Arsenal Need a Winning Streak

The pain of yesterday’s mauling is likely to linger for a while. I still can’t think straight and it’s impossible to digest that we could be so naïve, almost idiotic. This isn’t a new feeling either. We have been outplayed in the big matches with mind numbing regularity in the recent past. It’s as if all of us deserve shock treatment every few months for being mentally challenged enough to support the Arsenal. At least I didn’t bet online.

But that treatment doesn’t really work on me. I know why I love and respect this club, the players and above all the manager. A few disappointments will not change it as I connect with Arsene and his work on a level of principles and beliefs. It’s a rare and deep bond which only becomes stronger when it is attacked by forces like the incompetent media or billionaire playthings.

Right now we are at a point where we haven’t done much better than last year. We are close to the five defeats that we had had by the end of November. Our start to the season last year was a disaster even though we had won against United and Chelsea. This year is more of a mix as we haven’t done that poorly against smaller teams but we have lost to both our main rivals.

I think there is still hope that this season can end well. But we need to raise our game to a height hitherto unachieved. I look at the squad and always feel it’s possible. But the proof of the talent is in the results. So far, we haven’t seen the consistency that would really establish us as a champion side.

The upcoming fixture list is interesting.

We have 9 league fixtures before the game with United which will be followed by big games against Chelsea and Liverpool. Effectively, in the next twelve league games we have 4 meetings with other top four teams and two fixtures with Villa. The other games are not going to be walkovers either.

I am not too concerned about the cup ties in this period. In case we do really badly in December, Arsene might decide to focus on the cups. But as of now all the focus must be on creating a winning run. Can we win the nine fixtures before the trio of big games? If we do we will have great momentum leading into the crunch games.

As it is, we have dropped points in 5 games already. We cannot afford to drop more than 3-4 games till the end of the season. The only positive scenario is if we go on a long winning run. I think this team needs confidence. It also needs a touch of arrogance. We do not do justice to our talent at the moment. Who knows, maybe we struggle because we show too much respect to the opposition!

Arsene might even think about hiring a sports psychologist to talk to the players. I don’t think this could do much harm. I remember in the past such sessions have helped the Indian cricket team. It might help our players find their belief and fighting spirit.

All I want to see is that we give it our best shot.

23 Responses to Arsenal Need a Winning Streak

  1. americansun says:

    In their remaining premier league games they should do well (maybe not against Villa). Van Persie is a major loss… i guess that placenta procedure is a hoax.

  2. fanofwenger says:

    winning streak for atleast 6 matches in all games is required to build the confidence which we had in the beginning. i feel burnley and aston villa matches and the one against liverpool after a trip to greece should be tricky ones. we shouldnt worn out after such a long trip. i feel liverpool have started finding form and we should finish all these matches with a win bfr we start taking an advantage by the african nations cup and y the hell do we get a away trip to west ham while the rest get a championship side.arsenal have always been unlucky in these fa cup draws.

    • desigunner says:

      It’s a tough draw but a good chance to set the record straight. Don’t know if both managers will play their first teams or not.

  3. americansun says:

    Well… they’re lucky to have a wealth of young talent. Their midfield is stacked throughout.

  4. Kushagra says:

    you are from which city desi gunner and u still bear cricket!!!

    • desigunner says:

      I am in St Louis right now. In India, I have been all over the country.

      Well, I don’t watch much cricket these days. But I still have a soft spot for Sachin so watch him bat at times.

      This sports psychologist issue is older. I guess you will remember the time when the Indian team started those team huddles and stuff.

  5. Deen nigeria says:

    Hope we av dis unbeaten for at least 12 games starting with mancity

  6. Armiyau says:

    We have to show the physics of every games we play.arsenal need a big man attack.every failure that occur blame your self and improve on it.

  7. hmmmm says:

    i have questions for every arsenal fans……

    Q. what’s the real policy of wenger???? What does he actually want for arsenal???Does he really believes his youth policy gonna give fruits in upcoming years???? If so then how? if he is not able to retain players he created in past years and let go of them without replacing them???? I am talking about flamini and adebayor here.

    Or from a neutral fan’s point of view he just want to convert arsenal into a factory, producing good players for wealthy customers??? Even if that’s the case then he must be active in negotiating contracts with players when contract reaches in it’s last two years not last two months!!! So that he can earn profits in transfer window….

    Q2.why most of the fans like YOU put the blame on refrees, media, even the epl body…..???? This is ridiculous, every time arsenal loses blame refrees, uefa, fifa, wealthy clubs, even pitch(last year fa cup semis)…blame every1 who r not arsenal related…huh..does that mean arsenal fans are the most whining one???”arsenal loss- blame refrees” C’MON GROW UP!!!

    Q3. Game against chelsea was tactical blunder…..i mean there can’t be any funnier sight than arshavin challenging terry for header :p….still in the first half likes of sagna kept tossing the ball n the air instead of ground passing….why wenger always screw up in big games especially against chelsea??(last year fa cup no arshavin no song).

    Q4. who’s denilson or rather what is his role in the team??? to collect loose balls??? how can wenger prefer him over song??how cud he sub the only player who’s presence was felt in first half??

    p.s- iam talking about present denilson not the future one..we all know what happened with song…..

    • hmmmm says:


    • desigunner says:

      Anup, I have removed the moderation now so you can post under your own name. But please don’t go on a commenting spree again.

      I think Arsene doesn’t create players to sell them. The players sometimes get their heads turned. Wenger is a man who believes in freedom more than anything. So he doesn’t force them to stay.

      As far as blaming other is concerned, that is an individual thing. I normally point our mistakes from our players and managers as this is my blog. I don’t control what others do. Wenger can never come out and say my players were pathetic. That’s the nature of the world. You can’t take him on face value there, you have to learn to read between the lines.

      My final comment to you is that you must try and think of the answers yourself. See if you can identify a problem and define it clearly. Then see if you can describe the solution. Everyone will listen to you and give you respect if you do that. But if you just come across as someone who keeps ranting, no one will have any interest in your thoughts.

  8. Vikithegooner says:

    We should win against all the other sides and should not lose until the end..we can buy yaya toure though song is excellent we need toure to stamp pricks like terry ivanovic and the energetic essien…..let toure play in league and fa cup and let song play in uefa and league cup..both will be satisfied and after three years we can sell toure and depend on song completely..any suggestions? …..

    • desigunner says:

      I am not sure Toure will be a great addition. He isn’t getting regular football at Barca and I think he is a player hyped up by the media more than anything else.

      What we need is more from our creative players. That’s the soul of our game. They have to find ways past tight and top quality defences.

  9. Nicholas Ho says:

    Bro, can you reply me by my email? I would like to talk to you regarding an Arsenal project. Thx!

  10. Moens says:

    Good point on sport psychologist. That could not do any harm indeed.

    Always enjoy reading this blog. keep it up, Desi!

  11. gooner ji says:

    Good post as always. A victory tomorrow is very important for the morale of the team. I think Wenger will play the same kind of team that he played against Liverpool.

    @ hmmmmmmmmmm
    Apart from the 3rd question, all other questions are worthless. You are talking about players like Adebayor – who went to a lesser team and Flamini – who hardly makes it to the playing 11 in a team playing in a third class league.
    You say that we blame referees, media etc everytime we lose—- What are your views about Manchester United and their fans then. In fact if you read blogs of different clubs you can find similar sentiments all over whenever a team loses. As per growing up is concerned, I think you need to grow up my friend as you seem to be a bigger moron than us.
    As far as Denilson is concerned, I think he was one of our better players that night. After Song’s departure, one goal was conceded and looking at the goal it can be said that Denilson was not responsible for the goal.
    Finally I have a question for you — Which team do you actually support or you are just a moron passing by?

  12. arsenerd says:

    Good post, desigunner. I don’t really agree that Arsenal lacked fighting spirit. Especially early on, the effort was really quite good. With so many injuries, especially to our tallest and strongest players, we were always going to be at a disadvantage to a powerful team like Chelsea. Although I think we were tactically beaten, Chelsea also took their (few) chances (and we took their chances for them), and nothing quite came off for us. I don’t really feel like if we played them 10 games we would lose 10. Maybe 7…

    • desigunner says:

      🙂 I have felt in the recent games that our players lose heart towards the end if the result is not going for us. At least some of them do. Given our style of play even if one or two players switch off the whole game is affected.

  13. bobbygee says:

    It is hard to learn how to play in the money matches. Don’t give up hope. There is a ton of futebol to be played. The EPL champ will have anywhere between four and six losses.
    My team Flamengo was out of it in mid-july. Cuca was fired. Bring in Andrate and a seventeen match match unbeaten streak. Menago is now one win away from winning their sixth Campeonato title.
    The English sides like to play the long ball. The two Gunners laspes on defensive were short low crossed balls into the box. Killers. These types of balls do not give teams time to react.
    Chelsea is a grinder team. Fast teams always give the Blues trouble. Man U did except the Red Devils couldn’t finish.
    With Van Persie out this took away the chemistry of the team.
    Money teams don’t quit they fight on until the end.

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