Is Wenger A Moaner Or Just Too Intelligent For His Own Good?

I don’t think we need any evidence that Wenger is widely considered to be the biggest moaner in the premier league. Every other week there is someone in the press moaning about Wenger’s moans!

The most recent example comes from Graham Poll. In this article, which I guess you must have read by now, Poll goes on to make an ass of himself once again. He wants to drive home the point that Wenger is a poor loser. I’d have thought that if a former referee is writing an article he will focus on the technical aspects of the job and analyze the incidents from that perspective. Instead, the man who can’t count goes about digging up some irrelevant quotes from the past to write a sensationalist piece.

Wenger had specifically pointed out 5 technical errors in Ref Hansson’s decision. I started reading the article thinking that Poll will give some valid counter points. These are some of his counter points,

On Saturday, a neutral observer would have thought that Arsenal’s first goal looked offside and their second came from a dubious penalty award in stoppage time.

On his list of five problems with the goal was the fact the ball was not on the exact blade of grass where Fabianski picked the ball up. It was petty in the extreme

Wenger himself would be the first to complain if referees took him at his word and made every restart be taken from the precise point the offense occurred. It would simply interrupt the beautiful game which he admires so much.

How dumb can you get!?

Even die-hard Sunderland fans would not claim that Bendtner was offside and I have seen Poll give far worse penalty decisions during his career.

How easy is it to use rhetoric against rationality? How many times have we seen refs being particular about the position of the ball when the free kick has been given inside the box or just around? If you are not particular about where such a free kick is taken from you might as well take a penalty from the six yard line!

There are other aspects about the ref’s position, his arm not going up and so on which Poll conveniently ignores. Anyway, I don’t really care much about an individual idiot like him but the problems are serious because there are just too many of them.

I don’t deny that Wenger has a habit of protecting his players and turning the focus away from them when something goes wrong. Similarly, he brings attention to the team when the result is good. How can anyone expect anything different from a manager and does any other manager behave differently?

The real problem is that most of what Wenger says is really well thought and demands proper observation and analysis from the listener. In that sense, part of the problem is Wenger himself because he makes life difficult for those with limited thinking abilities.

People laughed at Wenger when he said in November that Chelsea will drop points. Once he was proven right, did we see a single article acknowledging the fact accompanied by an apology to Wenger!?

If you look at his analysis of the play-off proposal, Le Boss has given some valid points that would force anyone to think,

Who guarantees you the fourth spot is available for the Champions League?

You only have the fourth team as well because you have a strong co-efficient in Europe. The biggest danger for that coefficient to drop is that the seventh team finishes in the Champions League and your co-efficient drops because you go out of the Champions League early and you lose the fourth spot.

Pretty much everything Wenger has said on the subject shows how quickly he has analyzed the topic and identified the problems. Contrast this with what Fergie had to say on the subject,

I don’t know why people would want to change the format of the Premier League – it’s very good. The product is good. It sells well all over the world. People want to watch English games on television. There’s no real need to change.

It’s a really ordinary and doesn’t mean anything at all. At the same time the listener doesn’t need any effort to understand what is being said. In fact, if you think about it, those are precisely the reasons why a play-off is being proposed. The product is good and people want to watch such games on television. It would generate more revenues!

Similarly, if you look at his words after the Everton defeat,

Whatever it was, it was just too much for us today. We had some good chances early on and we could have been two or three up. The equaliser changed the game a little bit. But it was the second half that let us down. Our second-half performance was very poor and when you are going for the championship you expect Manchester United to respond to the importance of the game

Once again, it’s something you don’t need to think about. Just harmless, generic stuff. This simplicity is what the media wants – The team that wins was good, the one that lost was not good. Finito. Anything more and it’s a problem.

I am not saying that Fergie is dumb and Wenger is intelligent. But Fergie knows how to talk dumb when facing a bunch of morons. Arsene Wenger, on the other hand, becomes a victim of his own intelligence.

17 Responses to Is Wenger A Moaner Or Just Too Intelligent For His Own Good?

  1. ABBAS says:

    Well written mate. Was it not the shameful Graham ‘POST’ that invented 3 yellow cards = 1 RED card?. So you can play a quick penalty also before the goalkeeper is ready?. Let anyone give me an example anywhere in the world of a quickly taken freekick inside the box pls.

  2. ryan says:

    how the fuck was the cesc penalty dubious? you can see that close up, in slomo, full speed, from a distance, from every damn camera angle and what can you say? the foul takes place just inside the box and there is no way you can say it was a dive. ferdinand (accidentally) tangled his legs, tripping cesc when he had the ball, inside the box. how the fuck was it dubious is he actually taking the piss?

    ever since the eduardo dive at the start of the season the refs seem to think any foul inside the box against us is dubious at best. i can understand taht they don’t like being conned but tell that to the refs when rooney takesw another tumble, or gerrard, it’s disgraceful how we take the brunt of it.

    oh and wasn’t it poll who admitted he finds it hard to tell off the english players? i forget which ref said it, but i think it was this twat. why doesn’t he fuck off.

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah, I think it was Poll who said it was difficult to find faults with English players.

      The only way we can answer these fools is by winning. They cannot be reasoned with. Although I have a feeling when we win most will say that it’s a fluke and we can’t do it again!

  3. Nischit says:

    I dunno if it is talking dumb that he’s good at, but he knows how to play the english media. Just like mourinho did. I dunno what the english media like, but its definitely not an articulate frenchman who keeps proving them wrong again and again. Did you notice how at the end of the article, he has a moan at wenger for not moaning a decision that was supposed to be moaned? i.e Cana’s two footed tackle. I didn’t read the article until now, but now that i did, I dont think I’m the better for it. Makes you wonder don’t it if some referees are truly impartial or not??

    • Nischit says:

      btw, i kinda understand how the cesc penalty was dubious, cos maybe the initial contact was outside the box, but the bendtner goal offside? Well you have to remember these words are from a ref who decided 2 yellow cards dont warrant a red 😉

    • desigunner says:

      Yeah that last point about Cana was really ironic/funny. I never expect Ref’s to be completely impartial. Did you see the mourinho ban in Italy and the news surrounding it. It seems the ref’s threatened a boycott if Jose was not given a punishment they were happy with. So I guess it’s not difficult to understand how a referee might let his feelings affect a result.

  4. John Muhindo says:

    What do you think and expect out of professor wenger? He might be the coach for the season if he wins a trophy in premier league

  5. MOHAMED says:


  6. critic says:

    very nice observation….i think it’s a stroke of genius to act like a fool….

    very nice article…

  7. FemDee says:

    I very much doubt if Mr. Poll’s opinion would be the same if the quick-free-kick-inside-the-box were to be allowed against England in a crucial World Cup match this June, in South Africa.
    Thus, one must look for other reasons why an English referee would prefer to see the matter as he does against an English team in a European torunament especially as he failed to profer any counterpoint to Mr. Wenger’s technical grounds.
    Just as with the Eduardo case, I am sure Wenger is very much looking forward to being charged by UEFA thereby gaining a pplatform to lay down his case formally.
    One thing Poll forget is that it is Wenger’s responsibility as the manager of the club to ensure that officials, etc don’t see Arsenal as a team they can cheat without expecting reverbrations and repercussions. For this reason alone, Wenger is justified to moan all he want. More so, if he feels he has good justifications for doing so.

  8. Ole Gunner says:

    Wenger plays the media all the time.

    The problem he’s got recently is that there are a lot of English managers and pundits who are angry that this foreigner still sits atop of the perch in England and runs a team full of foreigners.

    Wenger-bashing is also an industry. Twist his quotes to fit in existing narratives. Use the obligatory “myopia” slur, and you’re guaranteed a reaction.

    • desigunner says:

      I guess I understand what you mean by Wenger plays the media, he has that twinkle in his eye at times and a sly smile when he does that.

      But I have never seen him give dumb answers. I don’t think he can do it. Over the years he has achieved more balance in his comments. For instance, when he called Villa long ball he did say some nice things as well and gave a better balanced view.

      Wenger-bashers picked on his words even then.

      Wonder how it will be if one day he comes in and feeds the media only the words they want to hear and doesn’t give them any genuine thoughts/answers.

  9. Hi says:

    Wow! Graham Poll is retarded. He just wants attention. LOL! I think the ref was intimated by the crowd and the players and it all went by in a flash for him. He then noticed his mistake but didn’t want to admit it so he kept with it. Doesn’t really matter though. Our team is good enough to demolish Porto. 3-1 to us for the 2nd leg.

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