Arsene – “You always would miss something”

Earlier in the day I was listening to Arsene’s pre-match press conference. It was moving ahead as usual with discussions about injuries, title hopes, top four places and such trivial things. One hack then shifted the focus to something more sizeable.

Journalist: Fabregas has said that the club needs a big physical presence up front, do you agree?

Arsene: (after what looked like “phew!”) Who would deny that? (pause) But I believe as well … since I am in football, you always would miss something. You know, you always miss something, the real question – can we win as we are now? And I say yes and that’s what we want to focus on. I believe we have some taller players out but it doesn’t stop anybody from winning.

I think that’s a very telling statement. As a manager, one is likely to miss some aspect or the other at all times. No one can plan for every eventuality and it is important to adapt. Right now, Fergie is missing his defenders, Arsene is missing tall players and others have their own set of issues. It is overly simplistic to believe that one variable could make or break the season.

I believe what Arsene is saying is that each decision is based on multiple factors. That does not mean we don’t need to sign anyone in January, but we must be good enough to win right now without signing anyone. A winning run without tall players (we can’t buy till January anyway and the player might need time to settle) will certainly throw a different light on the issue and it’s quite likely that everyone will forget about size if the results start flowing.

I thought it might be interesting to compile a list of the top scorers in the league along with their height and weight.

Top Strikers in the English Premier League

(c) DesiGunner

This data is from the Premier League website and I haven’t cross checked with any other source.

It’s interesting to note that the man at the top of that list is perhaps the smallest in terms of height and weight! So, is size a big deal?

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9 Responses to Arsene – “You always would miss something”

  1. Vertino says:

    Short or tall, talent sells. Would Man City get rid of SWP or even Tevez because they are relatively speaking,vertically challenged?

    I’ve always rated Defoe right from his West Ham days but our system is such we can’t accomodate a player like him. The last time we bought a similar player was Jeffers the “a fox in the fox”. Ironically it proved to be the best signing because it made Henry step up. Perhaps we need to sign another “striker” in January?

    To be fair, we’ve never had a physical presence up front apart from Adebayor and considering our success otherwise it has worked for us. It is only because teams are looking at Chelsea and Drogba that people are beginning to talk about the physical presence.

    • desigunner says:

      Well said.

      Even with Adebayor we hardly succeeded with the long ball due to his penchant for breaking the offside record.

  2. arsenerd says:

    The data is clear enough. Ideally a striker is between 169 and 191cm tall and 63 and 91 kg in weight. Eduardo and Vela are exceptions.

    I agree with Vertino. Whenever a player does really well, people start seeing that player as the template for success. Right now you need a huge physical presence like Drogba because he’s scored a few nice goals. Two seasons ago Christiano was scoring for fun and people started talking about the decline of the striker in favour of all-action wing players. If Arshavin scores 2 on Sunday, I’m sure it will become mandatory for every team to have a 4’11” two footed genius and play him up the middle.

    • desigunner says:

      I think Eduardo and Vela haven’t played enough in the league to adapt to the physical nature. They have the ability to succeed in spite of their stature.

  3. jahpercy says:

    “Height” is definately needed to compliment a small center forward… such as Crouch & Defoe, Brentdner & Edwardo/Vela/Arshavin. Arsenal is too “one deminsional” most opponents can plot our demise because of this. We don’t shoot the ball enough, we over elaborate on passes. We are not aggresive enough around the box….We lack variety and pace in our attack, everybody plays the same, looks the same, there is no obvious hunger in the team. We need versitility…we need different types of players in the midfield, we need passers, excellent headerss of the ball, players whose natural instinct is to shoot the ball when near the goal, players with pace, strength and power, we need a dribbler, a rough tackler, players that aren’t lightweight on the field…. Too many of the same size players are on the feild at the same time!!!!!!!(Denilson,Cecs,Ramsey,Nasri,Rosicky,Arshavin, Theo,Vela, Edwardo, Wilsher & Merdia)some of these guys are not even aggresive enough for the EPL and some have no heart for the team. Wenger needs to either go and work with the acdamey or employ a “number two” that can compliment him. It’s no longer about money, you can find players for reasonable amount that can do the job and compliment the quality in the squad.

    • desigunner says:

      You have made some good points. But these are exactly the things that can be improved in the present squad without worrying about adding height.

      I think our players need to work hard on shooting from outside the box. Most players who become extra special reach that level by putting in extra effort after training sessions.

      Rosicky, Nasri, Arshavin can all shoot from distance and they can take players on. They need to have that desire and confidence. It’s possible we don’t do that often enough in training.

      I am not sure whether the players lack heart or it’s down to training or some other reason. But there is enough room for improvement in the present squad without adding new players. I think this is the reason Arsene keeps saying buying is not always the solution. There are enough solutions but can we implement them?

  4. bobbygee says:

    What these clowns in the media are missing is this. How well does a player fit in the system the manager is using. This is a key. Many times the useful idiots in the media want force managers to put a square peg in a round hole. It can’t be done.
    The key is a fire in the players gut. Do they want to win at all costs. Are the players willing to sacrifice to make the team a winner. You can’t measure a mans heart.

  5. Diceman says:

    I believe that we lack, to certain extent, “physical” part of the game-not tall-ness.

    Our starting players who have physical strength advantage are Song, Verminator, Sagna, and Gallas. 4 defensive players. And I would say that what we miss in physical presence we made up in class and skills. If players like Cesc, Arshavin, or nasri has physical presence of that of Drogba’s then they wouldn’t be human…it would be like cheating.

    Using this as an excuse from journalists though is lazy. We didn’t lose games this season because of it.

    We have to accept the fact that everyone apart from MOST Arsenal fans dislike us and would hate seeing our team win something with this crop of players…’d prove them wrong. And they will find any opportunity to attack and disclaim our team…..coming from other people is what I expect though-that’s why I hate and am pissed off at moaner fans when they behave exactly like those morons……

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