Sol Returns, Adebayor Keeps and Bolton Double

What do you call a piece of news that’s half expected and half unbelievable! When I saw the news of Sol Campbell returning to Arsenal earlier in the day, I was quite skeptical and ignored it as more media gibberish. Suddenly, a headline from the Arsenal website with Campbell’s name popped up as I realized this was for real.

As of now, there hasn’t been an official confirmation but Sol has been speaking of returning to the club on a short term contract. Campbell spoke to ESPN Soccernet and in case you have missed the comments, the whole interview can be read here. He seems to be highly motivated for the return,

I’ve missed it and I’ve a gut feeling this is the right move. It’s no longer a hunger to get back – it’s turned into a craving. I am champing at the bit. I’m fresh, I’m raring to go. It’s unbelievable to be back at Arsenal.

As far as I am concerned, if we can think of signing someone like Adriano on a free, then Sol Campbell can’t be too bad either. Even if you consider the players we already have in the position, Senderos and Silvestre, the ex-Arsenal man can only be an improvement. That makes me wonder, will he now be an ex-ex-Arsenal player?

I am assuming the club have seen his fitness levels and know what will be needed to bring him up to scratch. Although, given our recent fitness bloopers we can never be too sure. He will certainly need a lot of work before he can be in contention for a starting spot. One thing I liked about his interview was that he sounded like realistic man focused on the job.

I need to get minutes under my belt, a couple of reserve games at least, before I can start looking any further ahead.

First steps, first steps. It is just a pleasure to be back on the pitch, and pitch-time is what I need. I am going to enjoy it, really enjoy it. I’ve been out far too long, and I have worked hard to get back on the field. I’ve been training hard, working hard, and I now want to be involved.

He will have to be realistic because he wont get a chance as long as our first choice Center Backs are fit. I also want to see how he settles in the dressing room with the likes of Gallas. Hopefully, everyone will be fired up by the competition in a positive manner.

This move will spell the end of Phillipe Senderos’ Arsenal career or whatever was left of it. In a way, Arsene has taken a year away from his career and Senderos must be commended for maintaining his dignity all this while. I hope he finds a new club soon.

Interestingly enough, this wasn’t the most surprising story of the day. That honor belongs to Adebayor and his Arsenal shirt. In case you have missed the scoop, Adebayor was interviewed in Togo about the recent events in Angola. All was usual except the fact that he was wearing an Arsenal shirt!

I couldn’t stop laughing for a few minutes and still can’t whenever I think about this. I have to say though, the subject he is talking about is a very serious matter and deserves due respect. The only explanation I can think of is that he is too greedy to let go of his possessions and too dumb to realize what he is doing. You can see the interview on this link, courtesy of Vital Football – Manchester City. I would love to see the faces of all the Citeh fans who were supporting his behavior after the events at Eastlands.

The worst piece of news in the day was the rearranged fixture against Bolton. I was hoping this will be put back for a later date but we are now going to face the thugs in back to back encounters within a span of 4 days. We have four crunch fixtures coming up starting with Villa on the 24th and what could be worse than two risky games against the Trotters just before that!?

I’ll just watch the Adebayor video again to take my mind off this thought.

13 Responses to Sol Returns, Adebayor Keeps and Bolton Double

  1. Sol’s come back is a suprise and I believe wenger was impressed by his fitness and know he still have a lot to contribute. I am happy to have an experienced cover for the CBs and also someone with maturity and leadership in the team.

    About Greedybayor, I think he had a close call on the attack and realised all his mistakes and stupid stuff he did in his life, which the worst was :

    1. Leaving arsenal for more money = greedy
    2. Running 1/2 the pitch to celebrate his goal = stupidity
    3. “Violant conduct” on Van Persie = childish

    The list goes on…


  2. venky says:

    I am very happy that the cancelled match is played before the tough stretch of games next month,coz we are more than likely to win them both particularly now that cesc is back.If we do so we will have a nice cushion going into the tough stretch,even if we lose one or two of them we will in contention. So don’t be nervous pal,come on get pumped up !!!

    • desigunner says:

      I am not nervous about the points at all. I agree with you about getting a good cushion. My worry is about another big injury in either of these games. Guess I should have been more specific with the words.

  3. shashi says:

    Well im surprised by sol’s return.. but he can be a good backup for gallas and vermaelen.. sumtimes its frustrating.. wenger is not making ny useful signings.. we desperately need a striker.. we shud get one.. traore mite be a good signing, eden hazard and zarate can also be good buys..
    we need to win premier league this time.. Go Gunners..
    btw .. dude.. nice website..

    • desigunner says:

      Well Traore, Hazard, et al. can be good signings but they wont make an immediate impact on the first team. So there might be no use in rushing those.

      On the other hand, finding someone who can make an immediate impact is not easy especially with the current economic climate where everyone wants a lot of money.

      Thanks for the compliment.

  4. bobbygee says:

    Short term Yes. Long term no way jose. Adriano left Italy. He missed Rio. He missed the bars and hookers, and his buds in the favela. Adriano really shinned with Flamengo-Yes- I am a Flamenguista-Champs all the way. Adriano even had a run at playing in the world cup qualifying matches.
    Transfer may not be the answer. Yes, Arsenal needs a striker. Lets see whatb happens. I still think Arsenal will win the EPL. A hunch based on experience.

  5. Diceman1984 says:

    bayor is a joke of a footballer.

    I think he’d either gone mad or ran out of ideas of stupid bevaiour so came up with this.

    PS: I do feel very bad and sorry about what happened in Angola, it’s a cruel world we re still living in…

  6. 0.9 Calibre says:

    Bolton back to back.. like i said one of these two results will be less predictable than anticipated.. ofcourse its not like we’re playing Aston villa back to back.. but i dont see it as easy 6 points..

    Signing Sol is great news.. despite his Scum connections I have always admired the man for what he represented on the pitch.. like Viera he is a fierce competitor and it never hurts to have someone like him in the dressing room.. Considering his age I presume the deal didnt cost too much.. In that case its an excellent move to cover Gallas and TV.. A far more reliable defender compared to silvestre and one of the invincibles…

    City probably went broke signing all the shitty players.. cant blame them for not having spare kit to provide the Greedy Togolese.. But some coup they had signing Viera.. It’ll be interesting to watch the man albeit with some regret..

    • desigunner says:

      This season I have stopped looking at any game as easy points, lol. But we should beat Bolton in both simply because there are much tougher ones still to play. It also affects the confidence going into the big games.

      I am not convinced about Vieira signing. But didn’t want to say anything negative so have left it untouched. Time will tell.

  7. Bursun says:

    I blieve sol wil add an option 2 our defense..Gallas n vermealean av bin a great combination so also wil be cambell wit any of d 2(provided he is fit enough).we nid his xperience and also an xperiencd striker too.i see us winnin a trophy this season!

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  9. ozgooner says:

    it seems I am the only gooner unimpressed with Big Sols return My main concern apart from his head space is his speed. We have been cruelly exposed at the back a few too many times this season and I can see some strikers licking their lips at the chance of a one on one with Sol. Hurry back Song we really miss you.

    • desigunner says:

      Yes, initially even I was concerned by his speed. But as expected, and confirmed by Sol himself, Wenger had a big dossier on him with all kinds of data including, of course, his speed.

      If Wenger decides he is quick enough then he must be. Can’t be much slower than Silvestre in any case. I also like the way Sol spoke of Maldini as an inspiration. With experience, positional sense and technique Maldini did very well against much faster opponents.

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