Arsenal V Bolton: A Game In Hand Is Worth Three On The Table

I have this nervy sort of feeling for this game, part excitement part anxiety. So far we have been able to point at the game in hand to explain the points difference with the leaders. Now it’s time to make the game count. The excitement is obviously from our recent form. There seems to be no apparent cause for us to break stride. Anxiety, I guess, is natural given the long injury list that we have and the visitors’ sole claim to fame being a senseless physical game.

Bolton are a team I dislike more than the tiny Tots or the Mancs. It might not be easy for many fans to understand this sentiment but for me the sheer vileness of their game outweighs everything else. Each season I hope to see them relegated just so I don’t have to watch such atrocity on a football pitch. Hopefully, this time around they will succumb to the pressure and we will do our bit in pushing them down.

This young Arsenal squad is slowly regaining the belief they had at the start of the 07-08 season, but it’s been a while since we went through a complete season with the spirits high. Any unexpected result can adversely affect our fragile confidence. We need the three points.

Based on the first half of the season, there is no reason to expect anything other than an Arsenal win. Bolton haven’t kept a single clean sheet while Arsenal are the top scorers, that should point to a repeat of the scoreline from our opening league game. It will certainly be a nice way to start the second half of the season.

With so many injuries team selection should be easy for Arsene. A fit Denilson will take the place of Song, Traore will replace Silvestre and Fabianski will make way for Almunia. Arshavin will come in place of Vela and the rest of the team will be same as the winning combination that finished off the game at Upton Park.

Given the way Gallas and Vermaelen have dealt with the aerial threat in recent games, I have a feeling the visitors will struggle to create anything in this one. At the same time we cannot ignore the role Song played in making our defense tighter and it will be interesting to see if Denilson can bring in a similar physical approach. This will be another big test for the young Brazilian and one that can convince a lot of doubters if he passes it with flying colors.

I am also looking forward to Diaby in a more defensive minded role. In the absence of Song we might see two of our midfielders staying back to support the defense which can also affect our offensive threat and it will be interesting to see how the team achieves the balance. Many fans have been asking for a cover for Song and no one doubts the fact that we will miss him. How badly, we will soon find out.

I expect the team to look like,

Almunia; Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Traore; Denilson, Ramsey, Diaby; Nasri, Eduardo, Arshavin.

Here’s to a thumping win…

8 Responses to Arsenal V Bolton: A Game In Hand Is Worth Three On The Table

  1. junialum says:

    Diaby is pretty bad at defensive duties. That said, he is wonderful going forward.

    I expect Denilson to be shouldering the bulk of the defensive work.

  2. VENKY says:

    I expect the game to be cancelled due to bad weather,neverthless this would be my pick for tonight if it takes place

    sagna gallas vermaelan traore


    ramsey arshavin

    nasri eduardo vela

    you always want to play a player when his confidence is high.Right now it must sky high for vela and fabianski, had it not been for the fabianski save [stanislas shot] early in the second half at upton park the game could have well been over for us at that stage itself,I dont see those saves coming from almunia,certainly not in his present form.
    Vela,if you dont start with him now when are you going to,particularly after those brilliant crosses ?Also why risk Denilson so soon once again with a tough Everton coming up?.No matter what Everton are always tough 1-6 doesnt repeat always

  3. Deen nigeria says:

    I hope it is a guna’s win 3-0 .Losing song to nations cup is like having an injury

  4. nikogunners says:

    Vela seams to be the left attack inciter no one and should find some space to do what he did best when he moved left after the Introduction of Nasri and Diaby agaist the Hammers. i think 4-1 will be the outcome.

  5. Maddy says:

    Well, i think blackburn are a worse team than Bolton when it comes to aesthetics and football meanness. But yeah these guys aren’t far behind.

    And i agree with Venky. Very likely to see the game cancelled. Which is ok actually. Gives Cesc more time to get fit.

  6. Aniruddh says:

    Probably the game wont be played because of heavy snow, keep your fingers crossed.

  7. 0.9 Calibre says:

    As a gunner we probably cant hate anyone more than the Totts and Mancs.. I think your hate for Big Sam (With a weak heart) has been translated into hate for bolton.. frankly they are not worth hating and we’ll see why when they struggle to get the ball today on the pitch without the moronic, thuggish Allardyce.. Winning this puts us at 2nd place, a point below the Chavs, this fact could make the young guns a bit nervous, but hey they have closed down a 11 point deficit to a point, these guys are made of steel.. am sure they’ll cope without.. it’s hard to envision an Arsenal cleansheet today(Although, considering the current bolton form we might get one) as Song has departed.. Denilson is an intelligent player with a good ability to read the game.. you always see him in the right areas to recieve the ball.. but unfortunately, brains will count for naught today, I hope he holds his own physically, personally i feel Diaby should curbs his attacking instincts and help denilson out.. Ramsey or Rosicky can take care of attacking..

    I would love to play fabianski today.. we have to see his quality after a good run of games.. also like Venky pointed out he must be high on confidence after a few spectacular saves last game.. Vela wont fit the bill as this game is gonna be very very physical..

    I hear Merida is leaving which is sad news but lets wish him luck at atletico.. Rosicky has signed a new contract to give us all more concerts.. We are in crackling form, should win 3-1 today..

    fabianski,sagna,gallas,TV5,Traore,Diaby,Denilson, Ramsey/Rosicky, Nasri, Eduardo, Arshavin

    To the Gunners, Salut!

  8. bobbygee says:

    Bolton is dangerous. The Gunners need to attack. Control the tempo and score. Pedal to the medal. Eduardo, Nasri, and Arshavin need to score. This is the key. I heard the match maybe postponed due to snow. It’s 50 in Socal at 6;20 am . it will be 77 today. I love it.

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