Wait, Watch and Wonder While the Weather Worsens and Wenger Widens Search

I am the kind of person who just has to check the news every few minutes. I know that even if I don’t follow the rumors all day long the same transfers are going to take place. Logically there should be better uses of time than to check the Arsenal website and newsnow ever so often. But practically it’s impossible to avoid. Maybe, it’s people like me who are creating a lot of jobs for the reporters!

The last couple of days have been eventful but dull. At least some new names like Lacina Traore, Zarate and even Higuain have been added to the usual speculation, although there are different problems with each of these players.

Traore, for instance, fits most of the characteristics of a Wenger signing but he can’t be expected to come straight into the first team. If he is signed, it would be for a couple of years down the road and does not solve our immediate issues. If we have to sign for the future, we might as well sign Chamakh who could join at the end of the season.

Zarate was fun to watch when he was a Birmingham. He has pace and some nice skills that could trouble defenders. But he never looked like a Champions League quality striker. The sky sports report that linked us to Zarate also quoted his agent as saying that Arsenal will make a  €40 Million bid for him. That’s just ridiculous. Wenger might not even bid that kind of money is Messi was available. To think that he would for Zarate is just a joke. Moreover, I always thought of him as a second striker rather than someone who could lead the line.

Higuain is a striker I have admired for a long time now. He can be the person to come in for us but he has done well at Madrid and why would they want to let him leave? The swap story with Cesc going the other way is an even bigger joke than the bid for Zarate. Are there some awards for creative journalism that these hacks compete for?

One thing is certain though, Wenger must be working really hard to find the right player. Someone like me has very limited knowledge and cannot think beyond the few teams that I watch regularly. So I am in no position to make any definitive comments on who we should or should not sign. But when you see names like Traore and Zarate in the media it’s not difficult to guess that Wenger has thrown the net far and wide in his search. At the same time, it is quite clear that signing the right player is going to be a tough ask. Most teams would not want to sell and those who do will want top dollar for their player.

I think the Chamakh situation is a big question mark for Wenger. Clearly, Arsene likes the player and is willing to sign him. His Bosman status would certainly be a big influence on Wengers decision. In such a situation he might not sign another striker right now with a long term view. Either he has to find someone who can come in on loan for a short period or find someone better than Chamakh who can play for a longer period yet fits into his strict pricing principles.

Hopefully, we will get good news on Bendtner’s injury after tomorrow’s tests. Wenger might also take a decision on a short term signing or a long term one based on those results.

Amidst all this talk of a striker, our need for a defender has gone unnoticed to some extent. Senderos is either injured or seriously out of favor. In either case he isn’t someone we can rely on. I think we need a center back far more than we need a striker. Apart from an odd link with Campbell, no one has talked about our hunt for a defender. Is it because the club are not that active in the market or is it because the discussions have not been leaked? I hope it is the latter.

The weather forecast for the weekend seems to be quite bad and there is a risk that more games will be affected. In a way it is good for us as our players return to fitness, but can we rely on them to be fit for the rest of the season? We might also play fewer games without Song which could turn out to be another positive. On the other hand, a fixture pile up later in the season could hurt us when the big games come up. What would you prefer, getting the games out of the way right now with whatever squad we have or have the fixtures pile up and hope that we get more players fit?

16 Responses to Wait, Watch and Wonder While the Weather Worsens and Wenger Widens Search

  1. Maddy says:

    Tomorrow’s game will in probability happen. The issue on Wednesday was not that the pitch was affected. Conditions were playable, but it was because of the fact that transportation was pretty much fucked it being a late kick off and all that. A 3 o clock game should not be a problem (hopefully)

    And I for one want the games to happen ASAP. Too much uncertainty in case of an extension, it being a World Cup year and stuff.

  2. 0.9 Calibre says:

    It is better to finish off the games right away.. dont forget that the other 2 title contenders have lost players to injury and ACN.. Manu’s backline is affected by injuries and chelsea have lost half the squad to ACN.. so if there is going to be a fixture pile up then it is less probable that these 2 teams will drop points..

    As far as transfers are concerned.. its not possible for us to bring in Lacina Traore right away.. apparently, you get work permits in England only if you have represented your country in atleast 75% of the games in the latest campaign.. Traore is not yet an Ivory coast international.. Higuain…Well, to be honest I have wanted him since 2007 but he seems to get better and better in Real and is impossible to prise him away.. Real may do business if Cesc is in the equation but we all know thats not gonna happen… We can only speculate when the Boss goes into the market.. He is too shrewd for us to even speculate actually.. He might be stirring up some news by letting the world know that he is behind a striker but for all you know he might be secretly working signing a defender.. Yeah, bendtners test results are the key.. If unfortunately they do come out negative then I bet the Boss has already zeroed in on the possible target as he knows he needs to be quick as Jan is the title deciding month.. We find ourselves in an unusual position of having the cash to splurge but no quality to invest it in.. oh, I would love to see the look on Fergusmoan’s and Rafa’s face!

    • desigunner says:

      I am really hoping Drogba comes back injured and Chelsea discover only after the window closes. That will be fun lol.

      I read about that Traore work permit issue. It’s quite strange that the home office should use meaningless criteria when a big club is willing to pay such high wages to a player. That should be enough proof that the guy is good enough for a work permit!

      Agree with you on Wenger and his behind the scenes work. And on the money front it’s going to be even more fun when the other clubs have to sell and still not have enough to buy lol.

  3. Jack Staniforh says:

    Missing the Bolton game won`t hurt us as we can buy a little time for players to recover but we don`t want a pile up. Eventually it will come down to priorities, we can`t have it all we simply don`t have enough depth for that and, to the best my knowledge, nor does any other team. So, the winners are, the Premier League, where consistency is the name of the game and the Champions League which is laced with a tinge of luck but which has mega returns. This leaves the F.A. Cup as the poor relation and will have to be treated in the same manner as the Carling cup. Sentiment, out of the window, sorry!

  4. Jack Staniforh says:

    You`ll hate me for saying this but if silverware is the priority, and I`m sure it is, let the young Carling Cup sqaud see if they can get us to Wembley in the F.A. Cup and, should we bomb out of Europe and end up shy of he P.L. Title then be mercinary enough to load the F.A.Cup side in the Final. What price a piece of silver? Right, I`m running for cover.

    • desigunner says:

      I am in favor of rotating the squad for the FA Cup especially if it comes before the big games like the Villa game later this month. But it won’t be good if we get knocked out early.

  5. Tobe says:

    Zarate woukd b great.but i dnubt if wenger would spend 40m on him

  6. Senil Kumar says:

    Very good analysis mate…..!!! Hats off…. 🙂 …!!!

  7. Maddy says:

    I really don’t understand this Bendtner test results business. He was quoted saying he is ready to make his comeback vs Bolton. Now all of a sudden, tests will revel if he’s out for another TWO MONTHS. I wonder if it is an old interview that some random Tribal Football hack picked up and passed out as fresh news 😛

    • desigunner says:

      Well I have stopped trying to find sense in injury news about Arsenal players. It’s always like “now you see him now you don’t”

      Bendtner himself said he was ready for full training but that hasn’t happened. So the diagnosis in Denmark might not have been that accurate and Wenger must have called him back to check up on what’s the real status.

      I only believe something when I see it on Arsenal.com and even that is starting to be dodgy.

  8. sen says:

    higuain is expensive and zarate is not we are looking for…. traore is fast but doesn’t score that much goals and can turn out to be like peter crouch… we need a player who will be a straight impact because we do not have much time before the crucial run of games.
    Aston villa, ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool.

    few players whom i think can can create impact straight away are

    5)Arda Turan or Hamsik
    8)Adriano (Free)

    last option could be interesting… as Adriano is available for free.. wenger can get him and get a winger.
    All the rest options would cost wenger around 15-25m

  9. AK says:

    Well,i would rather play the fixture right away.
    cuz as far as the season goes on we would need break to fully concentrate on every single game.
    in coming months if we play 10 matches a month than the club would rather think of getting rid of Fa Cup as manu have already done it.

  10. bobbygee says:

    Buying players is a tricky business. Will he fit within the system. Is he worth the bucks. When you talk about tests? What tests? Players always push themselves to come back fast. This can be bad for the player. For if he is comes back too soon this could ruin his career in the long run. Hopefully it won’t snow. It was 76 here in LA. it will be sunny and 77. I hate snow. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  11. Wilsheres Dad says:

    Wenger is playing the same poker game with AFC as he has for the last two seasons. The gamble is that if more of your key players stay injury free than your opponents then you are in with a shout of trophies.
    So far, considering our injury losses we are doing surprisingly well, but it’s not a gamble that’s paid off in the past.
    Our three biggest rivals are faltering but for the first time there are 3 other clubs with the potential to claim a spot in the top 4.
    This is like no other season in recent times..a great opportunity to win the Premiership, yet equally a real possibility that we might be pushed out of the top 4…It’s really not the time to be hoping for success by relying on other squads doing worse than ours. Let’s at least try & put the outcome of this season in our hands by bringing in a couple of experienced quality players.

    • desigunner says:

      I have supported Wenger and his “gambles” all the time. But I don’t disagree with you about the risk and even the possible reward in this freak season. Let’s hope he errs on the side of caution this time and has an extra player in the squad.

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