Porto V Arsenal: An Efficient Performance Will Do Just Fine

Today’s games went as expected. Lyon troubled Madrid while Milan didn’t have enough to keep Rooney out. Now I am hoping tomorrow’s game won’t throw up any surprises either.

We have some big names missing. Gallas, Song, Arshavin are not easy to replace. Is it a sign of over confidence or is it our strength-in-depth that makes me expect a good result at the Estadio do Dragao? Maybe a bit of both.

What is a good result, you ask. 1-0 to the Arsenal, I say.

Our past record in Portugal and away against this particular opponent is not spectacular but isn’t quite as bad as our record in, say, Russia. While Porto are well organized and hard to break down they don’t really have the ability to dominate the game against us. I will be really surprised if we don’t keep the ball for long periods.

Once again the primary threat will be from counter attacks and shots from distance. They might also try and use Hulk’s bulk on long balls and set plays. As long as we are disciplined and don’t gift any goals we will return from this fixture with one foot in the quarter-finals. I know a lot of people think taking a team lightly can be dangerous and I completely agree with that. The point is not about taking it easy but that of imposing our class.

I am looking forward to the team selection. Campbell should come in for Gallas and Rosicky for Arshavin. The important question is, who will come in for Song? I guess most of us expect Denilson to start even though some of us would prefer to see Rambo getting a run. Porto are not clinical enough in the final third and that presents the opportunity of risking/blooding a youngster like Ramsey. Diaby can sit deep and let the Welshman link with Cesc.

We might not get too many chances to score and the final result will depend on who does better when the odd chance presents itself. Lyon and Milan were awful with their finishing and might rue the missed chances in the second leg. Hopefully we won’t be in the same boat.

I think this is the perfect game for Bendtner to get on the score sheet and build some confidence. If we get a good game from the central striker it will help us in the league games as well.

Probably the only other question in team selection will be that of Eboue Vs Sagna. Wenger clearly prefers the Frenchman as the first choice but the Ivorian did really well against Liverpool. I would go with Sagna as he is a better defender and we need to compensate for the loss of Gallas and Song.

The team I would like to see is,

Fabianski; Sagna, Campbell, Vermaelen, Clichy; Diaby, Cesc, Ramsey; Rosicky, Bendtner, Nasri.

I guess Le Boss will stick Denilson in but I cannot complain about it. Maybe a little moan but nothing more!

17 Responses to Porto V Arsenal: An Efficient Performance Will Do Just Fine

  1. gunner4life says:

    I disagree and I think Porto will give us a hard time. I am hoping for a tie 2-2 would be great and we would keep them to one goal @ the emirates and go through. Those are my hopes but with the injuries I think porto has a good chance of winning.
    I heard almunia is out as well.
    line up is
    sagna campbell vermalen clichy
    eboue fabregas diaby
    rosicky bendtner walcott

  2. John Muhindo says:

    Wenger`s team is still strong to win this game if his selection can make good combination in passing the ball to whoever scores.

  3. Gennie says:


    Is Rambo really better than Denilson? You must be joking! He may become better than Denilson in a year or so, but not right now. Yes, Denilson has not been good in the last couple of matches, but Rambo still has some way to go to take his place. However, it is your opinion.

    • Nischit says:

      shouldn’t we go on form for every match?

    • desigunner says:

      I am not saying Rambo is better than Denilson. Firstly, they are different players. Secondly, Rambo needs games to develop.

      I think this is a game where we can risk a lesser experienced player. I consider Denilson to be the safe choice that is why I said we can risk Rambo.

  4. oz gooner says:

    Agree, I think Denilson is a bit off colour but he has turned in some really good performances for us.Has a bit more nous than Ramsay, a definite starter in my book.

  5. ryan says:

    not den’s biggest fan but i’d start him tomorrow as he has a bit of extra experience (even at his age lol) and i think the occasion is less likely to get to him than ramsay who is quite up and down (when he’s up he’s much better than den though).

    i think eboue has started every cl game so far, so i expect wenger will stick to that policy, but i can see your reasoning for choosing sagna. i’d have to agree on the lineup and just switch rambo for den and sagna for eboue. either way we should hopefully have enough to come through this game very much intact, even if we aren’t winning. being a goal behind at the end wouldn’t be the worst result in the world, but any more than one (especially if we don’t nick any away goals) and i’d be concerned. lets hope for the best eh!

    up the arse!

  6. adu says:

    by me traoure is better to clichy.

  7. mario indian gooner says:

    @adu….spot on bro…traore is better than clichy and i cant believe how u can pick sagna over eboue…..eboue played realli well against pool and as far as i noe played much much better than sagna….sagna cant fukin cross niether and he slows the game down…i think eboue is quick and he brings life into the game…..eboue in sagna out

    • desigunner says:

      Clichy is improving with every game, I think we will see the old Clichy very soon.

      Sagna is better than Eboue defensively as he is a no nonsense defender. Eboue is capable of taking a throw in to the keeper under pressure, it’s madness.

      Eboue’s strength’s are in running with the ball and taking people on. He could be useful in the final third.

  8. gunner4life says:

    I think eboue should take songs places. He can obvious play d and is stronger than denilson. I do think porto isn’t gonna be easy @ home. A 2-2 tie would be good beating them 2-1 @ home then going on. But it’ll be exceptionally hard with out arshavin gallas and our first keeper ( even though he is a poor keeper. ) also bendtner hasn’t done anything this year and is still looking for his form I don’t think he will do well under todays pressure.
    so it will be a tough fixture.
    fabregas needs to step up but that’s who porto says they will be going after.
    diaby and fabregas will score hopefully winning 2-1 or tieing 2-1

    • desigunner says:

      Earlier I used to think that Eboue for Song would be good but I realized the Ivorian makes some big mistakes at times and we could really suffer if he played DM. He is more of a flair player than disciplined worker.

  9. Nischit says:

    I agree with you. I’d totally pick sagna over eboue, and maybe even denilson over ramsey, cos what i want in this match is to score and not to lose. a score draw will do for me.

  10. El Pipita says:

    Rambo over Denilson wont do the trick, we nid someone who can sit deep n we know Diaby,cesc n rambo wont; just alittu faith in denilson would do.

  11. BOOZY says:


    bac sol tomvy clichy


    diaby fab

    walcott rocky


    i like this- we need to give walcot games to get to his best, he would become crucial to us as the season enters its most crucial stage

  12. bobbygee says:

    Denilson is a scoring defender. He is a defesnive liability but his mistakes can be covered up with a solid performance by campbell. A score is a must. Fabgregas needs to work his magic and score. Patience and make the most of all the possessions. You are right Porto is a good team. I expect 1-0 win. Goals will be at premium. http://defutebol.net

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