Arsenal V Bolton: It Snow Show

As predicted by many, the fixture against Bolton was called off and still remains a game in hand. I had read about the likelihood of the game being called off on many sites/blogs but was hoping it will go ahead. It seems, Wenger had similar wishes and the Arsenal staff tried everything in their power to make it work. Arsenal Times has a nice report on the events of the day.

According to reports, Wenger thought this was a good time to play Bolton and it’s not difficult to see why. They are currently in a state of transition and might not have been in the best mental condition to play such a big game before the new manager got a chance to break the ice. Certainly, if Coyle takes over it would be fair to expect that he will bring in some solidity to their game.

From an Arsenal point of view, we do lose the chance to go close to the top. On the other hand we also get a couple of days extra to rest our players. Only Wenger and those close to him would know whether it is useful or not. If this fixture is arranged in the middle of next week, we might even see the likes of Fabregas making a comeback. We would also have a better idea of the state of Bendtner’s injury and there might be some action on the transfer front as well. If this game gets delayed beyond January, we might even have Song back. There’s just too many “ifs” involved, it’s better to leave the judgment on the postponement till we see the impact.

As a fan though, I am frustrated every time an Arsenal game is scrapped. It’s never fun when you are mentally prepared to watch Arsenal and have to end up watching Milan V Genoa instead. There were seven goals in that match but hardly any excitement. Those who had the tickets and those who made the journey must be truly disappointed. I guess the privileged lot have their set of complications.

No point boring you further with what may or may not happen when there is some juicy transfer gossip being cooked up every minute by people far more creative than myself. Let’s feast.

8 Responses to Arsenal V Bolton: It Snow Show

  1. Fabregas_04 says:

    i completely agree, i wanted to see this game too….but i am a genoa fan too so it sucked to see them lose….oh well,hopefully we’ll get to play that game soon and win it…

  2. 0.9 Calibre says:

    This was a total letdown.. Damn, I canceled all plans for the afternoon .. anyway although u have rightly pointed out a few positives, there is one catch to this.. if this game is postponed to the 2nd week of Jan (most likely) then we’ll end up playing two games against bolton in 3 days.. now that way one of the results would become less predictable.. and this also causes a pile up right before the champions league.. We’re just not lucky ..hope the injured players comeback soon so that there can be a fair bit of rotation.. and, if the Boss plans to buy it better be soon.. we need a bigger squad to handle this kind of pile up..

    • desigunner says:

      I was thinking about that, 2 games against Bolton in 3 days. Will be interesting. We have played big teams that way before but I don’t think we have played any of the thug teams twice in such a short period.

  3. diceman1984 says:

    I know what you mean Desi.

    I was prepared for the whole day to see this game and found out it’s called off at 01.00 A.M. my time, it sucked that what it was.

    • desigunner says:

      Those late night cancellations are a pain. The night timings are anyway a problem for people in South East Asia.

  4. bobbygee says:

    I was hoping for the game to played. Snow. I hate it. Wednesday it was 75. Still this could be a good thing. Time will tell. Thanks

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