Arsenal Players Must Dumbify Their Interviews!

Now, it’s the turn of El Capitan. I don’t know the original source of this interview and have read different parts on different sites. I believe most of you must have read these comments but I will reproduce them for those who haven’t.

Throughout the game [at Manchester City in the 3-0 Carling Cup defeat last Wednesday], we had a lot of possession but didn’t really have anyone to go in behind the defenders, apart from Carlos Vela. We had a lot of similar players who like the ball into their feet. Sometimes it’s true that you need a different kind of option

Overall, I saw a Chelsea team that was normal but a team that has probably the best striker in the world, and that makes such a difference‚ an average team that has the best striker in the world can always do something and Didier Drogba makes all the difference to them. Without him, their team would not be the same. Perhaps we had the same kind of problem against Chelsea as the boys had at Manchester City, not really having someone whose game is to go beyond defenders, and we were a little small to fight against them on crosses, too.

In midfield you could see that, if we wanted, they could never take the ball from us.

The difference sometimes comes up front – we couldn’t take advantage last Sunday while they did.

It is an intelligent man’s opinion with an honest analysis of the games. He has talked about some problems we faced, strengths of the opposition and few weaknesses as well, thus giving fair observations about the games in a few words. Just too intelligent for the media in my opinion.

Only recently we had Arshavin talking about his lack of enthusiasm for the central striker role and the need for taller players. It was too frank and insightful. Earlier we had Van Persie talking about how he sometimes made the most of little contact from defenders. While we all know everyone does it, how many come out and talk about it?

The media almost always gives a negative angle to what our players say. I don’t have to remind you how they had ridiculed and maligned RvP. Most hacks have turned Fabregas’ interview into a demand for a tall striker just as they had done with Arshavin. All this adds to the pressure already on the team. It also increases the discomfort amongst the supporters.

Arsene did say in his press conference that one cannot take a player’s words literally, especially when they have been translated. How many papers carried that!? In this particular case, kudos to the Telegraph for shifting the focus to Chelsea being an average team in Drogba’s absence. On the other hand, try counting the number of people who have added to the negative vibes around Arsenal.

I am curious if this happens with interviews given by others player’s as well. I can’t really imagine Gerrard, Rooney or Terry giving such interviews. They give dumb interviews with meaningless generalizations. Their interviews also show a lot of confidence, however misplaced it might be. Remember the “feeling invincible” nonsense from Terry before they lost the moneybags derby. These players are hypocritical enough and have the ignorance to pull it off.

My point is why can’t our players consciously give generic interviews and avoid controversy. Surely an intelligent man can see the utility of talking dumb!

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23 Responses to Arsenal Players Must Dumbify Their Interviews!

  1. bobbygee says:

    Good points. Two things you can’t coach. Height and speed. Either you have or you don’t. With out Drogba Chelsea is average at best.
    To beat Chelsea take it them. Attack. Don’t sit back and wait.
    What did I tell you about heart. You wrote it straight from the horses mouth-Arshavin.
    I know how the news room works. I can take any quote or words you say and make you look like an idiot. Words have meaning. This means words are in context of what preceeds them and follows them.
    You get it.

  2. Diceman says:

    I don’t know if you can blame the players Desi.

    To me Cesc had always intelligently put forward his interviews. I too believe that while he honestly believe we lack one thing in our team, he too took a shot at chelski for relying on drog’s physical (and acting) strength to bail them out of games. Wouldn’t you agree that without their strength chelski is so average?

    Anyway, we did have many players who came out and said amusing(negative?) things including Gallas and recently in some Arshavin.

    But overall I think we are one of the best handling interviews, largely because the biggest loud mouth cunt had left, bless Arsene for that!

    • desigunner says:

      I am sorry if I gave the impression that I am blaming the players. My point was that their thoughts are too complex, honest and intelligent and the media normally just picks a few words which can be twisted negatively.

      Instead they could try and keep it simple and pro arsenal so that there isn’t much in it for the media.

  3. 0.9 Calibre says:

    “An intelligent man can see the utility of talking dumb.” Nice one… Frankly, I feel the players needn’t give interviews at all… It never does anything to them.. Surely, it doesnt market them to the rest of the world.. Ronaldo is probably one of the most hated personality but that didnt stop Real to shell out a fortune to secure his services.. Players dish out interviews for 2 reasons.. 1) They are cornered by the hacks when they step out of a restaurant 2) They want to express their personal feelings to the fans so that we keep adoring them and they dont end up as a hate figure.. Of course some do it so that they can let the world know that AC milan is interested in him (It was probably news to Milan themselves!). They do it or rather have to do it even though they know that their comments are going to be twisted to a certain degree by the hacks.. So our players intelligent as they are decide to make a few smart insightful remarks cos even if they are twisted it still would carry some meaning.. Cesc making such an observation can carry out messages like 1) he is unhappy 2) There is a rift between him and the rest of the dressing room and him.. Thats what the media hacks intepret but still the observation carries some meaning.. When Terry says “We feel invincible” he probably (“probably”) meant “We feel confident”.. Its an obvious thing to say.. as a player you cant go out and say “we feel like shit”.. its a comment made by Terry to keep Chelsea’s rather.. lets say dumb fans happy.. Growing up in India, where the EPL is followed extensively I know how dumb the followers of the Chavs and Mancs are.. They have no idea why they support these clubs (I can give you a particular instance when a “Man U” fan confessed to me stating that he supports them cos his “Friend” supports them.. lol.. thats probably true for his “Friend” too..)… But as Arsenal fans we know we support this wonderful club for a reason (or many reasons).. Intelligent movement, smart play, Astute manager etc etc… So our players are lets say a reflection of us fans.. So as arsenal fans we are smart enough to decode the actual intelligent observations that their comments carry however twisted they are in the process.. Cesc made a comment so that his fans can get it.. thats smart.. So lets not ask our players to “dumbify” their interviews and condemn ourselves to be the worst kind of fans to grace the earth (Read Mancs)…

    • desigunner says:

      I don’t see how you concluded that Cesc is unhappy and there is a rift from this particular interview!

      Agree about the fans part. Most mancs supporters I know don’t really have any reason to bond. They just see a team winning and jump on the bandwagon. Quite sad.

      Even intelligent fans can misunderstand when the reports only quote parts of the interview.

  4. Vikithegooner says:

    Well said calibre 0.9… are absolutely correct..

  5. str8goon says:

    Look what happened to Arsenal when they played w/ an in form Drogba. Besides the fact that he loves scoring against us…an own goal a half chance taken off the inside calf and a bullish freekick and 3-0 to the Blues. Without the luck of the o.g. and the half ass chance taken it cud easily have been only 1-0 to Chelsea. I’m not accounting for the goal taken away from Arsenal 1-1. So with that look at Drogba on an off day, Anelka isn’t gonna lead you around if you have a competent enough back line and Chelsea look average. Just as they did in the CC even with their starting lineup. Without Drogba this January Chelsea will struggle in midfield and in attack. Come January, Arsenal will buy and rise while Chelsea lose players to ACN and fall.


  6. gooner ji says:

    Its a very smart interview by Fabregas. The best thing about this interview is the honesty with which Cesc has put the things without saying anything controversial. He always talks a lot of sense and as a captain it is very important. I think people like Terry should learn something from him.

  7. Robespierre says:

    FAB was not misquated or misunderstood, nor did he want to take a shot and chelsea, this is all ditracton from the main thing ; FAB HAS SPOKEN loud and clear : Give me a WorldClass Real Striker and I will have we will be world beaters, WHO it should be is important but secondary to the imperative that it SHOULD BE a real striker and NOW!.(This BTW is clearly the reason why even/also Barca got Zlatan, next time they meet Chelsea and the like it will not be left to chance, there is going to be route1 threat).The most important players Fab,ARSH,likely other seniors,ARE FED UP! wasting their genius and effort with Arsenal irrational frugality. EITHER Arsenal are really one step before bankrupcy and hide it,OR ARSENE is the stubborn unreasonable mad scientist,since few millions are NOW the difference between potential winning it all,to loosing not just EVERY competition but with it all key members of this team!.

  8. Vertino says:

    Newspapers won’t sell or get the website hits they need if they don’t put a spin on these quotes. I was trying to read those very quotes again and again to see how the BBC infered that Cesc stated we needed a new striker and the Sun felt the need to suggest that we were short/weak. That the Sun was closer to getting it right is not a good sign in the journalism world.

    It is okay to say that Drogba is “the best striker” who makes all the difference. Obviously, let us see how they do without him and maybe Anelka if the Frenchman is injured. (The equivalent-ish of RVP and Bendtner out). However solutions can be found from within the club and we don’t necessarily need to buy, but if the papers put that, nobody would buy the papers!

    • desigunner says:

      I agree that the papers need to sensationalize. Isn’t that all the more reason for the players to be careful with the words they choose?

      • Vertino says:

        Easier said than done I guess.

        I think they could learn from Van Persie. He answered the questions that required simple answers. When asked the question along the lines of whether beating Spurs meant they weren’t as good as Arsenal, he replied with “No comment.”

        Now you can’t get more simplistic than that. Good luck to the media trying to twist that one.

      • desigunner says:

        Easier said than done indeed. I do feel if things keep getting worse, there will be some sort of an embargo on players imposed by the clubs. There might also be media coaches in the squad telling people what to say and what not.

        Arsene will never do this as he believes in giving people freedom and opportunity to express themselves. Something that I appreciate a lot.

  9. gunnerfan says:

    On a different note, has anyone heard a Gallas interview since the infamous last season captaincy problem. I have not seen a SINGLE interview even on the official Arsenal website !! Not in the league, Not in CL, Carling Cup, nowhere. He has just dropped off the radar (which is a good thing).

  10. Peter says:

    Desi, really man, who cares about the papers? Look at the team, it is clear what is needed. Cesc has to explain why he decides to move, the ball is in wenger’s court.

    • desigunner says:

      Fair point. I really want to meet someone who cares about the papers, as no one I know cares. Yet, they exist and make us suffer!

  11. arsenerd says:

    I think the sad reality is that Arsenal FC is a big company and big companies need to control their image and brand very carefully. You don’t see high level engineers at Apple talking to the press about how they are insecure about the latest ipod not being as good as it should be and that they really need to hire some top chip engineers to make it better.

    On the other hand, maybe this is part of the appeal of Arsenal. ManU and Chelsea seem to project an image of swashbuckling confidence, while Arsenal in the Wenger era seems to be more about a nuanced Progressive/Scientific/Intellectual image. Maybe this image is part of Arsenal’s popularity.

    Ok, so I’ve just contradicted myself. Bye.

    • desigunner says:

      Talking through the arse and talking like a nerd, eh! 😛

      I do hope football doesn’t get corporatized to that extent ever. Although a lot of players do speak only the politically correct gibberish.

  12. Vela says:

    Arsene Wenger said Carlos Vela was left behind for Arsenal’s fateful trip to Barcelona because of ‘competition for places’.

  13. we all know footballers are as thick as two short planks. As for Wenger, the media has listened to and lauded his nonsensical claptrap for too long. It’a about time you grilled the bloke to keep him honest

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