Can Denilson Raise His Game?

The full implications of the Stoke game have taken their time to sink in. The injury to Ramsey has obviously been dominating my thoughts. Media nonsense just made is worse as we discussed yesterday. Today, I was consciously trying to think about the future.

We are only ten wins away from the title. That’s the way I see it. Some of you might point to the word only with a dose of skepticism. Others might mention that even ten wins might not be enough. I am quite sure that if we win the remaining games we will be the champions. We could still win even if we drop a few more points, but that will be touch and go.

The next few games will be a big test. The Stoke game has knocked two of our central midfielders out. Ramsey will miss the rest of the season, Song, two games. Add to it the fact that Diaby has been out injured, while Denilson’s form has been dicey at best, and we have the makings of our next mini crisis. This time in central midfield.

The next game is against Burnley at home, so hopefully, we can manage even with the likes of Eastmond. Nasri can do an job, if necessary. Hull away might not be that easy. In any case, the injury to Ramsey means Denilson will have to step up and perform in at least a few of our remaining games. The Brazilian can win over a lot of fans if he gets his act together, at the same time, any errors in this run in and he could find himself a pariah.

In a way, I feel Denilson must learn something from Ramsey. Even though the Welshman is younger and far less experienced than the Brazilian, he has a presence on the field that belies his age and stature. Denilson has a similar physical build and a comparable approach to the game but has so far failed in imposing his personality on the pitch.

His supporters appreciate his passing statistics and the supposed intelligent reading of the game and interceptions. I have never been a fan of the interceptions argument and don’t really like any player who needs statistics as defense. However, there is no denying that Denilson plays an important role in keeping possession when Arsenal dominate the game.

What we need from him is contribution in games when the opposition is prepared to hassle us all over the field and push men into our half making it difficult for us to pass the ball out of defense. It needs an ability to hold the ball under pressure and make the right passes when the opposition is asking tough questions. Too often the Brazilian loses the ball under pressure or passes it back to the defenders making their life difficult. Defenders are left with no choice so the ball is hoofed up field and comes back within seconds.

When Song plays the DM role, Denilson finds it easier as he can just stay around the halfway line and does not have the responsibility of taking the ball from the defenders.

I feel his biggest weakness is that he does not take responsibility. Whether it’s taking the ball from the defenders, shielding it from opponents, tackling to stop counter attacks, and interceptions to stop goal scoring opportunities, Denilson prefers to stay away from the big decisions and moments in the game. Too often, we see him ambling around the action without making a contribution.

This is where he needs to learn from Ramsey. The Welshman gets in the spotlight because he is willing to take charge during the big moments of a game. I don’t know if the Brazilian has specific instructions to keep things simple, but even if he has, I think he’s too simplistic in his contribution.

Song has eight Yellow Cards in the League, Cesc has five, while Denilson has one. I am not saying picking up cards is good but to me it does show an ability to stick the foot in. For instance, Denilson could have picked one up by fouling Sidibe and preventing the second goal in the FA Cup defeat. This is one example of taking charge of a big moment. I can give many more but the point is not about criticizing a player by looking back at the mistakes.

I feel Denilson has enough ability to contribute to the squad. He can’t be in the same league as Cesc, very few can, nor will he have a dominating presence like Song. He can, however, create a role for himself if he decides to take charge. I have a feeling, if we are to win this league, we will need a positive contribution from him at some stage. Question is, is Denilson ready to raise his game?

20 Responses to Can Denilson Raise His Game?

  1. messi says:

    wow the way you just ended it there with “I have a feeling, if we are to win this league, we will need a positive contribution from him at some stage. Question is, is Denilson ready to raise his game?”

    I think he is ready but not too sure when it comes to teams like chelsea who bully you against the other teams like united, liverpool and others his okay because they take their time and don’t come rushing in to him like chelsea do. But I think for saturday diaby, denilson cesc will be the midfield and we will cope for a fact but bigger games not too sure. Im a fan of him and I can see him being a vital player in the upcoming seasons in the future but for now I agree with you mate he has TO STEP UP_,-^^^!

  2. Ravenous says:

    No, he can not!

  3. mojo says:

    Mate I totally agree with u in ur opinion, n I reckon u have been some what modest in ur criticism. All I remember was Rooney coming from behind him and sinking the 3rd goal n me thinking ‘this guy can’t be Brazilian’. I think for the most part of any game the boy is on the deck let’s face it he ain’t exactly a Tony Adams when comes to that department (strength). What he can do however is, grow some balls and see to him self to contribute to our midfield in the form of some urgency or tackling the opposition. To be honest with u I don’t see what Wenger sees in him, if it was up to me I’d hit him with a boot on the head and sent him packing for some shity Italian club.

  4. critic says:

    i still feel asking for title from this team is too much…that means winning every game which is not easy…and their will be some more injuries bound to happen. Enjoying the ride without expecting anything from the team is the best way to support it.

  5. BOOZY says:

    DENILSON IS DIFFERENT FROM SONG CUZ. he’s game has more mobility, and he’s almost every where all the time. i think he can cope at any level, he just has to stop loosing concentration at key moments.

  6. mike says:

    denilson is a great player he can read the game like few the stats show for it, he seems a bit lazy at times but i think he has lost his confidence. Denilson was oour best player last year and started this season very well, but he hasnt been the same since his injury and he has scored 5 goals from 19 games wich is pretty god for dm

  7. critic says:

    game against burnley is the only great chance to improve the goal difference…..slot in 6-7 goals gunners…

  8. shayne says:

    I dont think Denilson is good enough for prem standard to be honest.He should go in the summer.Eastmond is the better option at the moment.

  9. shayne says:

    Whenever Denilson plays we re exposed at the back as he doesnt understand that he has a defensive duty.Recently I witnessed the referee who is at least forty five overtook him while he was trying to track back.What pissed me off is the fact that we were defending a counter attack.

  10. dutchgunner says:

    I agree with Shayne, denilson is supposed to be playing a DM role when hes on the field for song, but he constantly drifts forward to much, then when the opposition break on a counter attack he just saunters back instead of sprinting back or trying to put in a tackle to stop the counter. too many times I have seen denilson lose the ball and instead of running and trying to get it back again he just watches the opponent run off with the ball and leaves it for someone else to get the ball back, he needs to be more committed and have a better work ethic. for the majority of his time on the field he seems more like a passenger then a player.

  11. Hong_gunner says:

    Idiots saying Denilson is not good enough for Arsenal, make your bow:
    1. You dont get to be the captain of the brazil u-18 team if you’re not good enough. He was at the age of 17.
    2. Comparing him to Song is stupid. He is never an out-and-out defensive player. He’s somewhat a cross of gilberto and rosicky(when he plays through the middle). Playing for brazil u-18, he shared his midfield duties with Ramon(now at cksa). That is what he’ll do with Diaby now.
    3. He’s had no confidence(or to say, playing time and a few good games to boost his morale) whatsoever. Give him 2 good games and he’ll prove you we can win the league this season.
    4. Now that the defence is looking in shape(mostly), he’ll get to do his job, i.e, move the ball out of defence with few good switches. Clichy and diaby’s roles will be vital to help him.
    5. He aint physical enough, but his understanding of the game will help him stop even iniesta(or to say) from supplying the balls, once he gets his game back to his old self.
    6. Keep the faith.

  12. Ajinkya says:

    Denilson should train hard , improve off field and then come on to play games. Considering the current situation Silvestre can be played in Song’s absence. Why not experiment? This will give Denilson some time to step up.

  13. WillyG says:

    Only idiots see anything in Denilson. This guy is not premiership material. Send him back to Peru. He can’t be Brazilian.

  14. Hong_gunner says:

    Judging somebody without any back-up to support your thoughts is what clueless cunts do.

  15. Ole Gunner says:

    It’s old bashing Shawcross. Time to bash Denilson….with no basis.


    you are joking mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  17. Hong_gunner says:

    Sounds like a mother telling her 3rd son is not good enough rather than supporting him. Great love for the club. I salute all the ‘true fans’. Good, keep on making Emirates a lull this way. But i’ll keep the clock stand(where its now going to be. Yes!) lightened with my support for the boys. Wenger knows better than me and has hence been doing a great job. Denilson and walcott will feature on saturday.

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