Embarrassment of riches, Time keeping and ATVO has some room for improvement

Wenger confirmed that Arshavin will be back this week. Walcott is back in training. Tomas is already inching towards full fitness. Eduardo has seemingly shaken off all ill effects of his horrific injury. Vela is getting fit. We are definitely the most dangerous attacking lot in the league. Add to it the goals that have come from the defence and anyone who looks at the game objectively has to take us seriously.

We haven’t had a quiver full of arrows for a long time. Let’s hope this stays for a while and Le Boss has more of a headache from selection worries than anything else. The prospect of seeing Cesc, Rosicky and Arshavin in the same team is mouth watering. Let me not jinx this stellar possibility by blabbering too much about it.

Curiously enough, there is no news on Nasri. I thought the six weeks he was initially given would be over by now and he should have been back in training at least. Hopefully, it won’t be another case where our initial estimate is found to be way off the mark.

The Fulham game will give us some idea about how the boss will use the cavalry at his disposal. Will the arrival of Arshavin and Walcott relegate Eduardo and Bendtner to the bench? Will Arsene rotate more often? There are a lot of questions but they are all certainly better – than is it the end of Rosicky’s career? When will Walcott get back to fitness? And so on.

In his press conference during the unveiling at Highbury, Arsene was asked about time-keeping by the referees. He gave his usual comments about strict and clear guidelines and even he knows that those are practically impracticable. In between all that there was a question from one scribe about a large clock ticking down. Arsene said that even then the added on time will be with the referee. I think this was one of those rare times when Le Boss didn’t get the point.

Perhaps, he is not too familiar with Hockey. I think Hockey has the best system. There has to be a large clock ticking down. It should stop every time the ref blows his whistle. It should start again when the play resumes. This is by far the most accurate way of keeping time. It also gives everyone a clear idea of how much time is left. The final whistle should come from a hooter linked to this clock. The whole idea of ‘time added on’ is archaic. We are part of a generation that can stop and start the time at will!

In other thoughts, I must commend ATVO for making the full match available online. They do have some room for improvement though. For instance, The Carling cup game against the Baggies was advertised as “as live”. Now, for people like me, it is very important that I don’t know the score when I want to watch something “as live”. Unfortunately, the moment I logged on to the website the score was almost like in your face. Even the video interface had the name of the scorers and the timing of the goals on the right. Fortunately, we had won and it was tolerable. It can get really difficult to watch a lost game knowing a score and knowing when we are going to concede.

ATVO should have provided a separate link for people who wanted to watch the match “as live” i.e. without knowing the result. They also mentioned that the match will be available as live “from” 10 pm. They should have said it will be available as live “at” 10 pm. I was watching the Barcelona game live and thought I could start watching the Carling cup game a little later. Unfortunately, the game was well underway when I logged on to ATVO. I know these are small things. But that’s what sets class apart from the mediocre. From everything Arsenal, I do expect top quality and not run of the mill stuff.

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