Stoke Deserve A 10 Point Penalty, Shawcross A Long Ban

I’m still quite pissed. It was such a great game by our players, on another day I could keep talking about the positives for days. Right now everything seems trivial. The injury to Rambo casts a dark shadow over all else. It feels worse because I thought the young Welshman was having a brilliant game and was poised to play a big role for us in the run-in.

I was really incensed when I read what the ring master said to defend his animal. There was nothing surprising or different in what the master thug said,

It is a bad challenge but I know Shawcross, I signed him as a 19-year-old.

He has got no bad blood in him whatsoever and there is no way in a million years he would ever go out to hurt anybody. I really mean that.

Everyone else at this football club sends their condolences on the incident, we wish him well for a speedy recovery and as a fellow Welshman I am devastated.

But Ryan has come off the pitch broken-hearted, met his mum straightaway and gone straight home.

For me the game is insignificant, the incident has really spoiled it.

Wow! How can somebody get away with spouting so much crap?

If I break Pulis’ leg with a baseball bat and then run to my mum with a broken heart, will the cops leave me alone? I’ll say I just wanted to “get stuck in” and never intended to break his foot. My dad will vouch for me, he’s known me for almost thirty years now. We will all send our condolences too!

The whole argument is so fundamentally flawed, I tend to wonder if we really are in the Twenty First Century. Across all industries and human endeavor the first priority is to protect the people involved and rightly so. In football the safety considerations are a joke.

The moment a team is encouraged to be “rough and aggressive”, “get stuck in!”, “go at them hard” and so on, we are setting ourselves up for a disaster. Obviously, every rough and aggressive game will not lead to a horrendous injury. But that is no reason to condone it.

These teams go out with an intention to push, elbow and kick at every opportunity. So they need to guarantee that their kicks won’t cause serious damage. I cannot believe a football player can always control the impact of his kick. There is no scientific way to get stuck in with X% intensity so that there is no damage. In the heat of the moment a physical player can get carried away or just be clumsy and irresponsible.

I can understand that Shawcross didn’t intend to break Ramsey’s leg. But that is not a valid and acceptable defense. There was definite intent to kick and hurt. Shawcross could never control the degree of hurt and extent of damage, and that makes him guilty of a criminal offense.

It is unacceptable that one promising young player misses the rest of the season, perhaps more, while the offender gets a three match ban. In such instances, there is no justice in football right now. I believe we need to solve this and here is what I propose.

The onus has to be on the team playing “rough and aggressive” to guarantee that they will not damage someone. They have every right to play hard as long as they make sure such an incidence will not happen. Their word and their condolences are no use to the injured player, his team and the fans.

Across industries, when we give someone a right we expect certain responsibilities. And failure to act responsibly always leads to repercussions. So why should football be any different? We must not go and tell a technical player to not play the beautiful game, so if we want the thugs to have the right to be physical, we have to hold them accountable.

This can be implemented by the following suggestions,

  • If a player commits a foul like the one by Shawcross, he is banned till the time the injured player recovers.
  • The offending team gets a 10 point penalty.
  • The referee’s decision making needs to be scrutinized and appropriate action should be taken if he has not protected the players. In this case Walton should be banned for life.

Justice will be served only if we have such penalties imposed. I know it is a little difficult to accept something that sounds so harsh. But if you think about it, this is closer to a fair judgment than a three game ban!

I understand that football is a physical game and unfortunate injuries can occur, injuries when there was really no intent. I think that the injury to Fabregas last season in that tackle with Alonso would fall under this category. But when a man with his full force and high momentum smashes an opponents leg, it simply cannot be defended as an accident.

Accidents are part of life. I can accept that. We don’t seek retribution for accidents. In spite of these rules there will be a few accidents. But it should not be difficult to distinguish between an accident and a rank bad challenge. Every bad challenge needs to be punished. Players have to be protected.

I don’t expect any action against the English club Stoke by a biased and impotent FA. Maybe, we will see something if Rooney gets his leg broken just before the world cup!

Arsenal though must take this seriously. I do not know the legal intricacies but we should explore a criminal case of assault against Shawcross and Stoke. Even if the end result is not in our favor we need to shake them hard. We also need to push for an immediate change in rules and a serious ban for the offending player and points deduction for his team. Of course, Wenger and the players must not be dragged into this. It is something Gazidis and his team have to get into.

All our players deserve to feel secure and know that the club is willing to fight. They were fantastic on the field even after such an incident and that shows how much they all have grown. Now the club must replicate the same spirit outside the pitch.

(Apologies if you think I’m going on and on about this. I need to get it off my chest)

37 Responses to Stoke Deserve A 10 Point Penalty, Shawcross A Long Ban

  1. GFD says:

    Its no problem , I feel the same way too. But for me the best solution is to start breaking opponents legs also, if 3 matches ban is the punishment.

    • desigunner says:

      GFD, I’m from the land of Gandhi and while most of the Mahatma’s principles have been lost to people even in India, I do believe in them. As the great man said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

      I can see your argument but it’s difficult for me to support it.

  2. summer breez says:

    enough is enough

  3. Arsenal fan says:

    I think the appropriate punishment is to ban the offending player until the injured player has fully recovered and the offending club to pay the salary of the injured player until he has recoverred. There should also be a compensation fee for the club who lost the player

  4. dutchgunner says:

    GFD that’s just stupid, you contradict yourself, you say you agree with his post about cutting these types of challenges out of the game, then say you think our players should go out and break legs? the whole point of this article is about protecting the players so these types of tackles arent encouraged in the game by “physical sides”

  5. Ivan Moore says:

    God, shut the fuck up you TEDIOUS douchebag.

  6. el pipita says:

    after the tackle, watch how many stocke players confront cesc n cempbel b4 they even take a look at ramsey. Its true sthing has 2 be done by arsenal 4 nobody else cares apart from da gunners.

  7. sixx pac says:

    morning. Just watched the game again. I didnt even see Aaron’s leg sticking out like that at first. Fuck.

  8. Aniruddh says:

    I actually cried last night and I cannot forgive stoke nor can I forgive shawcross this is a real shame
    I’ve seen it a couple of times on tata sky plus and I can tell that it was a real bad challenge, he just goes for the leg. I feel that this incident has happened to a brother and I hope none of this happens to any player not just a gunner

  9. ojariko says:

    Dear Gunners,
    I guess ranting will not do anything to change anything, action is what we need, May i call upon all blogs to mobillise gunners world over to stage a match in all the major cities just before the kick off of our next premiership match which is against burnley.
    Let us stage a match to condemn the neglect arsenal club has suffered from the FA and referees and call for immediate action and protection of Arsenal players like all the other players in the league
    I believe our collegues in London should take the lead and Arsenal supporters clubs all over the world should mobilise for such a match.

    I feel this is the only way to bring the whole matter into the sport light

    • Neutral says:

      Yes! I agree with you totally even though I am a neutral!

      It is a game, not a battling war field, I saw Stoke players confronting Cesc & Campbel immediately after the incident and that is really a very bad sportsmanship! Incident of such should be punished severely!

      Please, ALL the Arsenal fans around the world PLEASE do something to stop such violent conduct!

      • CharlotteGooner says:

        I agree… Gooners should try to mobilize some sort of campaign to let the FA/EPL know what we think. This should start with all the Arsenal Bloggers getting together to mobilize their readers into action.

  10. Flying Gunner. says:

    It’s a real pity to lose such a promising talent, i agree with you desi, thought he would play a bigger roll in our title run in. He was having a really good game before the incident.

    I hope that the F.A realizes this, we have lost three players to tackles like this there is a strange pattern to it, one the F.A should investigate.

  11. GFD says:

    dutchgunner : I agree with the writer about the 10 match ban, which most likely will never happen. And people will keep doing it until we retaliate. I can tell you none of our players will have the heart or balls to do it, anyway. But after one break, opponents will think twice from then on. 3 match ban? its worth it.

  12. GFD says:

    dutchgunner : I agree with the writer about the 10 match ban which most likely will never happen. And people will keep doing it until we retaliate. I can tell you none of our players will have the heart or balls to do it, anyway. But after one break, opponents will think twice from then on. 3 match ban? its worth it.

  13. Metalhead says:

    I’m glad I could not watch the match yesterday. Because the last time I watched Eduardo break his leg I was sick for a whole month. Sick and very very angry.
    I couldn’t watch the tackle by Shawcross, however, it’s not the tackle that bothers me, but the apathy that people including the media, show towards the nauseating attitude of clubs like Stoke City. Surely Shawcross did not mean to break Ramsey’s leg, he was in tears and was repenting at what he had done and is hence clean, right?
    Wrong. Shawcross is part of a team that set out to kick the Arsenal players. They have even had the nerve of proclaiming their intent in public. And what did the media do, they hailed them, of course.
    So, the point I’m trying to make here is if I go out with an intent of thrashing someone to within an inch of his life, thrashing, not killing and if I end up killing that person, am I still clean? Will the judge say “you only intended to only thrash and not kill and hence I spare you the life sentence”? Similarly, Shawcross is part of a team that set out to kick the Arsenal players. Not break their legs, just kick them. In the process of doing so, broke someone’s leg. And that someone is poor Aaron Ramsey whose very bright career is now in the doldrums. Shawcross did not break Ramsey’s leg. The real culprits are all those people who ignored the malicious intent shown by clubs like Stoke City.

  14. c juillet says:

    totally agree with everything it just shows up how totally biased the FA is against that ‘foreign team’ Arsenal-even though victim this time Welsh (almost English!) the apathy of most of Stoke afterwards plus hearing about chants from some of thir fans really made me more sick-agree Shawross didn’t mean that much damage but intent was there plus sick of Song getting carded for minor challenges and so many other team players getting away with maybe a freekick if we are lucky

  15. Neutral says:

    Mr Pulis, I hope you & all your players read this blog. For what you have said, you are only encouraging your players the continuation of being violent…Just put yourself in Ramsey’s parents’ shoes, IF the one who broke his leg from a bad challenge yesterday was your 19-year-old son…

    …how do you feel?

    Please, Mr Pulis, you really need to teach your players be REAL footballers, not BIG BULLIES!

  16. gooner80 says:

    To take arguably one of the best upcoming players in Britain out possibly for the rest of his career really sickens me to the very depths of my being.

    teams like hull even say I know how to play arsenal! you just kick them, Arsenal are in the wrong league, we are better off reverting to having 10 veiras on the pitch.

    we get told how weak we are and we are such a push over, just look at Eduardo every Arsenal fan will agree he is a shadow of his former self I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to Ramsey

  17. GoonerGaz says:

    A motorist that kills a kid driving at 60 in a 30 didnt mean to do that and therefore would be ok in the world of Tony Pullis!

  18. Metalhead says:

    Ryan Shawcross says that his tackle was not malicious. I have a question for him. How do you define malice? When I shake someone’s hand I show no malice and hence I have absolutely have no chance of breaking it and I have never heard of anyone breaking his hand when trying to shake hands. If I twist someones hand I show malice. I may not set out to break someone’s hand but in the process if I break it am I not being malicious? Will someone slap some sense into this guy?

  19. MATT says:

    shut the fuck up moaning you arsenal twats,the challenge was not in malice,you can clearly see that in any close ups,you always think you big clubs are hard done by,what a fucking shame,arsene wants fucking,french prick,shawcross will probably get the red revoked because he deserves to,and by the way it was not a penalty,SAME OLD ARSENAL,ALWAYS CHEATING,FUCK OFF BACK TO YOUR NORTH LONDON SLUMS

    • matthew jones says:

      MATT U R AN ABSOLUTE COCK AND I BET U R A NORTHERN MONKEY ASWELL. Teams like Stoke and Hull don’t deserve to be in the Premier league. All you can do is kick and push. That sort of stuff goes on in Sunday league football. Tony Pulis is a prick who will never have the class of Arsene Wenger and will never manage a decent footballing team.

      • Joel says:

        You’re right!!. They just kick and push without even thinking.Just like fox in competition!.Was real boared.

    • desigunner says:

      Matt you probably got a kick to your head when you were young, you need help mate.

  20. Rygie says:

    Would shawcross have seen red if ramseys leg wasnt broken, I don,t think so. Was a 50/50, if anything Aaron went in hard on Ryan.

  21. diceman1984 says:

    I’m still fucking angry…..

    A bunch of “throwball” bitches with an overrated cunt breaking people’s legs for fun.

  22. diceman1984 says:

    and Rygie….

    You’re clearly one inhumane person, or blind.

    Go watch it in slow motion.

    Ramsey went it hard? Fuck off man.

    But yeah Ramsey fucked it up and broke his own leg in pieces……right?

    And Matt….

    Who the fuck are you man? You’ve been invading Arsenal’s blogs all day to defend that cunt’s actions and bash Arsenal without any sign of being a civilized person. You’re either an animal or that ex-manure cunt’s agent or something.

  23. Hieu says:

    When I first was at the stadium, i thought it was simply just an hit-and-down accident but once I caught those vid on net. Did you watch it, man??? FUCK! that fucker Shawcross was like, flying and kicking Rambo foot!!! WTF! He could have stop that, or at least reduced his power. Goodness! he went all the way for that kick. that wasnt football, chaps! That dude MIGHT be a fucking future of our country (as those stoke fans were talking about) but FUCK him. I’d rather support Wayne Bridge or JT stuff than something like this. Bullshit! I’m still fucking mad after last night. Fuck those stupid Stoke fans! And you know what Shawcross? You didnt just make Rambo a broken leg, you might just have destroyed a footballer’s career whose class is much higher than you. I’m never gonna back that Britannia stadium again. Bullshit!

  24. corni says:

    I agree Desi, The ref and the FA have a duty of care with regards to players safety. 3 broken legs in 3 years shows they are neglecting their duties.
    Arsene and arsenal should sue the FA & the referee for failing to protect our players while in their care.
    win or lose it will show we mean business.
    As for those tow rags on talk s***e this afternoon. How thick and nasty are these people when they ay we get broken legs because our team are so small. What garbage these lowlife speak.

  25. corni says:

    eduardo was done by fergies bitchs team (birmingscum.
    rambo was done by ex manure player.
    common denominator is manure. wonder what was said when they got on the phone to taylor and shawcross.

  26. corni says:


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