack not only upper body strength but also speed in the extreme (his sprints are painful to watch he is slowest guy on the pitch next to Sol). You have to like Diaby’s new discipline but he really sacrifices his offensive game even when the situation calls for it.Yes, Archavin changed boots at the half after the first sitter missed, it did not help, strange, maybe he is not used to playing without pain in his right foot..
    Sol,luckily he has that fantastic experience and aerial authority and some of his tackling is exactly what this team missed for years, but his slowness creates uncertainty and just a liability, the penalty was wrong but you could see it coming in the minutes before; that might bite us, say against a first rate fast front line of a City or Spurs, which WILL be the deciding games of the title, I believe!

    • desigunner says:

      Good point about the spokesman on the pitch. Cesc does it at times and so does RvP. We need someone else who can do it. I’d say it should be divided responsibility with the guy closest to the ref doing the talking, this way no one will be out of position while doing this.

      Sol is not a long term option. We need to get Gallas back asap.

    • critic says:

      cudn’t agree with u more…

  6. munala says:

    theres plenty of positives in dat game, bendtner picking out passes, diaby playing simle touches n above all da patience we exercised.

  7. Samuel says:

    It,s rather obvious from last night,s game against Hull that Alex Song was sorely missed ,both in defence,covering for Campbell and in attack with Abou Diaby with his surging powerful runs and one touch passimg .Denilson is getting better and fitter with each game and it was his shot that led to Bendtner scoring the wining goal,up the Gunners.

  8. gfd says:

    Nothing much to discuss , we all know about english referees and this depleted squad played 3 times in a week while hull played rugby during free time.

  9. You have to love Bendtner. They guy misses and misses and misses, but when it is needed the most he randomly shows up and nuder “The Tigers”.

  10. Northbanker says:

    The last 2 away games (Hull and Stoke) are a massive 6 points, no mistake about that. When you look at the key players we were missing it was a hurdle we cleared which could have easily gone wrong.
    Now we have a weeks rest and players like Song, Fabrigas and Rosicky should all be fit again. Just as well Song got that yellow card when he did or he would have ended up missing games like Spurs or Man City.
    Enough has been said about Hull’s rotational fouling and x-rated tackling. But wasn’t it great to see Sol’s hard but fair tackle show them what physicality really means. Compare that to their sly cynical scythes showing no respect for the game or opponent. Next away match is Birmingham so expect no change there unless we get a ref who respects the game a bit more.
    Anyway, 15 points from the last 5 games and I reckon 19 points from the last 8 should just about be enough.
    By the way, does it really take a broken leg for us to get a penalty in the EPL? Would we have got those 2 penalties Hull were given against us this season? Just a thought.

    • desigunner says:

      Sol has the ability to use his physical strength without really hurting people. I think Zayatte was hurt because of the way he went in and had nothing to do with Sol.

      We would never get the Hull penalties. I think ref’s give soft penalties against the bigger teams rather than in favor. Just today I saw Kelly climb all over Rooney and it wasn’t given.

  11. aisha says:

    it makes you wonder what the ref’s assistants get paid for. how can they miss so much?
    don’t they watch the game?
    bendtners eye and the off side penalty are two decisions that the ref’s assistants should have spotted.

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