Does the World Player of the Year Tell Us Something?

Recently, Messi was crowned the World Player of the Year. Given the year Barcelona have had and the Argentinean’s role in the team, it is well and truly deserved. This award though, made me take a look at the recent history of WPoY.

Here are some interesting facts,

2009 Winner – Messi

Age at the time of winning — 22

Club  at the time of winning — Barcelona

Years at Club before winning WPoY —  9

Transfer fee – Peanuts, I guess.

2008 Winner – Ronaldo

Age at the time of winning – 23

Club at the time of winning – Manchester United

Years at Club before winning WPoY  — 5

Transfer fee – Just over 12 Million Pounds

2007 Winner – Kaka

Age at the time of winning – 25

Club at the time of winning – Milan

Years at Club before winning WPoY – 4

Transfer fee – Less than 9 million Euros.

These look like young players who were signed for a moderate fee and given the time to develop into world class players. Of course, prior to these three, Cannavaro was an exception of sorts, and the likes of Ronaldinho, Zidane, Figo and Ronaldo fall into the Galactico category. Some might argue that Ronaldinho was somewhere in between the young and talented and the proven stars when he was signed by Barca.

Cesc, obviously, falls in the same bracket as the recent winners. Given his present goal scoring form and his unlimited lifetime supply of assists, he can, if he stays fit, be right up there for the award next year. We also know that individual awards and trophies normally go hand in hand. The last time we won something was when Henry came second in the race.

Of course, one player does not change the fortunes of a club. But we can certainly say Fabregas has a good supporting cast in players like Arshavin, Nasri, RvP(for the contribution he has made this season), Song, Vermaelen and others.

I think a fit Fabregas can create history this season. Some merit to the thought?

11 Responses to Does the World Player of the Year Tell Us Something?

  1. prince says:

    I think a fit Fabregas can create history this season.

  2. Tunde bello says:

    i think that’s asking for too much,a fit fab can do a lot this season but i doubt if winning the world player of the year on the strength of a one season trophy win is one of it. Ronaldo had it goin for 2yrs before he was crowned same thing happened with messi.

  3. SomeRandomGunner says:

    I feel there is more to it . You need to be in winning team :D. It is like the Man of the match in cricket is always from the winning team, unless somebody from loosing team totally totally outperformed others.

  4. ILIYASU Z. says:

    You have to be in a trophy winning side to get a chance of becoming a WFoY and Wenger has not given us any chances yet. Henry’s lost as at then the Premiership was not the best league.
    Get the trophies,the acolades will follow.

  5. gilbert says:

    l really think fabregas is still far away from the award…the premier league still has no players for the award…may be Gerrald…bt no other…look at messi, so influencial at barcelona…he helped barcelona win the trophies that it has in its bag…all the six trophies,messi played a big role in winning it..but look at cesc no trophies at all……..any away lets give him time

  6. diceman1984 says:

    Cesc is the best in his position in the football world right now. I don’t care how good Xavi or Iniesta is, you pull Messi and Ibra(Eto’o) out of their team and you can say they re not as good.

    With Cesc, he’s the best 22 year old footballer I’ve ever seen..maybe apart from Messi of course.

    The proof that he’s truly the best there is is this: with Xavi/Iniesta in the team, why in the world do they want Cesc so bad? Why are they drooling all over him? I thought they have the best already, right? Apparently not. Wenger would never buy anyone who play in Cesc’ position because there’s no one better.

  7. bobbygee says:

    Yes, one great player can transform a club into greatness. Pele. Kaka has done this. Now Messi. Fabregas is on the verge of greatness. Will he reach the heights of a Ronaldo? Only time will tell. If you look at Pele, Ronaldo, Messi, Kaka, Ronaldinho Gaucho they all have one thing in common. These players learned to play the game on the streets. The streets is the best experience for a player to learn the game. This is true especially at a young age.

  8. Fabregas says:

    Fabregas has been on fire these days. I was really impressed by his performance at the Liverpool match. I heard that he got really mad at the team during half time break.

  9. hmm... says:

    one player can’t play football against 11 others…….

  10. Hong_gunner says:

    Eboue was robbed off World Player of the Year.

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