Thoughts on the World Cup Draw

International football doesn’t normally excite me. But my football initiation was through the 1994 World Cup and this tournament has a special spot in my heart. I am looking forward to South Africa 2010, even at the risk of irritating Arsene 😛

The draw was held last Friday and I believe most of you will have seen that by now. If not, the following image provides details of the groups and here you can see how the knockout rounds are structured.

My favorite teams are Spain and Argentina. Not favorites to win the world cup, but as teams that I like watching. Spain though, are favorites to win as well but I doubt Argentina will win anything with Maradona in charge.

England, I must admit, is one of the teams I dislike. Mainly because of players like Rooney, Ferdinand, et al. Moreover, they have a tendency to hire really defensive managers like Eriksson and Capello.

The first thought in my mind was to look for the group of death. In this case, group G stands out. Even D is a little tough as all the teams are quite good. It’s unfortunate that the best African teams have found themselves in difficult groups. I really want to see how they perform in the later stages of the tournament.

The first round looks quite easy for teams like Argentina, France, England, Spain and Italy. Germany and Brazil will have some work to do right from the first round. Even the Dutch will have some tricky encounters.

The second round is not likely to be easy for anyone, but Argentina and France, if they top their groups, might have less worries than the rest. France have been really lucky and the footballing gods haven’t taken the controversy into consideration. England, Spain and Italy might have the toughest games in the second round.

If everything goes by the form book, the quarter finals could look like Spain-Italy, Brazil-Netherlands, England-France and Germany-Argentina.  Of course, there will be some upsets and any team that can take the place of one of these giants will certainly be a dark horse. I think Ghana, Ivory Coast, Denmark, Serbia and United States can be the surprise teams.

I am really hoping Spain can go all the way this year. They are certainly the best team in terms of the beauty of the game. Even Argentina, Brazil and the Netherlands can’t beat the quality of their football at the moment. It will also be a great result for El Capitan.

Who do you see winning the world cup?

11 Responses to Thoughts on the World Cup Draw

  1. Indo_gunn says:

    I support Germany since i was child..but it will be a tough group knowing Serbia and ghana are good teams..sometimes arsenal player must learn from German’s strength in fighting spirit and determination..germany players are not good technically but the opponents know that defeating them is very hard and sometime they’ve already lost before the match begin..i wish arsenal can give those psywar to other team and beat them before kick off

    • desigunner says:

      Thats a good observations about Germany. They always rise up to the big games/tournaments. They are hard to beat and Arsenal must reach that level soon.

  2. hmmmm says:

    ur feeling of hatred for england maybe buds from feeling of love for arsenal…coz brittish media are so anti-arsenal…teams with flair seldom win world cup..ane with defensive resolute often so my favorite will be england….

  3. Sensible Opinion says:

    France are just a bunch of cheats and its a disgrace they are in the Finals after being outplayed by Ireland. Thierry Henry should be banned for his infamous double handball. I hope Argentina or Spain win it but I wont be watching a competition run by the corrupt FIFA.

  4. Ahillong Gunner says:

    Well, I have to agree with 95% of what’s written… I hate Rooney and Ferdinand myself On top of that I wish Portugal fails to go throught the next round. Can’t stand the greasey monkey Ronaldo.

    I Wish Spain Wins or at maybe France(0.005 % chance). Maybe thats a bit too optipistic unless Henry gets away with a handball in every game… lol

    • desigunner says:

      Given the luck France have had so far he just might lol

      Yeah I was hoping Portugal won’t qualify but somehow they made it. I think I should start hoping the reverse of what I want!

  5. Dutchgunner says:

    I’m looking for an impressive result from holland this time, netherlands 3-0 italy and netherlands 4-1 france in euro 08 shows the skill that holland has. unfortunatly we lost to Russia after, but during that game I called it that arshavin would be signed by a big team after this tournament. Luckily it was the gunners!!

    • Shillong Gunner says:

      Yeah…. Hope Holland/N-lands do well this time… I’ve always been a supporter of Holland since the time of Gullit then Rijkaard, Kluivert, Davids etc etc…. They have some of the best players around but still they always fail to impress… sobbbbbbb

      Hope Van Persie gets fit for S.A.

      P.S– ITALY has all sissies in their team(Except Cannavaro maybe) They shud be easily beaten.

  6. Diceman says:

    I am almost at a point of hating English national side completely. So many players of it are simply cunts – and they’re always the most overrated team in every tournament. And the brand of football putting out by them is ineffectively boring.

    If RVP makes it then I wish he wins Holland the cup. It’s a reward for both himself and his national for being the exact opposite of England – playing beautiful football while is underrated always.

  7. Hong_gunner says:

    I have been supporting Argentina ever since my childhood(though im not an argentine). And i doubt it yet again if they’ll win the world cup. Not with Maradona incharge atleast. The same goes for France. Arguably the most talented squad in the world, but have a dickhead of a coach in the form of Domenech who prefers to do selection on the basis of horoscopes. Spain will be classy, playing their usual quality football, but will be deserted by a defensive team in the later stages, i feel. So much hype surrounds England after the qualifying rounds, and i feel 1966 will be their only world cup trophy come the end of july next year. My bet is on Netherland this time. Their football and passing and movement is second to none, and they deserve to win it this time with luck deserting them on so many occassions(i’d compare them with the south african cricket team). Oh, i forgot Brazil. Not because of the Argentine-brazil rivalry basis, but i feel the 5 times champions wont make it past the quarter-finals.

  8. My support goes to Brazil. I hope this make it this time! FIFA Updates – Source to your FIFA Updates needs.

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