GIF: Walcott’s Brilliant Run For The First Goal

Most people, including myself, thought that Theo had a really poor game last night. He just couldn’t get into the game as his touch has not yet returned. Walcott though, did make a fantastic run that was crucial to our first goal. I hadn’t noticed this run while watching the game live and only saw it in the detailed highlights on ATVO. This is the only angle that captures it.

Theo starts around the half way line and the left touchline when Song has the ball. Arshavin drops deep to collect the pass before laying it off to Cesc who puts it through to Nasri. Walcott, meanwhile, makes a brilliant run right up to the penalty spot covering more than 50 yards in 7 to 8 seconds.

Johnson had a 10 yard advantage over our young winger but Theo just flew past him. No wonder the England full back was under pressure to intercept the ball.

I am not saying that Walcott had a great game, but such runs do show his importance to the team. Our wide players have to get into the box more often. This can serve as a good starting point.

The image does not fit into the width of the blog. Click on the image or open it in a new window/tab to see the complete picture. Apologies for the quality.

Theo Walcott Amazing Run Against Liverpool

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12 Responses to GIF: Walcott’s Brilliant Run For The First Goal

  1. Hamad says:

    I agree too with this brilliant run. But other than this he was anonymous for the rest of the game. Which we all think is not good enough.

    ps. Thanks for posting the video which would have gone unnoticed by many.

  2. embryo says:

    very good point, i’m at the front of the queue whinging on about how Theo’s not got it, and then i have this sort of thing pointed out to me. i need to give him a bit more time i guess. Now convince me that we don’t need another keeper!!!

  3. Oketch Joseph Mary says:

    The truth is that the young man has had bouts of injuries. He cant be as sharp as a person who has plaid consistently. His contribution though was not alot, that openning goal that he intellegently created, was good for starters.

  4. WestCoastGooner says:

    Totally agree with the point of the post. Loads of moaners complaining about Theo (and others) elsewhere, but with in the right position and formation and with a game or two to sharpen up, he will be fine. We won, this was an away game against the scousers, and AW didn’t have the formation right in the first half. Some support for the likes of Theo and Denilson (not nearly as bad as some (Spuds?) fans on other Gooner blogs make out) wouldn’t go astray. If Arsene plays ’em, we should be supporting them – slag them off when the go to Barca or Man Shitty.

  5. ozi-God says:

    All i know is that we need goal keeper. It’s time Mr. Wenger give Vito Manone a chance. Almunia is not good enough.

  6. Robespierre says:

    Excellent point, and I think a discovery too ,since might it prove something more about little Theo’s possible IRREPLACEABLE(!) contribution?.
    when he runs with that full breathtaking speed at the opposition even(or particularly..) without the ball the defense panics,no doubt about it(having breezed by Johnson and his right foot draging behind him frightened the lagging Johnson into the mistake) Theo’s runs strike fear and lead to quick/bad judgments and possible defensive mistakes,more importantly take the defense out of formation that also opens things up for other joining atackers. This was true also for the second goal as well,ahead in the middle of the box Theo kept the attention of the central defense and allowed Arshavin to sneak in with is guile and conjure his magic. In a way in the 2nd half he was relieved from the responsibilities of a classic winger, either instructed or took himself the initiative( it was a do or die for him too let’s not forget) and made runs into the box,in a word he was in effect used as a striker or ‘decoy’of one ‘a false winger’ if such exists. Arsene always said that what impressed him with Theo when he first saw him were his runs and their timing. At this point this is Theo’s most advanced part of his football brain since otherwise his technique lags far behind his speed and he is in effect stiffled in the wing. This points to the way that Theo should be used in the future,that’s what I take you Dessi to say (?). What I learn from this about Wenger, that when he is really pushed he is able to come out of his rigid blueprint( as ‘perfect’ as it may be o paper) and come up with ingenius real time middle of the battle tactical schemes.

    • Vertino says:

      agree with Robespierre.
      At half time I was wondering why Theo had not started on the left, especially when you think Johnson is naive defensively as well the fact that TW’s hero was Henry who as we know always cut in from the left flank.

      Theo’s weak point as it stands is his decision making when on the ball and like many people have said, the more time he has on it the worse the decision making is.

      At one point last season Wenger compared him to Messi and suggested that Theo was better (wait, don’t laugh) because of his off the ball movement. I’ll always remember Nasri’s goal vs Utd where Theo’s run split Rio and Vidic apart and Nasri slid unchallenged through the middle to score.

    • desigunner says:

      Theo’s runs are brilliant, we saw that against olympiakos as well. Right now he is useful to the team because it’s something very different. Most defenders can’t cope with his pace and they have to adapt.

      The other thing I like about Walcott is that he does not stop running and does not moan if someone doesn’t pick him out a few times. An unfortunate trait in some of our other players.

      I think AW starts Theo whenever he is fit and that shows what the boss thinks of him. But the debate of a huge talent vs finished article remains.

  7. 0.9 Calibre says:

    Nice. thanks for posting this!

  8. Ashis says:

    Fantastic observation

  9. Julio Kelly says:

    What is great respecting is dealing with instead of depending on.

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