Understanding Wenger’s Transfer Conundrum

Just before the January transfer window Arsene came out with a statement that he is looking for a striker. With a long term injury to Van Persie and inexplicable delays in Bendtner’s return to fitness most of us were worried about the striker situation at the club. Needless to say, expectations were high.

Now that the transfer window has come and gone, we have been knocked out of the FA Cup as we were forced to field an understrength team and following the abject performance against United, it is not surprising that many fans are confused, even agitated, over our apparent lack of action in the transfer market.

Somewhere in the middle of January, Wenger did start talking of us being top scorers and downplaying our need for a striker. After initially talking of his interest in finishing business early, this change in tune led me to believe that he has tried and come up short.

The loss against our title rivals has been painful for everyone and unfortunately it has given fresh ammunition to the doom and gloom merchants. Their single biggest argument has always been our lack of signings. So now we have people calling Arsene a liar and some even going to the extent of calling for his head.

I am one of those who don’t mind questioning Wenger’s actions but have enough faith to believe that he will always do his best for the club. The results of my musings on our transfer activity or should I say inactivity, are as follows –

  • Arsene must have explored his list of hot prospects and rejected them for one or the other reason
  • He might or might not have inquired about the really top class strikers
  • He must have explored various loan options, free transfers and fringe players

Of course, this is just my opinion and I might be totally wrong. In any case, here is my reasoning behind these conclusions,

Firstly, we have been linked with players like Chamakh, Traore, Remy and other young prospects. There seems to be enough truth in those links and Arsene obviously seems interested. However, none of these players is going to walk straight into the first team and make a big impact on this season’s results. It is quite likely that Wenger asked about them and realized that right now it’s not worth investing in them and his time would not be well spent following them.

Secondly, I am not very sure about how many of the really established strikers were available. In one interview Wenger did mention that Villa was not available. Given the Spaniards price tag, some people might scoff at the suggestion that Arsene would have shown interest. I prefer to give Arsene the benefit of doubt and feel that he might have made an inquiry even if the price he offered was way short of Valencia’s expectation.

Finally, in the absence of top quality strikers and the relative futility of signing youngsters the last resort would be to look at loan options and free transfers. Names like Van Nistelrooy, Huntelaar, Adriano, et al. cropped up during this period. The problem with the former United man is quite obvious, Huntelaar remains an unproven prospect and Adriano has not played in a big league for a while now. My guess is that Arsene analyzed the players available and decided that no one fits the bill.

Some people want a signing for the sake of it and there isn’t much you can say to them. I hope that those of us who like to be rational can see there wasn’t much that Wenger could have done this January.

Arsene has a strong view against spending just because we have the money. I tend to agree with him on that. There is another important aspect that people sometimes forget. We might have 30-40 million available at the moment but we do not have unlimited funds.

To put this in perspective, United were able to sign Berbatov for an astronomical sum and can afford to put him on the bench. They could also spend huge amounts on the likes of Hargreaves, Anderson and Nani and forget about them for a couple of years. Chelsea had a budget running into hundreds of millions and could easily make a 30 million mistake called Shevchenko. Man City have also spent hundreds of millions and a lot of that will prove to be a colossal waste.

Unfortunately, Wenger has money to spend but he doesn’t have money to waste. When Le Boss signs someone he has to be extra careful that it’s not a lemon he’s investing in. Nor can he invest 15-18 million on players for future like United have done with the likes of Nani, Anderson, and others. Wenger can only spend 3-5 million on such players.

Chelsea and Citeh are the moneybags, United have had a huge stadium for years and have also had a much bigger global brand. Arsenal are only just seeing the benefits of a big stadium and the slowdown in the property market last year also affected our plans. If all goes well on the property front, we might have a much larger budget in the summer.

Seeing the likes of Arshavin and Vermaelen in the team, I am convinced Wenger will spend big if the right player comes along (Still I don’t expect a 80 million bid for the likes of Ronaldo/Messi.) Till that happens, the least we can do is show some respect towards a man who works hard every day to build a successful Arsenal.

61 Responses to Understanding Wenger’s Transfer Conundrum

  1. leah says:

    Thanks for your comments. What Arsenal fans don’t seem to realise is that good players do not grow on trees and may not gel with our current crop of players. It is dissappointing to lose matches but i believe the youngsters should be given time.

  2. John Muhindo says:

    Wenger knows his players better than us, we trust him and he owes the fans atrophy this season. He received the fans massage last season. I hope he noted it.And his working to respond to it.

  3. ozed says:

    Well said man! Well said!

  4. gooner61 says:

    agree with alot of what you said but wenger bringing villa’s name into the hat made me laugh my head off,come on do you really think wenger would look into buying villa at his price tag and big wage demands lol never in a million years that was just trying to say to the fans yes we are interested in those big name players but sorry he wasnt avalible,
    also dont agree with you on the hunter “unproven prospect” are you serious the guy is a prolific scorer at club and international level yes ok he hasnt had it easy the last year or so but if hes not being played hes hardly going to get the goals is he, the guys over 6 ft get that ball to him in the penalty area and hes deadly and we could have got him before the begining of the season for around 15mil.
    but hey im no manager so what do i know lol.
    but good post all in all

    • desigunner says:

      About the Hunter, I agree he was prolific in the Dutch League but so was Mateja Kezman. Remember him? As far as I know KJH flopped at Madrid and Milan and remains unproven at the top level. Teams have signed him for some reason and if he is not getting games while being fit, it’s a very telling omission.

      • gooner61 says:

        so getting 8 goals out of 20 starts in a madrid team and lets be fair wasnt playing great footy at the time isnt a good ratio thats nearly a goal every other game?? but i do understand what your saying that its a risk but hey wasnt henry a risk pretty much the same circumstances.
        but hey who am i thats why wengers a footy manager and im not

      • desigunner says:

        Firstly we must ask why Madrid allowed him to go if he had a good scoring record? I think he scored his goals coming off the bench in games they were winning easily.

        The biggest problem with Huntelaar is his work rate and his back to the goal play. Right now we needed an immediate replacement, not someone who will become good after a few years. Huntelaar isn’t ready to perform from day one. That’s just my opinion.

  5. Arsenal says:

    Wenger tried to get Chamakh. He even said that Arsenal keep pressuring him to sign in January. He wants to wait until the end of his contract so he can maximise his wage demands and receive a high signing on fee, so it was in his best interests to not sign for anyone in January.

    The other players, such as Huntalaar, is little more complicated than just signing him on a 6 month loan deal.

    The fact is Wenger made an attempt to sign a striker, but its virtually impossible to sign players of quality in January. No club wants to sell their players in January.

    Having said that, Wenger should of signed a striker before the season started, but at that time van Persie was available as well as Bendtner. Nobody could foresee their injury problems. Or even the whole squad.

    The fact is, we have a title challenging team, when most are fit. Short sighted reactionary armchair managers out there dont understand this.

    I remember when we los to Chelsea they were calling for reinforcements, not knowing that at the time, the transfer window is closed and clubs cant sign anyone. Then when Arsenal went on a fantastic run scoring 3 goals a game (3.5 goals a game for the first quarter of the season) it was a much different tone.

    Its fantastic that bloggers and indeed the posters on their forums speak with such passion.

    Its cute. Otherwise totally ill-informed and delusional.

    So much do they want to brag to their mates. Oh do I wish I could give them that. Tribalism and the right to spit in your opponents face after a win. To essentially say, I am better than you because my team is better than yours.

    So much passion these kids. And some of them are in their 30s and 40s.

    Arsenal are a top 8 team punching above their weight for the last 13 years. To demand and expect more than a top 4 finish is, over-ambitious and delusional.

    Ironically the armchair managers keep calling themselves realists. When in fact they are over-reaching idealists.

    Arsenal’s fans are a mess.

  6. oz_gooner says:

    I dont doubt what u have said in your article but what i do doubt is Wenger as a Tactition.. he lacks the changes required.. Arsenal seem to suffer from counter attack syndrome, especially aginst the better teams. His players should of been made more aware of this problem but it obviously hasnt been rectified..

    I recall vividly during that game when the mancs scored the second goal and within about a minute we lamost replied with our first when a through ball came from song i think it was to arshavin and he sprayed it wide of the post.

    Did u se Ferguson’s reaction to this?? He almost had a fit.. and it was due to johnny evans lack of concentration..

    I know thats not really wengers style to go off like that, but he never seems to make much contact with his players when they do get it wrong..

    Sometimes to get the best out of your players u have to be a little harder with them..

    His insistance with denilson is mind boggling but he has been one of the most regular starters in the team since flamini left.

    • desigunner says:

      Yes I noticed Fergie’s reaction and agree that Wenger can do better with tactics. Will try and cover that in another post.

  7. Tazz says:

    You are pin-point with Berba’s case. Just ’cause United got rid of Tevez, they had to buy some one & bam came Berba. Arsenal under Wenger, is thriving under the self-sustaining model he has built over the years. Unless we want the Gunners going bankrupt & kaput like our rivals, I think his way is the best foot forward. Short term losses can be negated in lieu of the bigger picture. Up the Arsenal..


  8. oz_gooner says:

    Hey Tazz..get your facts right ok.. the mancs already hady berba whilst tevez was playing for them..

  9. Charles says:

    i think u hit the nail on the head. Wrong tactics cost us the game on sunday. Wenger should learn that MAN u always use counter attacking football when they come to emirates

  10. oz_gooner says:

    Thats what a manager supposed to do isnt it ? Target a teams weakness or weaknesses and exploit them. ferguson is very clever at that.. Arsene i believe is a great developer of young talent but when it comes to tactics he seems to be lacking

  11. Mike says:

    Finally!, a rational article. Well said !

  12. oz_gooner says:

    Its admirable that wenger thinks about the team not only on the field but financially as well and for the future.

    Can he build a team of youngsters into a championship team…Who know’s..only time will tell..

    But one thing is for sure that when he did win trophies for Arsenal , he had a team of ready and talented individuals which made life a lot easier.

  13. Maddy says:

    Yeah, I agree with you there bro. The point is that every player is worth something in a Real/City – less world and that is his true worth. Yes sadly we live in a world where Real/City/Chelsea keep upping the ante (crazily i might add) but it is the boss’ principle not to spend more than what he feels is a players’ worth. And 99% of the time he is bang on target about that figure.

    Football needs more people like the boss to attain some semblence of normalcy again. Competing with the aforementioned clubs who have an endless source of oil money/ alleged mafia money to fall back on will just lead to a club going bust.

  14. Maddy says:

    Yeah, I agree with you there bro. The point is that every player is worth something in a Real/City – less world and that is his true worth. Yes sadly we live in a world where Real/City/Chelsea keep upping the ante (crazily i might add) but it is the boss’ principle not to spend more than what he feels is a players’ worth. And 99% of the time he is bang on target about that figure.

    Football needs more people like the boss to attain some semblence of normalcy again. Competing with the aforementioned clubs who have an endless source of oil money/ alleged mafia money to fall back on will just lead to a club going bust.


  15. Maddy says:

    Ah and as for tactics, I admit the Boss is a BIT short there.


  16. EHIMA VICTOR MAC says:

    it is very ridiculous that arsene wenger tends to play with the mind set of people like ,who are arsenal fan.i find it difficult to apprehend after the exaggeration of buying player to replaced long term injurd van persie.what is he doing with eduardo,vela and bendther who plays football like amaeture.what he needs in arsenal attack is a power dfighting attacker who will terrorise defends and score goals with simple initiatives.unlike the bunch fo attackers that he has that struggle with ball on what to do,ro which leg to use.We great fans of arsenal has decided to back out from asenal afters years of trophyless season.arsene wenger show be sacked of taken to pychartric for playing with arsenal fans

  17. I will never agree with wenger idea, He saw always his economic policy not the the interest of the players and supporters. In the begging He will always expect four cup,but never organize the team for that,at the end he lose all these and try to finish as fourth.these is habitual for him trough the years.i will expect the game of Chelsea will fish three or four goal to no or to one over Arsenal.

  18. Nischit says:

    The thing most people don’t understand is that Arsenal too have a debt to service. Much like how I expect manchester united will be prudent for a while atleast, given their astronomical debt. I for one don’t blame Arsene Wenger. While his outlook might be a lil pessimistic, its prudent. It is also silly to think a single player would make such a big difference to our squad unless its a messi or iniesta or someone like that and, tbh, We aren’t a rich enough club to sign players like that. All the fans calling for wenger’s head should get their heads outta their asses and face reality. Or maybe they will realize that after he’s gone, and (god forbid) the next manager runs us to the ground with stupid expensive purchase ( ala veron, anderson, robinho etc etc) after stupid expensive purchase ( ala Adebayor, Shevchenko etc etc ).

    • desigunner says:

      It’s difficult to find that single player and it is always a risk with such amounts of money. Who could have predicted that the likes of Shevchenko, Berbatov or Robinho will be flops!

      Of course the same fans will just say he should have bought someone else and start the same song again, lol. After all there is only one person who is accountable, none of us fans are.

  19. Nischit says:

    btw, great post again desi. Sorry about the rant

  20. Jack Staniforth says:

    I understand and appreciate all you have said Desi. The fact is that Wenger was responsible for raising the hopes of supporters by suggesting this was Arsenal`s year they expected at least one piece of silver. Naturally the fans feel let down and they need someone to blame. The season is by no means over and in theory we could still take out Europe and the Premiership but the guys on the terraces are losing confidence in a team that lacks consistency and a manager who persists with the same mediocre players.

    • desigunner says:

      I do agree that hopes were high and even I feel gutted. Just because I tend to support Wenger does not mean it hurts any less when we get humiliated in our own back yard.

      There is no denying that we have problems, 7-8 defeats to United and Chelsea are not a co-incidence. But we must get to the root cause and not be fooled by the media campaign of “sign big names – win trophies”

  21. Big Tone says:

    To say there’s no one out there better than Denilson and Almunia, tells me that Arsene has a screw loose. He just seems way too stubborn to prove people wrong and has had 5 years now to mess around with his project. There seems to be no accountability at all and clearly this would not be accepted at any other big club. Sorry, rant over.

  22. Matt says:

    I agree that there we shouldn’t buy for the sake of it but I think the real problem position for us is goalkeeper

    Almunia is simply not good enough and Fabianski is too inexperienced

    Surely Wenger can see that?

    Look at the teams who have won the title recently – Man Utd and Chelsea and they both had quality keepers who were on top of their game

    A new keeper would give every player more confidence and would make the difference

  23. hmm... says:

    strikers????…dude arsenal nedded defenders…is whole arsenal world gone mad????u want strikers when u can’t defend even 2 goal lead????this wasn’t expected from u desi…..this article was only to oppose doom n gloom club mentality…u mostly write balanced articles but this isn’t,…arsene shud have signed defenders… gallas ain’t gonna last whole season and vermalaen is already carrying injury,…

    • hmm... says:

      plus i think wenger already has strikers even if injured,he still has to pay wages to them and what will happen when they come back, sell them bcoz u have a new lot…it’s surely is against wenger’s philosophy…

    • desigunner says:

      I wrote about strikers because Wenger had talked about buying one and eventually didn’t. In December, I’d said that we need a center back who can play DM. I still think we need another DM as we have signed Sol to play CB. But that’s a different issue and since Wenger didn’t mention that I left it out of this particular article.

  24. Walter says:


    great, great article. Well done.

    Can I please ask you Desi if you could send me a mail as I have a question for you and I don’t have your email adress.


    Walter Broeckx

  25. Ify ejindu says:

    I completely Agrre with ur view. I have strong faith in wenger. However I do believe tht wenger cud hve signed a back up cdm. Nobody can deny the fact tht wenger is a stubborn manager. We could hve signed chamakh in the summer tht wud hve been influential at this point of the season. Bordeux only wanted 3 million more. However no matter wat in wenger e
    we trust.

  26. D says:

    He is a tightwad, pure and simple. Making money is more important than winning. Sack him.

  27. GOONER IN NZ says:

    I liked the Article

    Sir Arsene(well why not ok he is french but break the trend aye) knows what he is doing

    Like nearly every club we are struggling with debt. FACT!

    Sir Arsene is not only a good footy manager he is a businessman aswell. When a team is struggling financially you don’t go blowing money.

    Sir Arsene likes to buy young players and also players he can make good who are out of favour. (I thought he was going to go for RVP mate Huntelaar though, he might still?)

    Then if he has enough cover he will cash in on them.

    Good business I say.

    Those calling for his head need to look at supporting (if you call yourself one) another club

    In Sir Arsene we trust.

    Ref Almunia and Dennilson, give them a break guys they are good solid players, ok they had a bad game, hell they are human then!

    Would be nice to get some silverware this year but if we don’t so bloody what its been good footy we have been watching.

    • desigunner says:

      Sir Arsene has a nice ring to it 🙂

    • Nischit says:

      Denilson maybe a good solid player, but he hasn’t just had a bad game the last few weeks, he hasn’t done his job. Denilson and song exist to protect the back four and cover for cesc, and the wide forwards. Denilson just gave up for Rooney’s goal. Maybe he thought rooney wouldn’t score, which is absolutely stupid. It is this stupidity/indolence that annoys fans and probably Sir Arsene a lot more.

      And don’t even get me started about Almunia’s mistake. The problem is, these aren’t excusable screw ups. These are screw ups either from lack of trying or just not sticking to the basics. Almunia should’ve have put Nani’s cross out for a corner. Who knows if we would defend that corner, but I think Almunia tried to prevent the corner and ended up conceding a goal. Sometimes I wonder if its a lack of confidence or over – confidence that is afflicting our team

      • desigunner says:

        I’m hoping Arsene isn’t playing Denilson through the pain barrier. The way he has given up against Stoke and United, it seems to me that he is unfit because if he is not then he is certainly unfit on a different and much worse scale.

        Did you see how Cech conceded on the near post against Burnely and was in no man’s land for the Hull goal?

      • Nischit says:

        No i haven’t seen Cech but I know he isn’t having the best of times over the past two seasons either. The only reason Almunia is keeping his place in goal, is probably that there aren’t many consistently quality keepers around. I guess Goalkeepers are under the microscope a lot more and I guess I was a little too hard on him. Although, I must say that Clichy was definitely guilty of over confidence. I think he under estimated Nani and Arsenal paid the price.

      • Nischit says:

        I don’t think denilson is a bad player, I just think he’s playing badly. I’m not fully convinced he’ll be a world class player and a replacement for cesc like most people thought when he first came on to the scene though but I also don’t think he’s anywhere near as bad as some people make him out to be. Its just that when I’m doing badly at something, I try a lot harder. It was just infuriating to see him have an awful game and NOT try. Even if it was for that one moment, it is unacceptable

    • oz_gooner says:

      Go follow another team yourself thankyou very much ..thats a typical answer from arsenal SO CALLED supporters.. whats wrong with u?? u dont like others sharing an opinion??

  28. danny says:

    The problem with arsenal is simply the formation and nothing else. In a 433 set-up with 5/6 players pushing forward and not to mention the WB’s who cover the flanks, providing crosses and other attacking options; there is simply no need for the two CB’s to be anywhere in the final third unless their needed during set-plays. If these two CB’s can hold their positions rather than taking turns in attack then i believe we’d see a better result each time we play. SAF watched our game against aston villa and spotted these mistakes so when it came to the game against ManU all they had to do was sit back and wait for the counter attack, which indeed iswhat had happened during that game. Both Gallas and Vermaelen are great players but if you keep taking turns in attack then who’s left to defend? oh yes thats right – Almunia! the keeper who we seem to criticise as not being good enough. I believe a better understanding of the formation will equal better result.

  29. s says:

    oz_gooner Says:
    February 4, 2010 at 7:34 am | Reply
    Its admirable that wenger thinks about the team not only on the field but financially as well and for the future.

    Dude its not admirable, is a necessity. If you want to survive in PL without rich uncles you have to be self sustained.

    People point out how United has been able to splash cash the last decade but you have to remember they had their golden generation. From their own academy the beckhams the nevills the scoles the cheap kids that succeeded. These guys did not cost money, they were own developed and they brought the club enormous success. That combined with as you point out a large stadium has given United a lot of cash in the later years. But i believe their adventure also started with a home grown crop of very talented players, and that is what AW tries to build no?

  30. Shashi says:

    nice article again desi.. i wanted to stress the same point.. Arsene wenger is really confusing at times.. he comes out n says.. we will sign a striker. then he says..theyre any good ones.. we despartely needed a adebayor or henry like presence in the front of striking force… sad he cudnt sign any.. but its nuthing new.. it happens every season.. expectations r always high.. finally we sign sum free transfer players.. we as arsenal fans have got used to it.. chalta hai yaar..
    I hope.. our midfield rises to the ocassion and win the season for us..

    • desigunner says:

      Well our last three big transfers have been quite good i.e. Nasri, Arshavin, Vermaelen. I think Wenger errs on the side of caution and that is acceptable.

      • oz_gooner says:

        Nasri has been dissapointing..sorry.. but he has alot to prove..

      • desigunner says:

        Disappointing in what regard, can you elaborate?

      • oz_gooner says:

        Nasri is not doing enough on the field to create goals / assists. He often looks lazy, especially tracking back and he does hold on ot he ball for too long as well and loses it cheaply..

  31. lewis says:

    i have to agree with Desi.Many arsenal fans want instant glory, just like that(from the blue)
    There’s a simple saying which says u have to plant a seedling,weed it,water it and it will grow to be a big mango tree.Then you’ll get your rewards for your hard work.
    I’ll continue to support AW, andi think you guys should do the same.Stop bickering around and lets unite.
    Let us not forget the good times we had in the past times and lets us hope for a bright future.B’se the future will be bright i put my monies on that.If man-u did it we can do it too,but under the stewardship of someone whose credentials like AW.Personally i think we’d be in a shit hole ,so deep if Wenger was to leave..

  32. WillyG says:

    1. If Arsenal really have financial constraints in getting reinforcements, then say so. Don’t announce to the fans than Arsene has 40 million or Arsene has 30 million available.
    2. Arsene Wenger is not hired to be the financial controller of Arsenal Football Club. He is the manager of football team. Let somebody else worry about the financial health of the club and he worry about the health of the football team.
    3. Many fans can see that some in the current squad are not exactly Big Four team material. And their continuous non-performance have hindered the success of the team. That Arsenal have managed to stay in their current position with them in the team is due to a small miracle or gargantuan efforts by their teammates to cover their positions. That Wenger has allowed this situation to exist for so long is really baffling.
    4. Honestly, if we were to judge on the technical strength of the current squad and compare them with those of Chelsea, Man United, or Man City, do we really believe that Arsenal can win the League?(forget about the Champions League, with Barca and Real in the equations).
    5. Our only hope then is to WAIT for those teams to fumble once in a while. (not exactly the mark of a true champion, is it?)
    6. We are in a shit hole now.

    • desigunner says:

      There is a difference between having 30-40 Mil and having 100-150 mil. Those with 100+ can afford 30 million flops, we cannot.

      Arsene is not a financial controller but a responsible manager with a sound understanding of right and wrong in terms of football transfer values.

      I would love to know how many fans are qualified to talk about technical strength of our team and those of the rivals. Even the most passionate Arsene haters tend to agree that technically Arsenal are superior to everyone else. Our problems are not technical.

      Have you given some thought to the solution to the problems you have mentioned? I will be glad to discuss a well thought out and detailed solution if you care to present it. Of course, if it is just three words, “Buy, buy, buy” then there isn’t much to discuss is there.

  33. 0.9 Calibre says:

    Great post! Good one mentioning about the fact that we dont have money to waste.. And about Huntelaar, he went to Milan amidst a striker crisis and yet found himse3lf on the bench quickly.. he has scored 2goals out of 16 apps this season.. hardly prolific… Ppl were screaming last summer when the Boss let the “Hunter or whatever” go and it did prove to be a shrewd move.. And wrt Villa, with 30 mil in his kitty I think the Boss did seriously inquire bout him, negotiations could have gone on hadnt Valencia not decided to keep him at the last moment.. Right now we have signed a centre back Savic (Serbian) for next season.. So Arsene IS addressing the real issues..

    • gooner61 says:

      so would it have been a shrewd move if wenger had of not sighned henry!! henry was sitting his arse on the bench not being played because he didnt fit in the system.
      huntelaars confidence is totally shot hes playing in a system that doesnt suit him milan hardy have a creative midfield do they, thats why in my view he would fit perfect at arsenal, our midfield can create something outa nothing.
      and as for wenger spending 30mil on one player, come on are you serious thats just not wenger its not his way never has been never will be, and i respect him for that no player is worth that amount.
      and savic is a 19 year old thats hardly addressing the problem is it, oh and by the way he hasnt signed yet anyway

      • desigunner says:

        Henry took time to become a great player. Huntelaar might also become a great player but if we buy him now and he struggles it’s no use to the team is it.

        As Arsene himself said, we need an immediate solution or we don’t need anyone.

  34. chenko says:

    arsenal is the best

  35. Big Tone says:

    desigunner, technically, Denilson, Almunia and Walcott are shit. That’s the problem and with such an injury prone team we are short of players. So you tell me how we address this problem without buying.

    • desigunner says:

      I agree that we have an injury prone team and just for that reason we could do with extra cover. If we buy players for that reason I would fully agree. On the other hand that leads to the problem that we don’t give enough games to players once they are fit.

      I don’t agree that Denilson, Almunia and Walcott are shit. Any goalkeeper will struggle in this team, while Walcott needs time with all his injuries this year. I have always seen Denilson as a squad player but we should try and find better players.

      In spite of that buying is not the only solution and we can improve with the same bunch as well if we modify our tactics, work on our set pieces and improve our defending.

  36. oz_gooner says:

    everyone thinks that u have to spend 15-30 mill to buy a decent player.. if u can pick up Vermaelen for 10 mill and buy quality im sure u can find another player in belgium, netherlands, africa for similar price and less and buy a much better DM than Denilson.. someone with a better work ethic for a start..

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