Big Match, Big Players, Big Performance!

In the preview I had a simple question. Will the Arsenal players raise their game? Important football matches are often decided by individual moments. That is exactly what we got.

How often have we seen United play poorly and sneak a 1-0 with a quality moment from their big players? How often have we seen Arsenal dominate the game for the best part of ninety minutes and drop points to a moment of madness? It is games like this one that tell you how far the team has come. We will always dominate majority of the games that we play. But when the opposition asks some questions like the tots did in the first 40 minutes, the stars have to shine.

It was a little disappointing to hear pundits talk about mistakes by the Spuds defence for the twin goals. The Flying Dutchman showed great control with his chocolate leg at an awkward height and there was little Gomes could have done about it. He has a thing going with Sagna there and it just might be something they have worked on in training.

The second goal is easily the goal of the season so far. It will take an extra special effort to dislodge it from that spot. We normally don’t associate a dribbling run with Fabregas. It just highlights the wonders of footballing intelligence. Every single touch in that run was perfect. Some might think I am getting carried away, but I am sure El Capitan is the best player in the league by a mile and right up there with the likes of Messi on the world stage. The change in position has made a staggering difference and I can bet my life on him getting better as the season progresses.

The ref didn’t have a great game but he did a good job allowing play to continue for our third goal. With someone like Gomes in goal, a mistake was bound to happen at some point. It’s good to see Van Persie collecting some center forwardish goals. He was a bit edgy to start with, but played a great role when he dropped deep and let Eduardo play up front.

Alex Song is now up there with all the big players we have. Duracell, Energizer, etc. can change all their advertisements and just show a picture of Song instead. If anyone still questions the quality of the Cameroonian, that person is just saying, “I am an idiot, please ignore me.”

We all knew the second ball was going to be important today and Song did an excellent job of tracking the runners. He also had a commanding presence in the center and put in some important tackles. The 22-year-old hard man formed a great link between the defenders and the attacking players. What more can you ask for from a player in his position!?

Even Almunia had a decent game and collected most of the good balls played into the area. The back four dealt with Crouch and Co effectively. These are the kind of games that tell you why Harry Redknapp can never be a great manager. He might be a great man manager and motivator. He might put his team out for a physical battle. But the Spuds manager has no clue about the beauty of the game. The visitors didn’t have a plan B and hardly drew a decent save from our No 1. I just loved the look on his face, especially after all the talk about how weak our defence is. Arsene must have enjoyed stuffing a clean sheet up his arse!

You could see how badly Wenger wanted it. It’s not everyday that you see a manager hurl his coat when his team are leading by three goals! I think he was agitated because there was a little bit of panic in our game. We are at our worst when we stop passing the ball and lose control of the tempo of the game. That little outburst brought the players back to their senses and the door was firmly shut.

I hate to talk about anything negative on such a day, but someone has to hang Diaby upside down for a few minutes every day. His brain cells are dying and there is an urgent need for some blood flow in his head. Even by his standards the lanky Frenchman had a horrible day.  The end result was achieved in spite of Diaby. Arsene has to give someone like Ramsey a chance.

We have seen two different rivals dispatched with different kinds of performances as this young squad grows in confidence. Now can we do something about our away form please!

19 Responses to Big Match, Big Players, Big Performance!

  1. gooner ji says:

    A great commanding display. All the goals were great. I cannot think of anything negative about the game.
    I think everyone did their job. Finally the clean sheet puts the icing on the cake.
    Its really very disappointing to listen to the sick morons talking about Spurs’ defensive lapses rather than the brilliance shown by Van Persie,Sagna and Fabregas for the goals. I dont know when are they going to change.
    On another note, where do Liverpool go from here?

    • desigunner says:

      I think Liverpool are going to do us some more favors by beating the top teams and losing to smaller ones 😀

      Check out Redknapp’s post match comments on BBC. He is almost in tears.

  2. anup says:

    good HOME game, wenger was frustrated bcoz even after 3-0 up songs n diaby were pushing forwards…but after seeing there manager crossed..everybody got their concentration back…as far as loserfool are concerned its a masterstroke by benitez…he sees oppurtunity at real mads, so instead of quitting he wants to be sacked get 20 millions and head towards his kind of clubs where he can buy any quality player he wants..n he will b provided with money greatfully….i can’t see any other reason behind substituting benayoun..ok he saved torres for cl but taking out ur most creative player(at present) just sink in well..well this is not loserfull blog so…enjoy!!!!! fellow gunners….cheers!!!….

    • anup says:

      subs of doesn’t sunk in well….happy tottenstunner day!!!fellow gooners..

      • anup says:

        sorry……..substituition of benayoun doesn’t sunk in well….did u see harry red napping today???

    • desigunner says:

      Looks like you have a bit of a soft spot for the fools as well. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion. I think they have a simple problem this season, they are trying to be more positive and play in the opposition half. They are good when they defend in numbers and play on the counter.

      Redknapp closed his eyes because he couldn’t watch the pathetic performance from his team 🙂

      • anup says:

        no no..basically i hate damnchester utd for their cheat manager(fed up of pundits comments that he earned it to influence refrees,what r u talking u dumbheads,really want his dominance to end..) , chelshit and dollar city for inflating the market and literally buying success. Don’t hate loserfullofgarbage and don’t like them either and love wenger for his tough stand on his philosophy and arsenal for the same reason and values….hopefully we keep them even after wenger leaves….

      • desigunner says:

        I often wonder how things will be after Wenger. Can anyone else do such a job. But it’s not a pleasant thought so I always leave it :)Let’s hope fergie gets a serious ban this time for the Wiley incident.

  3. BERGIE the man says:

    if you analyse the whole game i think you are wrong about diaby after a bad start he was alot better in the second half droped back and helped the defence to keep the clean sheet. whats wrong with bendtner he is so over confident that he keeps arguing with senior players about his miistakes last year adebarndoor(c**t though) and r.v.p today. he needs to mend his ways and start proving his worth atm he is a donkey alot of energy with no end product.

    • desigunner says:

      I thought in the second half we pulled more men back so our defence worked better. Diaby looked like he was having problems with decision making and clung on to the ball too long. Lost it in dangerous areas a couple of times as well. Anyway its just my opinion.

      Bendtner needs to focus more on his own game. I think he needs someone who can have a harsh word with him. It’s good to have confidence but he needs the right attitude with it. But Wenger is the type of manager who lets the players learn on their own.

  4. charlottegooner says:

    i dont agree that song had a great game. He had an ok game where he didnt cause too much damange. He put in some good tackles … but he has a ways to go. he dwells on the ball and ends up losing it. He slows down arsenal’s attacks on so many occasions. He’s not like PV4 who would be a cog in the counterattack. Instead he passes more sideways than forward

    i guess you get what u pay for.

    • desigunner says:

      I thought Song struggled a little as Diaby was not available for short passes on many occasions. During the early part of the game when Spuds were pressing high up, Song was often isolated and had few options for a quick short pass. I don’t think that is his fault.

      Do you know anyone better than Song who could have been bought for 3.5 million?

  5. charlottegooner says:

    diaby was rubbish .. he cant head to save his own life. he is a joke and wenger is foolish if he continues to persist with him.

    he made a fool of himself atleast 4 times today by trying to head the ball. he is a liability to the team and made more passes to spurs players than arsenal players.

    • walter says:

      do some of you really call yourself gooners?
      I always that supporting meant to support your team and your players?
      We stand 3rd, have a game in hand and when we win this we are 2nd and when I read some of you here : it sounds as if we are just one point above relegation zone.
      Some of you better go and support the spuds because if I read how bad our players are ….
      Some of you really are a bunch of moaners.

      • desigunner says:

        I don’t see how supporting a team means having to be blind to its weaknesses. It has nothing to do with the position in the table. That can go up or down. If it were about results only then some of us would have joined the Arsene Out brigade a while ago.

        I think everyone has a right to their opinion about the manager and players as everyone has strong emotions attached to each performance.

  6. Sun10 says:

    No body can deny this, in yesterday’s game Diaby lost the ball more than any other arsenal player..
    OK lets forget all the mistakes he made and put aside what we think of him,
    Can someone explain me this..
    In yesterdays match, in the first half Arshavin had the ball just outside the box with diaby on his right.
    He could ve very well exchanged a one two with diaby and bursted into the box..
    but he saw the face of the player before making the pass, realised it was diaby, then decided to shoot from outside the area..
    Had it been Fab or VP in that position of diaby’s then he would ve surely gone for the pass..
    In another occasion, when diaby was dribbling without knowing which direction he was heading, Fab had to steal the ball from him and made a pass..
    I could see mayn passes to Diaby were avoided after he lost the ball a few times dribbling unnecessarily..
    I was wondering whether i was viewing the match with any Hate-Diaby glasses on. Is it only for me his mistakes are appearing magnified..
    I do surely support Him for the potential he has got and hope he comes good and does justice for the Trust Wenger has in him..

    • desigunner says:

      Last game was one of his worst in my opinion. Even I am hoping that he will come good. But Unlike Song and to some extent Denilson, Diaby has not shown much improvement even after all the chances he has had.

      But Yesterday was a great result and we should enjoy that rather than focus on Diaby

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