Some Things Never Change, Some Things Do

I am more of a moral of the story kind of person who never remembers the whole saga or the details as my mind only absorbs the gist. So I thought it might be worthwhile taking a look at Arsenal and football over the last ten years in an abstract sense. This piece attempts to identify the various changes we have seen over the last ten years while also noting the foundations that have remained solid. Most of these points are quite complex and deserve a post of their own but now is not the time.


  • Arsenal have developed  a youth model. (It will turn out to be another pioneering approach by Wenger that many will attempt to replicate)
  • Arsenal have moved to the Emirates. (Thousands more get the privilege of experiencing something magical)
  • Shareholding has changed significantly (I have no idea what the future holds)
  • The supporter base has increased and spread far and wide (The true impact of this will be seen in the coming decade)
  • Rules of the game have been changed with millions being pumped into the game. (Someone is going to press the undo button on this pretty soon)
  • Money is increasingly inversely proportional to patience (Will change as the money dries up)
  • Football experts are just a click away. (Unfortunately, Wenger hasn’t discovered the internet or he wouldn’t have to work so hard)


  • Arsenal play the beautiful game (some teams have made the game as ugly as other mad pursuits of short term glory)
  • Arsenal compete at the highest echelons of European football (many across Europe have fallen)
  • Arsenal continue to remain patient ( If the world quota is a constant it could explain why some others, including many Arsenal supporters, are having so many problems)
  • The business model remains solid as ever (Will hold us in good stead as the money dries out)
  • Media men continue to find new ways of attacking Wenger and his work.
  • Wenger remains true to his principles (Since he hasn’t discovered the internet)
  • And after all these years, Arsene Still Knows! (Ignorance is bliss for Le Boss)

With that thought I enter the New Year full of hope and happiness. Let me know if I missed out on anything.

Finally and most importantly, here’s wishing everyone in the Arsenal family a healthy (injury free) and prosperous (Silverwareful!) New Year.

9 Responses to Some Things Never Change, Some Things Do

  1. Jack Staniforth says:

    I`m all for someone pressing the “undo button” if Manchester City are not capped they will have all the top players in Europe and there will be no contest left. One more of our freedoms will disappear.

  2. Tunde bello says:

    Stan ur fears are unfounded.We have players that can compete with the very best in world football If we can keep hold of them for many more years to come we will surely win lots of trophies

  3. Maddy says:

    Happy New Year arsefans

  4. Steve-Houston, Texas says:

    happy new year to you all from a gooner in the states.

  5. gooner ji says:

    A very happy new year to everyone. May this new year bring all the trophies to the emirates without compromising with our principles(stylish football and excellent business model).
    I think the inclusion of big money has had the darkest impact on football in the last decade. I hope it dries out as soon as possible so that we can have a levelled field for everyone once again.

  6. bobbygee says:

    The decade is not over. It offically ends December 31 2010. One more title is well within reach. Deja vu all over again. The Gunners stop Man U’s fourpeat. This can happen. Yes, developing young talent is the key. This is a baseball model. MLB Major League baseball teams use this model all the time. Phillies, the old New York Yankees.
    Wenger brought this model to the EPL. A very smart mover.
    Money has always been a part of the game. The owners of the team need to make money so they can play their investors dividends. Sports is a business. Sad but true. Have a Happy New Year

  7. Hong_gunner says:

    Nice pun regarding the internet. Liked it.
    And one more thing remaining constant, that we remain a proper british club(and no, im not english). And i doubt that will change. And its a very good thing.
    And on a leaving note, i may have irritated people by not replying to their post and writing blatantly on the main comment thing, and i’ll continue to do so throughout the next year. Happy new year!

    • desigunner says:

      Not sure about the proper English club bit simply because I don’t fully understand what that means.

      I don’t think anyone has any problems with your comments. Just carry on with whatever is comfortable for you.

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