Cesc shows he has Arsenal DNA as the thugs are thrashed

Blackburn got trashed alright! No one could have hoped for a better offensive performance. And it’s no surprise that Cesc was right in the middle of everything till he was on the pitch.

I have not seen any other player deny allegations and squash rumors as often and as promptly as our captain. Still the media are persistent. You have to give it to them, they just do not surrender and as long as they keep getting some ammunition from the Catalan ranks we will have to suffer from their incompetence and desperate desire to sell papers.

El Capitan has once again pledged his loyalty to the club. The badge-kissing statement is being turned on its head by some people who are comparing it to the actions of Henry and Adebawhore. So no matter what Fabregas does there will be someone waiting to twist it into a sign that he is leaving. The best thing for him might be to completely ignore all this. But if he does that then some might argue that he always denied transfer speculation and since he has stopped doing that means that Cesc is off to Barca!

I guess the only thing we can do is to focus on the football. Yesterday’s game was another example of the phenomenal firepower we have in our ranks. I got everything from the game that I had expected except for a clean sheet. But as long as all our key players are getting on the score sheet I don’t mind seeing the defenders suffer statistically.

The goals were all of very high quality. I think Vermaelen is a natural footballer and as I have said before, he would be a success in any position he plays. Any striker in the league would have been proud with his finish. It showed a fantastic awareness of striking angles and the corners of the goal. His celebration too was nonchalant as if it was all too easy.

The second goal was somewhat straight forward. A good run from the striker and an inch perfect pass from Cesc. Robinson should have done better but we normally expect RvP to score from that position. The third goal was similar with Arshavin doing the honors. Fabregas finally got on the score sheet. It was a fantastic left footed volley as the ball was almost caressed into the back of the net. Robinson had no chance. Given the number of saves he had made to thwart Cesc it was only fitting that he was beaten by a gem. Walcott and Bendtner got onto the score sheet in contrasting styles. But those are just the kind of goals you want to see from players playing out wide on the right and left. If we can get more of the same from our wide players it will definitely add a new dimension to our attack.

Our defence on the other hand was extremely shaky. We have to accept one thing though, no matter who is in goal and no matter who is in the center of defence we struggle with balls floated into the area. This tells me that Wenger is right when he says that buying is not always the solution. How many players can we buy? Who all do we replace? Sometimes it’s Gallas who is at fault, sometimes Almunia, and now Mannone and Vermaelen who were caught out. We just can’t say that buying is the solution. But the problem is real and we must find a solution. There is no way a title winning squad can have such a shaky defence.

The problem with a shaky defence is that it will leak goals against all teams but the offence might not always be so successful. We just cannot hide our problems behind a 6 goal mask. I am confident that Arsene is working on this issue. But the problem has been around for such a long time now that I don’t know if a solution even exists. The international break gives Le Boss some more time to work on it, let’s hope we will see some improvement in the future games.

Finally, I have to mention that Rosicky deserves a new contract. There was some news about him having spoken to the boss about it but negotiations haven’t started yet. To me, Rosicky is our natural replacement for Cesc. He is the only player apart from Fabregas who can pull the strings and run a match from the start to finish and from box to box. At present he is not back to his best and that is understandable. Still it might not be a very wise thing to wait any further as he will be free to talk to other clubs at the turn of the year. And we all know the expertise some clubs have in affecting players’ minds. But if I know all this then I guess Arsene knows as well.

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