Happy Boss Day To All

Sometimes the romantic in me takes over. It doesn’t happen often, but just once in a few blue moons. On such days, I think about Arsenal winning everything, going unbeaten in all competitions and even winning every single game. I imagine the proud face of Le Boss, the celebrations of the players and the joy every single Arsenal fan and followers of football would feel.

I know it’s not going to happen. Well, dreams have no obligation to turn real. That is the beauty and power of dreams, isn’t it? But this vision makes me very happy no matter what the other circumstances in my life are. And this happiness lasts a while even after I snap back into the drudgery of reality. I guess I have to thank Wenger for giving me this dream.

I don’t know how many other people feel so strongly about Arsene and the work that he does. But I, for one, sure would love to see 22nd October celebrated as World Football Day. Some might argue that there are other luminaries who would deserve such an honor or perhaps there are quite a few of them so it can’t be given to any one. I really don’t have a rational argument against any such statement. But in my limited knowledge and experience Arsene Wenger has defined football like no one else. And football is the lifeblood for so many ordinary mortals like me.

Last year, after the defeat to Citeh, I was so despondent that I felt Arsenal were never going to win anything with Wenger in charge. That was probably the opposite extreme of my dream. Never before had I felt anything cripple hope to such an extent. But dear old hope managed to cling on somehow. And now, it’s in full flight again. I am sorry Arsene, for letting the doubts creep in, but it was a difficult time and I am sure you, of all people, understand that.

I don’t know why I am writing such an emotional piece. I guess it’s one of those days. Here’s wishing the great man and all his fans a very happy boss day and hope we all have many happy returns.

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