Thoughts on the January Transfer Window Opportunities and Requirements

Once again the rotten month of November has troubled us (I shouldn’t be saying this about the month of my birth but you can’t argue with facts!) We have lost momentum and I don’t think anyone who loves the Arsenal is feeling very positive these days.

The buying brigade is baying for blood, fresh blood. Transfer speculation never dies where the big clubs are concerned. Arsene on his part has added fuel to the fire by saying, “… we will be out in the market that is for sure now …”

Everyone has their opinion about who we should sign. But in most cases I haven’t seen a clear problem definition. For instance, some want us to buy a back up for Song. In principle it sounds like a valid thought as he is a very important player. But we have lost four games with Song in the team. So what is the guarantee that we won’t lose four more with anyone else that we sign. Consequently, signing someone as a back up for Song can’t really be a valid reason.

It won’t make sense if I dissect every thought someone has expressed on the net, so let me stick to my thoughts alone. I believe that Senderos is completely out of favor and we should not rely on him to have the motivation to perform for us if required. That makes signing a Center Back the top priority. We must look for a defender who is better than Gallas and can step in for our ex-captain. If the same person also has a dual ability, similar to Song, then he can fill in the midfield requirement as well. I don’t think it makes any sense to buy a central defender and a defensive midfielder. Essentially, we cannot change the spine of the team in January and hope that it will click.

Another important position that has raised concerns is the striker. Before the start of the season many were surprised that Arsene was interested in Chamakh as we had plenty of top quality attackers. Two injuries have changed all that. I believe that Bendtner is still the most important striker for us and his fitness and form will define our season.

The rumor mills have linked us with many marksmen. Chamakh, Dzeko, Pazzini, Balotelli, Carlton Cole, Kenwyne Jones, Van Nistelrooy, the list is endless. Basically anyone supposedly tall and strong enough to lead the line is a transfer target. If only life were that simple!

I don’t think the likes of Cole or Jones are going to help us much. There isn’t any guarantee over their fitness and temperament either. Chamakh looks like an unfinished article from whatever little that I have seen of him. He can’t really be expected to come in and change our fortunes from day one. The same goes for the likes of Balotelli and some of the others.

Some supporters want an instant fix. I am not sure it is easy to find anyone who can fit right into the team and deliver. Arshavin was an aberration. Most new signings don’t perform wonders right from the start, especially in January.

If Wenger decides to sign for the future, there might be plenty of options available. I tend to trust AW and believe that he will get this right. Unfortunately, it might not be a quick fix and could leave some people disappointed.

Any new signing always comes with some risks. The player might not adapt as easily or might get injured early on. It would be foolhardy to expect one or two new signings to change the course of our season. I am convinced the year end results will be determined largely by our present squad.

Another option Arsene might explore is taking someone on loan. I don’t know how the transfer market works and if it’s possible to do such deals for big players. Getting someone like Dzeko on a 6 month loan, with an option to buy, might be a good solution. Of course, this would also depend on the player and his present team having any interest in such a deal. Wenger could even look at the MLS for this. Although I don’t really know if anyone here is good enough to play for us.

To me, a Center Back is a must buy and we could do with a striker as well. What’s your pick – a big money savior or another youngster for the future? What would you do if there were 50 million pounds to spend?

30 Responses to Thoughts on the January Transfer Window Opportunities and Requirements

  1. kushagra says:

    I am a regular reader of your articles this is one of the worst, very confusingly written.We have lost 4 matches with Fabregas Arshavin So??? AND why a team will give a 20 mil pound striker Edin Dzeko on loan are you nuts??
    I think our only option it seems like is Van Nistelrooy,
    Gignac(both eligible for champions league) or Wenger can unearth a gem from somewhere because we need a quick fix
    Walcott is injured again Bendtner will come and will be out 2 weeks minimum with hamstring!!!
    This season is defining or we may see Fabregas leavingg
    with Arshavin

    • desigunner says:

      The point about losing four matches was that we need to find a real solution to losing matches and a backup for Song is not a solution to that. I guess I didn’t communicate it properly.

      I already said I don’t know if it’s possible or not but if we can put a good carrot for Wolfsburg they might allow Dzeko to come to us. Loans are not free, we would obviously have to pay a decent fee for that but nowhere near risking the whole transfer fee.

      If Fabregas and Arshavin want to leave they will. I don’t think one or two signings in January is going to change that unless it’s someone of the stature of Ibrahimovic, which we don’t really expect do we?

  2. 0.9 Calibre says:

    Your thoughts on the CB position is interesting.. You want to sign a player who can fill in the CB position and step up to the DM position if required.. We already have the player with the specs you are looking for.. Song.. Song is actually a specialist Cb who has changed enormously under AW’s tutelage .. So instead it would make more sense to sign a specialist DM and probably shuttle Song between the CB and DM… Yaya Toure’s on sale and he would be the perfect buy if Le boss can pull it off.. I wouldnt suggest buying a DM if not for Yaya.. coming from Barca he will be familiar with the kind of play we implement on the pitch.. if not for Yaya i would say just have Silvestre (Marvelous performance against Citeh!) for CB backup and continue with Denilson when song leaves for AFC..

    I dont think we have to buy a striker.. agreed we are being bullied physically on the pitch.. But if we can get our tactics right and play 2 attacking midfielders (among Cesc/Tomas/Nasri) we should be alright.. our movement will help players like Vela and Dudu cause problems.. its just that Eduardos movement has not been sharp lately and we have a long injury list.. everything happening at the wrong time.. bad luck.. We just have to hold on for another coupla weeks and wait for Bendtner to return.. Whether he finishes or not it doesnt matter.. his presence and ability to lay up for the “smaller” players will be invaluable.. Otherwise we are just fine.. I would say splash bout 12-15 mil on Yaya and save the rest.. oh i almost forgot.. we need a good goalie.. Someone with a presence and an ability to command the box.. Apart from that we are just fine..

    • desigunner says:

      I am not sure about Yaya Toure. He isn’t getting any games at Barca and youngsters are picked ahead of him. I don’t think Wenger rates him either. Lets see.

      I agree we can manage without a striker but only if everyone else raises their game to their very best.

  3. robertmcmahon says:

    YAYA Toure hasn’t been dropped because of him playing bad it’s just they went a different direction. As for Wenger, he has said loads of times that he likes him but he won’t buy such a big player and leave him on the bench or unfairly put song on the bench to make room for him!

    I do think we need a big strong centre back and the same in a centre forward. We want a defender that can stand up to the likes of drgba and similar players with such presence around the box! Chamakh is champions league tied so why bother? Especially when he’s free in the summer!

  4. Stu5 says:

    i thought vel;a did a fantastic job at city considering the midfield was AWFUL all game. he had shite support so he did a fantastic job holding play up and bringing the midfield into it and i really feel vela deserved a goal for his troubles. one way or another we need to start scoring goals again FAST by any means possible and i think fabregas and arshavin have to carry the team by the scruff of the neck if no one else will score and produce some magic themselves.i hope vela starts this weekend and with any luckl he can get on the score sheet

  5. fanofwenger says:

    the hopes of 1st position in premier league is almost over unless chelsea has a horror month of january.i feel a center back is must bcoz we almost have a doubtful gallas nowadays.he too has injury concersns.denilson can fill in the shoes of song in january.with the game we saw bendtner provided in previous months he can very well replace van persie as the central striker but until he comes back i think there will be a goal drought.eduardo is better as a support striker.wenger wont surely buy a striker unless bendtner’s return takes much longer time.

    • hmmmm says:

      man utd are also there…that’s why it will be difficult for arsenal to win title….it wud have been easier if only one team was ahead of them…but like last season two teams are ahead of them…u can expect chelsea to have a horrible run but man utd also having a torrid run with chelsea is a big ask….for that wenger needs to go at different club and motivate them for these two teams…..

  6. lee says:


  7. Armiyau says:

    Nice piece but manipulation of can a big form striker edin go on loan,remember he is the top man for wolfs….

    • desigunner says:

      I’m just saying loans are an option and if we can pull a coup with Dzeko well and good, else someone like Van Nistelrooy might also work out.

    • hmmmm says:

      loan from russian league or mls….no 1 can give their best striker on loan during the season…

  8. TR7 says:

    we need a tall strong striker like drogba ………i think we should go for carton cole , we dont look like we will score in set pieces. we need a player who will share responsibility from fab …… gourcuff or karsnic
    we need a back up defender like naldo………

  9. t says:

    cole is injured

  10. Patt says:

    I think we desperately need a goalkeeper. None of our current crop are reliable. I would suggest Hugo Lloris, but Lyon are through to the Champions League knock out stages so I don’t think they’ll let him go in January. Diego Lopez from Villareal will do for me.

    I agree that we should sign a better CB than Gallas. Cristian Zapata and Neven Subotic are viable options.

    and Dzeko as our striker is not a bad call. He’s big, strong and quick, he’ll add a different dimension to the team.

    That’s it for me. We need 3 new signings in January to turn things around.

  11. nikogunner says:

    Winning The Premiership this year would mean we get an uncharacteristic bullish run this December and January. That would mean that we must immediately resolve our striking and back problems. I think it’s time Wenger another Henry (He brought Thierry upfront when Anelka left and it must have been one of the most brilliant decisions in his gunners helmship)The guys that can have the answer could be Walcott and he can be paired up with Asharvin and Vela getting more play time and Eduardo can move to the flanks together with Rosiscky. In the central Mid, Fab, Denilson, Ramsey, Willshare for the moment can do. The back line i suspect Gallas and Sagna need some rest time to return to full fitness for the moment. Silvestre should get a role in the next 2-3 games. I think we have a Simpson out on loan who doing well in the Championship. A recall and trials in the senior team may reveal some good opportunity.

    Come January i think we should Offload Eduardo and Bendtner and replace them with 2 no nonsense attackers. I vouch for Nistelroy and(or)Diego Forlan to be one of the two. Mutuidi can do the central Back and Song role.

  12. hmmmm says:

    50 million pounds!!!!! are u mad…..we are talking about wenger here…no signing wud be enough to turn around ur season…u guys are always unlucky with injuries….+ have some faith in eduardo, he’s a class act…remember persie in the start of season, he cudn’t score for 3-5 matches..the new system is bothering eduardo, he doesn’t know when to assist and when to score, give him 2-3 more matches…he will come good…and please don’t get on his back, like u guys did with adebayor…a versatile centre back will do for wenger…

  13. ashish says:

    Great observation man.
    but what i think boss will do is go for a striker.
    I think back of the mind AW understands that chamakh is not a finished material so he is saying that he wont buy him.
    I dnt think he will look for an alternative for song as he has stated that denilson will play in that role in place of song.
    I know its important to find a centre back in case anyone gets injured but i dnot thing he will go for that either.As there is less funds aailable to him and there is no proven striker who i can think off who will come for less then 15 million.
    I know we need three players but he will sign only a striker.

    • desigunner says:

      What you say is most likely. We might only sign a striker. I think Arsene will see if Gallas and Rosicky have signed new contracts or not. If they have not, then he might sign someone else as well.

  14. GoonerGaz says:

    If you havent seen a clear problem then look no further than the keeper.Arsene please note that no top side in the world has a poor keeper.Not resolving that issue will ensure that we dont become one of them.

    • desigunner says:

      I have a feeling that as long as our defenders allow crosses into the box like they did against chelsea any goal keeper will look like a chump.

      I know our keepers have made mistakes in other games but I feel arsenal keepers are always under more pressure due to our style of game and defending. So a new keeper might struggle just as much.

  15. asd123 says:

    wat about a gk???i think a fantastic gk is a greater priority as compared to a CD…
    Hugo LLoris(lyon)
    Igor akinfeev(CSKA)
    manuel neur

  16. Louis says:

    I agree the lack of pace and power is of real concern. The style of our football however, always means we are going to be more exposed than the other top teams. I think AW was hoping Djourou would be Gallas’s replacement this year gradually introducing him into the first team for next year. He is 6ft 3 and shows good potential just a shame he is injured. We need a goalkeeper who can marshall a back four, is decisive and commanding. Rob Green anyone? A realistic target, premier league proving and english. Carlton cole would be a great buy in my opinion. We have strikers like eduardo and van persie that can finish but lack someone to cause trouble from set pieces and hold the ball up well. Cole has been transformed this year and is proven at this level. He doesnt socre tons of goals but the rest of the strikers can provide that. He is much needed.

  17. moizul says:

    i suggest wenger to buy juventus’ center half
    georgio chellini.he is tall enough to withstand each n evry striker in europe.gallas should play as a right back in da presence of chellini.ARSENAL is lacking height in both midfield n defense,chellini can diminish this gooner problem.ARSENAL should sell fabregas and buy yaya toure for midfield reinforcement.on attack higuain is a type of player who’ll adjust easily.INSHA ALLAH TALA arsenal will win the premier and the champions league.

  18. Jack says:

    Almunia needs to be put back as second choice keeper. I would love Given.

    We only need defensive cover. Gallas and Vermaelen rule. Unfortunately they lack in height.

    Bring in YaYa. Hes awesome. Hes going to Man U to be with his bro. Trust me on this one.

    Midfield is cushty. However Rosicky fix up look sharp or get the boot.

    We need a striker who fills the boots of Wright, Henry Anelka Kanu and Bergkamp. Cole seems like a good option to me.

  19. Dave says:

    We need a goal keeper. Why? Cause our 1st choice almunia hasnt performed since champions league 2006.

    We need a centreback like hangeland.Why? Do i need to explain?

    We need a striker like Carlton Cole, John Carew or Zigic from Valencia. Why? So we can have our own DROGBA!

  20. […] I proceed further let me be clear, I wanted to see new signings. As I wrote in this article at the beginning of December, I was hoping we get a Center Back who can play DM and if possible a […]

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