Einstein Would Have Sympathized With Wenger’s Predicament

Arsene Wenger came out and apologized for the mistimed tackle by William Gallas. How many managers do that!? He also gave a very objective analysis of that particular incident and quite a few others from the two games with Bolton. But if you read reports covering the press conference, most of the headlines are saying “Angry Wenger” or “Wenger Hits Out” and things like that.

In itself it would be incredible, but as Arsenal fans we are so used to such mindless and biased coverage that any kind of an objective press report would indeed be hard to believe.

In November, Le Boss predicted Chelsea will drop points. He was quite objective even when the team had lost playing poorly against one of the main rivals. Did anyone bother to analyze what he said? No, people were happy with their own limited understanding and misplaced judgments and the boss was ridiculed for his considered thoughts.

A few years ago I was a cocky young college student who thought he knew everything about the game. I laugh at that now but it was an important part of my learning experience. I criticized Wenger every time Arsenal lost and always thought I had all the solutions. The main reason I was able to improve from that state was that I used to listen to and read everything that Le Boss said. Over a period of time I realized that every single problem was much more complex and the manager knew everything I did and much more. That is also the foundation of my unflinching faith in Arsene Wenger.

I believe two things that helped me improve were respect for the man and a willingness to accept that I might be wrong. After that it was just natural progression. These days it makes me wonder if many people in the media and the blogosphere, who constantly criticize Le Boss, actually respect what he is and what he has done. Maybe they do but are too full of themselves, or they are plain incompetent, who knows.

From what I have read, the single biggest line of defense for the Media is that they have to sensationalize to sell the papers. That’s a strange explanation. Firstly, it implies that people are dumb and cannot appreciate the facts of a story unless they are spiced up. Secondly, I don’t know too many people who actually like the sensational stories anyway! If you read around the internet, almost everyone is upset with the media. So where are these lots of dumb people who buy the papers because of the sensational content!?

One of the longest serving and most successful managers in England is castigated almost every time he comes up with something every football lover should think about. I have been trying to think of the reason behind this and a few words by Albert Einstein, another man whose writings have influenced me a lot, come to mind.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

I realize that these are separate individual quotes, said at different times, and in diverse contexts. But, to me, the wisdom in these words seems universal and to a great extent applicable to the situations Arsene Wenger often finds himself in.

For instance, every pioneering effort from Arsene right from bringing foreign players to the league to developing youngsters and blooding them in the Carling Cup has met with violent opposition even if it wasn’t of the physical kind. (Thankfully!)

The relevance of the second quote will not be lost on anyone who regularly listens to Le Boss. One obvious example is his insistence that foreign players have made the English game and team better.

The third one is quite a beauty. To me it applies perfectly to the tiny Tots and to quite a few of the doom and gloom brigade who can’t see beyond buying big name players.

I guess if the great scientist had been with us Wenger would have found a sympathetic ear!

11 Responses to Einstein Would Have Sympathized With Wenger’s Predicament

  1. s says:

    well the irony of England is that every man above the age of 15 really thinks he knows best. they are all football experts and they know all there is to know about the game. who to buy how to play, what players to use etc. Yet a very small number of them actually work with football, play football or has ever been close to good enough to even coah a team of 10 year olds!

    But hey each to their own i guess…..

  2. Tsokan says:

    Nice article.well said mates.so many people just seem to think they know more than d boss.buy Dzeko,Huntelaar,Cole.etc.They think fantasy football& real live football are same thing.if u want 2 c d most pathetic arsenal fans who think they know all,go to Le Grove.

  3. Vikithegooner says:

    Keep it up..you are consistently posting nice articles..man making india and gunners proud out there..keep it up..

  4. Steve D. says:

    Well said

  5. Tecco says:

    Nice one man uPz!

  6. Echez says:

    Dude,ur article is a masterpiece. Am proud dat ARSENAL has a fan like u. Am not surprised though cos its ONLY in ARSENAL dat u can get dis kind of intelligent & objective fans. Keep it rollin dude,keep it rollin.

  7. Sandeep says:

    I wonder if Le Boss ever reads these media reports/criticism and how loud does he laugh at it :). Doesn’t arsenal club’s media team intervene and correct such things?

    I remember once he had said he doesn’t follow the media that well, I guess thats how he’s always calm & in jovial mood at all the media interviews!

    • desigunner says:

      Even if Wenger doesn’t read the articles he would surely keep in touch with what’s going on because if anyone attacks his players he has to respond.

      I wonder how he remains calm at times when the dross dished out infuriates most ordinary fans like me. It has to do with experience and conviction in his own thinking I guess.

  8. 0.9 Calibre says:

    One thing that makes Le Boss hold his own among all the tirade Arsenal receives from the biased pundits(lol!) and media is that Arsene Knows… He has a set of ideas, a philosophy that he clearly understands.. He also knows that no matter what he tries he just cant keep everyone happy cos you know thats how the world is.. So for him, he observes his results very objectively and analyses if they are good enough.. and hell yeah they are.. So he just doesnt have to worry about what the others have to say… Infact he is in a position that is far better than any other manager in the world.. Cos everyone hates him (apart from a few ppl) so he doesnt have to suck upto anyone but himself which as an intellectual he is more than capable of.. 13 years of Hatred is hard for anyone to take unless one is absolutely not concerned about petty things such as a fool’s opinion! He has made superstars of men who were anonymous.. anyone who has played in an Arsenal shirt would respect him (Except for Milan prospects like Adebayor who now sits on the bench for Shitty).. As long as he gets the backing from his players which he does , he doesnt have anything else to worry about..

  9. 0.9 Calibre says:

    Hey one more thing guys.. this is off topic but I just couldnt resist! “Horse Face” Nistelrooy apparently told his agent that he was ready to move to “Big clubs” in England like Liverpool (Lol!) and Tottenham (Seriously! He he!) but not Arsenal (Apparently, he wet his shorts everytime he saw Patrick Viera!).. Now what happens? He joins Hamburg on loan (Best news of the morning).. The Guardian runs a poll: “Is Gary Neville a boot lickin moron?”.. Well Well what do you expect?!.. I voted just to check out the results and a whopping 84% of the opinion that the THUG 2 (Keane was THUG 1) is indeed a bootlickin moron!

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